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Sex Education With Virtual Reality

How would the latest technology bring sexual education into another level?

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When we talk about sexual and reproductive health education, what would come into your mind first? Something like this? 

The scene above might be familiar to some people, recalling the memories of their sex education classes in school. The instructor demonstrates how to put a condom on a toy or banana, which could be helpful in some way since it's a real demonstration and students might have the chance to try it out too. The problem is, sometime they do not provide this kind of sex education in school, the comprehensive sex education, and also, it's a little embarrassing and funny for some kids. 

How about we do it this way?

VR (Virtual Reality) could be another step for sex education for the young generation. VR provides the whole new immersive experience, and also some personal privacy as well. 

I did some research on how technology could help and improve the sex education to young people and people's sex life, and a lot of websites and mobile apps came across. Then I saw some articles talking about how adult entertainment company uses the technology of VR to help and improve their customer's experience, and that could definitely be used to sex education in school. 

The adult entertainment company BaDoinkVR is trying to revolutionize the experience and use technology to improve rather than disrupt. The company has introduced “Virtual Sexology”, a program that combines porn, sex education, and sex therapy into one. It is a 180-degree video experience available for Oculus Rift, Google Cardboard, or Gear VR. It aims to provide an "Exploration of the Uniquely Feminine Aspects of Desire and Pleasure" in VR. The program worked with Somatic Psychologist and AASECT Certified Sex Therapist Dr. Holly Richmond, PhD, and is specifically designed for women. Virtual Sexology provides the interaction for the user to learn how to become a better lover and improve their sex life in the comfort of their own home. The way how they designed for virtual sex therapy, education could be totally transferred and integrated into adolescence sexual and reproductive health education.  

This approach makes me think of one of my research post "Sex Education on Porn Website Is Probably Better Than Your Sex Ed Classes", which talks about how the biggest porn site PornHub works on sex education. I think people need to realize that some sexual and reproductive health education might be too serious or just NOT COOL to those teenager. So how to use the ways that could catch their eyes but also provide clear, correct information to them is really importance. I think VR is definitely a good option for sex education and the effect might be huge. 



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I think this is a great contribution for the future when VR is more widely used and cheaper, however, from what I know, one oculus rift console costs somewhere around $400. If we are trying to implement it into schools and the general public, it might be hard for the underfunded or people living in poverty. I suppose some deal can be made with the company that makes Oculus rifts or a grant given from the department of education or a non profit to start raising money to have them in schools. Have you considered using augmented reality on mobile phones (like Pokemon Go) as a temporary solution or a short term solution since they are relatively more cost effective/ more accessible to the general public?

Nevertheless that is a great idea and hope to see it in use in the future!