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Self-experiment: Asking the Internet (Part 4)

Part 4: Can I trust people on Grindr?

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After conducting some interviews with homosexual young adults and reading the research of others here, it became clear that the sexual education for LGBTQ teenagers is insufficient. However, those kids have questions too and not surprisingly the internet seems to be one of the major sources for health-related information.

This is when I started my little experiment. If they search for information online, how accurate are their findings? Are that information easy to understand? Do they come from a trustworthy source?

To make sure that my findings were not influenced by my prior search behavior, I decided to use a public computer in the library of my university and take screenshots from the search results, so that you can get your own picture.

Part 4 of 5

Part 4: Can I trust people on Grindr?

After the devastating results on my last search for gay topics, I wanted to be more specific: Can you trust people on Grindr? (Grindr is the largest gay dating app and is mainly used for hook-ups)

My hope was that I would get a clear message that would on the one hand warn people to be careful when meeting strangers (what essentially happens on Grindr), while at the same time encourage people to have fun and to take fear. Let’s see:

The very first search result already looks encouraging: “15 ways you can stay safe on Grindr”. And I feel it is a very good answer to someone uncertain on the usage of Grindr. It gives advice such as: “Get their real name”, “Ask for their number” and “Tell a friend about your plans”. Accurate, encouraging and informational. Similarly, a post by GQ magazine: “Ask as many questions as you want before you meet”.

The next results, however, are a bit “sketchy”:

BuzzFeed and Reddit, not really my number on source of reliable life advice. Although this time Reddit did a good job.

My summary 

Accuracy of information: I am happy, it met my expectations. 

Easy to understand: I would like to quote Reddit here: “Don’t let your dick do the thinking”. The information that I found were straight forward and easy to understand for everyone. Most pages provided useful advice and don’t mince matters. 

Trustworthy sources: and GQ seem to be pretty okay, however, I couldn’t figure out if there are experts our journalists behind those articles. BuzzFeed and Reddit? No.

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