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Sexual and reproductive education in China

Interview a girl who is a co-founder of Loneliness Club

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I have talked with a girl who is a co-founder of Loneliness Club. She’s name is Xiaoning, a 24 year-old Chinese girl. She is a student of Minerva Schools at KGI. Last spring, She founded a social club called Loneliness Club, which provides young people an opportunity to know more about the opposite sex.  


Xiaoning has lots of experience in communication with Chinese young guys. Our conversation focuses on Chinese young people’s sexual and reproductive education. She thinks there are five consequences for poor sexual and reproductive education.

  • Unplanned pregnancy
  • Venereal disease
  • Sexual harassment
  • Negative impression of sex
  • Gender Identity Disorder

In China, more and more young people are influenced by the five problems. With Internet popularize, young people are easily to touch information that related to sex. However, the information in Internet is disorderly and unsystematic. So lack of strict sexual education becomes an important problem.

There are two conditions limit primary schools develop sexual education. The first reason is the condition of social development. China is a developing country, compare with topics like economic, employment, political, sexual education is not the primary project for government. Government will not put much capital into sexual education. The other reason is China’s education system. In China, college entrance examination is always the most important thing for student. They do not have extra energy to focus on sexual education.

My thoughts:

The problem of sex is all about culture, tradition and personality. The influence of family is important. When parents are open to talk sex, young people would not feel embarrassed.

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Thanks Zhongyuan for sharing this interview. You highlight important points: the role of culture, the importance of family in changing the perception of sexuality and also how Internet might not always provide all the information needed. Last the creation of this club by a young adult to create a sense environment for her peers highlights the role of young people and the importance of peer-based education. Looking forward to seeing how these insights inspire you during the ideation phase.

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