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Sex Education Landscape Still Looked Bleak

Abstinence-only Sex Ed is still being taught in schools, and the US administration’s antiquated approach to teen sex is making it worse.

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After doing some research and finishing my post "Sex Education with Pleasure" , I tried to look up for more information about sex education in US, especially the topic about abstinence-only sex education and comprehensive sex education, and I did find out more I did not know before. To be honest, I'm a little surprised by my findings, also I feel the issues we're dealing with are more complex and difficult. 

I found some interesting articles taking about the sex education in US, and all of them directed the problem to the new US administration, which is trying to shift the direction of the policy and cut off the budgets for comprehensive sex education. In my last research and post, the expert has pointed out the importance of shifting toward comprehensive sex ed, comparing to the abstinence-only sex ed. So I am upset to see those articles talking about the policy from government is going the wrong direction. 

In one of the articles, it points out that researchers have published a systematic reviews, summarizing 224 randomized controlled trials. They found that comprehensive sex education improved knowledge, attitudes, behaviors and outcomes. Abstinence-only programs did not. I think it's weird that how come people not seeing this fact and refuse to think through it. In those reports, they showed the progress of public health, teenage pregnancy rates have been declining nationally for 25 years, but the rates are still higher than in other industrialized countries. So there still a lot of efforts people need to work on. 

I like the points summarized in the article, some best approaches we should do in sex education:

  1. Start young
  2. Let kids drive the conversation
  3. Don’t make assumptions
  4. Teach kids how to talk
  5. Meet kids where they are
  6. Talk about porn

Those tips and suggestions could be really helpful for us coming up the best solutions for the issues. I believe how to push the whole society being more open-mined is one of the key factors. Also, I think that adolescents be taught solely abstinence-until-marriage is incorrect and the outcomes would just lead to more problems. It is adolescents' right to learn more then that. 




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