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The Museum of Sex

Taking a tour and having the insights.

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Date 23/09/2017


When I entered the sex museum, the first thing I saw was a bar with a theme of sex, the light was dim and there were some stages for stripper, though I was not sure it was just for decoration or what.

The second floor showed me the history and culture of sex in U.S. which could take you back to last century. There were some interesting items that might be able to help teenagers to learn the sexual health better in physic, such as the beautiful dress made of condom, a lovely doll dressed in sexy skirt, and even the 3D-Printing which was exhibited in this floor.

The 3rd floor was all about the sex in nature and creatures. Unknown to most of the human, the sex in nature was quite different from what we had originally thought. In nature, some sexual activities which seemed to be unhealthy or unethical were turned out to be quite common. For instance, the group sex, or the fornication was quite common in the sex of snakes and seaborne creatures. This floor took me back to the beginning, thinking about what was right or wrong if we looked human as a living in nature without the wisdom and conscientious we had, however, we as human beings built the world and culture that might did not suit the nature sex sense anymore, so it might have to be ‘regulated’ by the society and ethic we had. After all, the knowledge exhibited in this floor did have something to learn about, it helped me to break the notions and forms this society has, to consider sex in a more natural way.

The 4th floor was more modern, it was about the dominant of female instead of male in the sexual activities. In the middle of the hall, there was a private short-movie theater, showing the culture, thoughts and actions of women in sex activities. Around the wall there were a lot of modern art which addressed the importance of females.

The outside store where you could buy souvenir also had some extraordinary ideas. They printed pictures and sentences on the package of the condom, such as “Put in” with a smile of Putin, “Feel the force” with a picture of star war. It was attractive and meanwhile useful, just like the sentence “I won’t be your father.”

We were trying to extract inspirations from the sex museum to see if there was any idea that could be used by us as a solution or a part of the final solution. We interviewed the staff in the museum, as she claimed, the museum was more like a place showing all the culture and truth about the sex, and the approach to know what was others’ thoughts and attitudes towards sex, offering a right or critical way to see sexuality, though it had some education value to teenagers, people under age 18 were forbidden to enter.


After carefully inspection and thinking, personally I consider that most of the contexts in the museum will not be used to form the solution, the reason is simple, it exhibits the facts and results which can't be directly used in sexual health education or to form some kind of sexual health services, it is irrelevant. However, some of the items that are exhibited do give me some insights.

  • VR and AR technology. VR and AR give you the most direct feeling and can be used in education where people can ‘experience’ the scene.
  • 3D-Printing. The 3D-Printing technology can show people the model in a fresh way, see the video in the attachment, the model is being built and you can see the process and you can know the details because you can see every cross section.
  • The condom dolls and skirts. Nice for girls, because they are actually quite cute which girls might be interested in. Using the skirts and dolls as carriers, the author was trying to address the importance to use protection when having the sex activities, on the other hand, it is much more attractive to media and communities which will spread the idea, it is a nice marketing strategy.
  • The funny condom. Make you laugh and meanwhile make you safe, the most important two things in life, now you can have them both.
  • The female dominant education. I think the 4th floor can be directly used as an education tool, it is not only teaching the right role, right ethic and equity in the sex, it also gives us the insights of how women play an important part in this society which can be ascended from the most original activity.

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Really great insights :) How might we curate such experiences for those under 19 years?

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