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Let's Dance4life

Dance4life has been using the special model to spread the sexual education in all over of the world, reached 2.1 million youngsters.

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"We will dance until our work is done." - Dance4life

As Dance4life puts it, the ultimate goal is to decrease the prevalence of three of the biggest sexual health threats young people face these days: HIV, unwanted pregnancies and sexual and gender based violence.

Before really building the Model of how to spread the education, Dance4life has a team to do related research that helps them to define the problems in each unique area. 

They found out, in most of the cases, the primary of the problems is how can the sensitive topics best be delivered to youngsters and by youngsters in such a way that it leads to behavior change, or in a word of my own, communicate. 

They also figured out the key elements that are essential to solve the problem, they are creating a heart connection, non-preaching communication, building confidence and allowing room for creative exploration.

And finally the solution was, delivery of information cannot be disconnected from the content of the curriculum or the context in which sessions are give. Not preaching what is true and false, but letting them be in a world of resource and information will build the confidence; and by creating the safe space for sharing personal stories and ideas about sexual related topic will help them to  challenge existing rules and norms, preventing outside pressures and deciding by themselves.

Dance4life suggests that three core determinants may influence the behavior change. They are confidence, attitudes, and social norms. And all of them are the targets in the Model. Meanwhile, they are not solely focusing on the physical part of the education, but on the development of young people as confident, empowered agents for change with gender equal attitudes and the ability to tackle existing social norms that hold them back from shaping their future.

What need to be added is, the sexual health of them also depends on two other major changes: an enabling environment and youth friendly services. So Dance4life is trying to seeking related partnership with local communities and governments.


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Photo of Anne-Laure Fayard

Thank you Ryan for sharing this very inspiring program.
The importance of a holistic and peer-to-peer approach are 2 important elements (empowering young people and having them champion the conversations) that also came out from other posts (see a few examples below. Feel free to add them as inspiration to your post). Looking forward to seeing how this inspire us during the ideation phase.

Photo of Runqi (Ryan) Du

Thank you for comment, will check the link, looking forward to see you in the class. :D