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Sex Education with Pleasure

Victoria Beltran believes everyone has the right to have a healthy and pleasurable sex life.

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After the last discussion with my group, we talked a lot of sex education for young adults, so I went through more researches about the topic and I came across to this TED talk which I really believe the contexts of this talk are really helpful for approaching the problems we're going to solve. 

The speaker Victoria Beltran is the Health Educator at the USFSP Wellness Center and is also an Adjunct Instructor. She has a background in psychology and a certification in Sexuality Education. She also funded the website "Healthy Sex and You", which is a website about sexual health, the latest in sexual medical news and breakthroughs. 

It was interesting for her to share her own experience about the sex talks she had in childhood with her parents, and in school, which indicated how bad the right sexual education children have in general. Then she talked about abstinence in sex education and how to shift to real comprehensive sex education. For the abstinence sex education, which bring a lot of wrong and misleading information, it tries to show that "Sex is not fun, sex is dirty and disgusting, and you are a bad person if you have sex before marriage." On the contract, for real comprehensive sex education, it show people that "Sex can be fun and safe, and you deserve a healthy, fulfilling sex life with partner you trust." 

Victoria provided the elements how to shift the sex education framework, and I think that is the right and clear direction for people to work on. The real comprehensive sex education should talk about your body, different preventions, self esteem, the pleasure of sex, and also the fiction of porn. I think  all children should have a clear, right and structured sex education like that, and when having those concepts in mind, they could know how to protect themselves and also enjoy the pleasure of sex in the future. 

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Thank you Will for sharing. I think that it goes back to also a point made by Berrak Atik in her post about sexual education that it is about awareness, self-image and respect: once bodies as a whole become recognized as natural, sexuality becomes something natural and that be associated with positive experience. Looking forward to see how these values inform your ideas during ideation.