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Research on Sexual Education in North China. #1

Interview and information collection, got conclusion accordingly.

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Research #1: The solution to sexual health education and reproductive service of 2nd & 3rd cities in north China.

I conducted several researches and interviews in terms of sexual education and service in China, mainly the north part of the China, including Shanxi, Shan’ an Xi, Beijing, Shandong, etc.

Most of these people are my high school or college classmates, and I also collected the information from several strangers as well, the total number of people is 21, and the age range is from 18 to 24, and I tried to keep the ratio of male/female 1:1.

I asked mainly three questions that formed my work.

  • How did you learn sex activities for the first time in your life?
  • How do you think about the current situation in terms of sexual education and related service in China as a whole?
  • If you were about to be a parent now, how would you like to educate them about the related area?

Surprisingly, despite some differences, I got almost the same answers and results.

  • The first time that they knew sex activities was by friends’ talking, online sources, short movies and pictures. None of them was educated by formal education from school. And the average age of knowing those stuff is around 10 to 13, girls tend to be younger than boys when they touched related activities for the first time in life.
  • If I can use one word to conclude the answer, it would be “bad”. According to the interviewees, some of them did have related education in class, but the class was useless and ambiguous in which the teachers were shy, silent and wouldn’t be able to provide enough information. And about the others, they did not even have such class in school. The related sexual service also needs improvement. And few of them thought the situation was acceptable given the total population was huge in numbers and the government needed time to build the infrastructures and improve the services, and they also claimed that the situation was much better than before, they looked it in a double-side way.
  • It is really an interesting topic to ask the young people how to educate the next generation. And the answers of them seem to be pretty interesting as well. Despite the lack of sexual education, nearly all of them that I had interviewed agreed on providing the proper and precise education to their children. And they were trying to break free from the traditional thinking and forms, providing enough family education.

Before we talk about the conclusion, I need to address that the limitations of this interview. First, the interviewees are most of my friends, and I came from a 1st-class high school in my hometown and had formal higher education in the university, which means the information could be inaccurate because the friends of mine tend to be more ‘civilized’ and ‘open-minded’, the information won’t be able to reflect all the population, it can only reflect a small amount of people who had the chance to have better and higher education in terms of quality and context. Second, the area is mainly from cities in north China, not including the village and countryside, it could also result in misleading information, because the resource of education is easier to access to and world-value of people is more advanced and opened, the infrastructure is more sufficient, all of which would have a deep impact on people’s thoughts and attitudes.

Here is the conclusion:

  • The current situation is bad. The distribution of the education resource is unbalanced, the quality and types of the sexual education and service is limited. The student will not be able to access to related knowledge easily, precisely, inclusively and in-timely.
  • The situation is changing and is getting better. Comparatively, the sexual education system of china is improving, thanks to the improvement of urbanization, the improvement of quality of manner of people, the development of evaluation of people. though it is bad now, but compared to years before, people can see huge improvement.
  • People are positive about the next generation. They all are willing to give a very proper sexual education to their children and they have faith that the next generation would make a big difference.


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