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Spot On

A period tracker that lets you track both your period and any birth control method that affects it.

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In one of the bathrooms at NYU, I noticed a poster "Spot on" and my attention was caught by the phrase "be your period's first follower". 

I checked the link provided and found that spot on is an app that allows people to put in information on their period and birth control methods they use. 

This seems like a great tool to increase awareness and empower the users. 

It also connects with other services from Planned Parenthoods: for teens, parents and educators. 

I thought that the poster's design (simple, colorful and intriguing) and location (in the bathroom nearby the hand dryer - that is a spot where people have to stand for a few seconds while not doing much and thus might be reading the poster) was interesting too. The other day I saw two students drying your hands and having a quick look at it. However, I am wondering how many people like me really go and check the app. 


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Hi Anne-Laure Fayard , great find! This is a essenital way to reach users (esp. women) regarding sensitive or "taboo" topics. It's not uncommon to have posters for domestic violence, FGC, unplanned pregnancy and sexual assault in the bathroom esp. the toilet cubicle. When I was designing Shifra, I envisioned a woman using her 5 minute bathroom break to safely look up SRHR info without anyone knowing. Being able to access health info in a discreet manner is so important and there is ample data to show that when people (again, esp. women) aren't being asked directly about sensitive topics they are more honest and disclose more vital information. Giving a woman the privacy and space to learn something important, on her terms, in her language and in a place that makes her feel safe, is not only empowering, it can be life-saving.

Photo of Anne-Laure Fayard

Thanks Beccah Bartlett Important point that reminded a comment by Karine Sarkissian on a post by Jonas on how in Lebanon "young girls write to each other in bathroom stalls and ask anonymous questions about sex and sexual education"
Definitely key insight to keep in mind during ideation. Thank you!

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