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Research on sexual Education in North China. #2

From The Crucible to Sexual Education Summer Camp.

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The Crucible

In an ugly society with a hidden truth, several young girls in school are suffering from sexual abuse for a long time, no one ‘finds out’ that the teachers are the evils until Kang In-ho stands out and fight against them. This scene and story come from movie The Crucible (2011, South Korea). The movie reveals the most vital issue in this world, the sexual abuse. Those who should be using laws and acting as justice are dealing with people in power and with money, the young girls are the victims behind those dirty deals.

Though it is only a movie, the sexual abuse is happening everywhere in the world. In China, many newspapers and media have news report related to sexual abuse every week. When I was interviewing some parents and adults, I found out that most of them have the right attitude towards sexual activities, such as don’t push the sex forward if another one does not want it. And then I continued to investigate why people would have the right sense or not, it turned out that the ‘sexual education’ they had when they were young was a critical factor.

The Camp, the solution?

Now it brings me back to focus on the youngsters’ education system in China, since we lack enough resource to do so in the formal education system in terms of teachers, norms, money and regulations, we might consider a more popular, more efficient way to work it out. It occurs to me that when I was young I used to join different summer camp each year, and they were fun, so why not we hold something like a sexual education summer camp to teach teenagers and parents in a comfortable way? After some researches on that, I find out that one professor, Gang Li, has a great reputation in related education and he’s already doing such camp way to help teenagers and parents out of embarrassment.

Several weeks ago, the 3-day summer camp in Beijing had more than 20 teenagers with their parents as students, held successfully by Li with many professional teachers in many areas. Teenagers were encouraged to talk about it in a natural way just like talking about eating foods or having sleep. And surprisingly, the parents found out their children knew everything that far more than they could imagine. Through team discussions, lectures, plot-acting and Q&A, children were given the right attitudes towards the sexual activities, they learned how to use condom and other sexual stuff, they also learned to build right internal personalities such as boys should protect girls and be a good husband who protects the family. Compared to traditional Chinese sexual education, which is focusing on how to prevent being abused physically or what should we do when sexual activity has to happen, the camp gives the parents and children an in-depth value in heart in terms of what is right and what is wrong, making people have a right evaluation from young age, preventing sexual abuse by solving the core source.

Things we can learn from Camp Idea

It is indeed a good way and practice, personally I favour this idea.

  1.  Give the current situation in China, Camp is focusing on niche instead of the society education system as a whole, so Camp has the strength and resource to offer a better quality for people. However, the students for each camp are not great in numbers.
  2.  Camp offers soft talk in the beginning, and offer private talk with parents, thus the parents are more willing to accept the way it forms.
  3. Camp combines all the activities as a whole, such as lecture, video learning, team working and discussion, cosplay and so on, much more easier for teenagers to understand and accept.
  4. Teenagers are encouraged to talk it the same way as eating, sleeping, running, Camp gives them the right attitude towards sexuality.
  5. Deffrent from most of the current education in China, Camp offers the right attitude and value towards sexual activities, being a good partner and so on, for instance, the boys will be taught to be as a good husband in the future, to be the one who protects the girl always. And girls will be taught to say no to the unwanted activities. That is deep value creating and forming.


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