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Circle of 6

Using app to help college students to prevent sexual violence and keep safe.

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According to ABC News, 1 in 4 college women reported surviving in sexual assault or attempted assault. Nowadays mobile technology helps you to keep safe. With an app called circle of 6, you can ask your friends for help using simple finger clicks. 

Circle of 6 is an app that builds upon the accountability, respect, and trust of tight-knit friendships to help prevent sexual abuse and dating violence. Students with smart phones can pre-program six of their closest friends’ phone numbers into the app, and with two taps, ask for an interruption, to be picked up from an uncomfortable or dangerous situation, or just let each other know that they’re supported. The app provides an easy way to ask for help without victims feeling the need to explain themselves.

Here's a demo for how it works:

Till now circle of 6 is downloaded by over 300,000 users in 36 countries, and it got cooperation with several universities such as UCLA, University of Houston and Williams College to provide customized service to students. 

Besides, circle of 6 also provides resources to teach people to be supportive, conservative and helpful. For example, how to use right words to interrupt a situation when someone looks uncomfortable? And how to support a friend  who may have been sexually assaulted? On the website,  they provide health relationship toolkits and the scarleteen safety plan to help teenagers learn by themselves and help each other.

The resources:

The health relationship toolkits:


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