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How To Tell Your Child

A platform that provides educators and parents easy, fun and interactive tools to teach children tough topics like sexual abuse and puberty.

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Deepa Kumar, a seasoned entrepreneur from Bangalore, India is the founder of, a platform that provides educators and parents easy, fun and interactive tools like animated videos, interactive books and merchandise to teach children tough topics like sexual abuse and puberty.

On her website, Deepa says, “I am a mom to 2 little girls. Whenever I attempted talking to my girls about puberty or child sexual abuse, I brought in a lot of apprehension, which invariably brought in fear and confusion in my girls. Wanting it make it easy for myself and parents world over, I roped Ms.P & Mr.P, the friendly dragons to create this platform “How To Tell Your Child”. These dragons make these exact awkward lessons positive, empowering and even fun to learn. Now all that I have to do is watch a fun video with my girls and I know that they know all that they need to know. It’s that easy!”

“It was an absolute nightmare for me to teach my girls about sexual abuse. I was not the only one with this challenge. A lot of my friends were going through the same issue. I wished that there was an easy tool to help me with this. And the main vision of the project was to deliver these lessons to the children in a truthful and fun way,” says the driven entrepreneur during a chat with YourStory journalist. And so started this project. “My colleagues, Priya, Parul and I started working on this idea in 2013. We roped in freelance artists, animators, voice artists and this is the outcome of all that.”

Deepa is determined to make this video tool reach every parent and teacher. “There are lots of things in the pipeline, we are looking at getting the videos in regional languages, and then of course, embracing all the tough topics which we fail to teach our kids.”

The underlying strength of this platform is the way in which Deepa and her team have tackled the issue. It’s not easy to teach children about self-guarding themselves against harassment, abuse, etc. and keep the enthusiasm and innocence intact. And, yet these videos have exactly done that. You can see the videos and the delicate handling of the subject stand out in its simplicity.

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Photo of Isaac Jumba

Hi Cherisha Agarwal , this is clearly an inspiring work. I can imagine the amount of effort that is needed to actually come up with such engaging videos. Thinking out aloud:
1. I can visualise the concept being integrated in the school curriculum so that all the teens in the class can watch the videos together and maybe talk at length after getting the inspiration.
2. For places/schools where video lessons or e-learning is not yet possible - in remote locations, could these create avenues for school plays where teens can drive such conversations by acting out such content?

Thanks for sharing this insight.

Photo of Cherisha Agarwal

Isaac Jumba thank you for your appreciation. I totally agree that the work done here is quite amazing and relevant as well. Your thoughts on this are very interesting and I definitely think these ideas will get a positive response :)  

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