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CiBus: Cinema in the Bus for Better Sexual and Reproductive Health

CiBus Project provide an attractive, friendly, and better health service access for adolescent and youth regarding SRH issue in Bali

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Overview of the project

CiBus is a pilot project done by Public Health Student Association of Udayana University, collaborate with local organizations and supported by David and Lucile Packard Foundation. The aim of this project is to provide an attractive, friendly, and better health service access for adolescent and youth regarding sexual and reproductive health issue in Bali Province, Indonesia.  


research background 

The idea of CiBus Project came from our concerns about the early marriage phenomena among adolescent and youth in Bali. Many teenagers who are still junior high school students and senior high school students are forced to end their formal education in school because they have been plunged into misery risky sexual behavior that leads to unwanted pregnancies, which also increase number of early marriage. Based on research about sexual behavior among 1,200 teenager in Denpasar City that held by KISARA PKBI Bali (July - September 2016) shows that almost 55.58% of total participant have good knowledge about STDs and HIV-AIDS. However 44.42% of the participants still have lack knowledge about that. About 6.48% of the participants having sex (vagina) and 9.77% oral sex, which 43.86% of them never use condom. About 16.6% from total participant agree that doing vagina sex is legal before marriage. The average age of having vaginal sex is 15.4 years old, and the youngest is 11 years old. These results are both shocking and alarming.

On the other hand, access to sexual and reproductive health education and services for adolescent and youth is limited, even considered taboo by most people. Therefore, we feel compelled to contribute in providing an attractive and friendly access of information regarding SRH topic. We put this study as a community need assessment to support CiBus Project.

context and issue

CiBus Project focus on some issue regarding SRH:

  • STDs and HIV-AIDS prevention.
  • Sexual abuse and violence.
  • Preparing family life for youth.
  • Unwanted pregnancy.
  • The role of parents in preventing risky sexual behavior in adolescents.

All of these topics are presented through several short movie to increase the knowledge, attitude, and behavior of adolescent and youth, so they have skills and confidence to protect their health and promote safe sexual choices. 

technical implementation

CiBus Project in one activity consist of some stations:

  1. Registration and Pre-test Station.
  2. Game Station.
  3. Discussion Station.
  4. Movie Station (inside the bus) and Post-test.

The participant should follow from Station 1 until Station 4 in order. Each station is provided with souvenir as a reward for those who can complete each station.

cibus pilot project result

Denpasar is a capital city of Bali Province, Indonesia. Based on community need assessment in the research background, we decide to implement CiBus Project in all city around Bali Province as a pilot project and also to conduct further study regarding SRH issue among adolescent and youth. After we did this project in 9 cities (Denpasar, Badung, Gianyar, Klungkung, Tabanan, Karangasem, Bangli, Buleleng, and Negara) within April until May 2017, we got some result:

  • Total participant was 925 students (junior high school and senior high school).
  • Based on pre-test and post-test statistical analysis, it shows that CiBus Project was effective to increase the knowledge, attitude, and behavior of the participants regarding SRH (significant result).
  • About 95.2% of the participants are willing to join a social media campaign to increase SRH knowledge.
  • About 98.9% of the participants were willing to deliver the information about SRH to the other.
  • About 99.5% of the participants were willing to participate in long term campaign and giving an active contribution related to project/program.

Based on these result, we can conclude that this pilot project was succeed. We also get some suggestion from the participants, parents, and local stakeholder in the community regarding CiBus Project sustainability:

  • CiBus Project is potentially developed for larger scales (national and global).
  • Most of them hope that CiBus Project can be implemented not only in big city (good facilities), but also in rural area (less facilities).
  • Health promotion method using CiBus Project is innovative approach and potentially to empowers and educates young people regarding SRH to protect their health and promote safe sexual choices.


Insights from cibus project

How might we use innovative health promotion approach (CiBus Project) to empowers and educates young people regarding SRH to protect their health and promote safe sexual choices?


Research by KISARA PKBI Bali


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Photo of ardhana riswari

The information that given is very important, especially in healthy side
Success for bus cinema

Photo of Ashley Tillman

Hi Anom Harjana great to have you in the Challenge, don't forget to submit to the Ideas Phase of the Challenge!

Photo of Sumantara Adi

Love the idea. Excellent thought and project to get a what so called taboo topic across

Photo of Surya Dewi

Good job!

Photo of Valentina Frebianti

Wow, fighting anom!!

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Excellent project!

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what an amazing project! this should be a sustainable project to prevent early marriage nowadays.

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Love this project ��
hope this project will continued, and give more sexual education for other young people all around the world

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Such a great project, i hope with this program will enhance the knowledge of sexual education especially among teenagers, so it will also be a step forward to prevent any diseases caused by unsafe sexual behaviors

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Great project!!!!hopefully this project will continue and can educated people about, reproductive health and sex education.

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Good job! Sangat bermanfaat

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This is good innovation. We should involve wider youth community to raise the awareness regarding SRHS issue

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I think this is a great project! I'm so happy to get involved in this project because we can ease the access of reproductive health educations for teenagers in Bali. Hopefully this project will continue and get full supports from the stakeholders!

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keep going cibus!

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I believe that every person can get lesson from anywhere. But it's hard to make people remember what we give to them except we give in unusual way. And when i knew this cibus project ,i think this is really brilliant project that every country in this world should do. Giving health promotion through unusual way like cibus project did would make people that join this project can remember for their life about about the lesson that they get. Keep going Cibus team!

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I really appreciate this project because the idea was so great, so good luck! ☺️

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This is a good project to advance the new idea of promotion programs, and i hope this project can be sustainable and adopted by all province in Indonesia, good job ��

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CIBUS is Excellent idea������

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Wow what a great idea!

Photo of surya aryana

This, overall, is a good program. I really wish that it will be implemented widely and should also be sustainable.
I think, It would really be a much better idea if you can monitor students who have joined the program; ensuring that they really are becoming awere of sexual and reproductive health, not only now but also later in the future.
Best of luck for you, your group, and the program. Cant wait to see the positive impact the program can bring to Bali.

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Great idea, let's improve youth's SRH quality!

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very nice project. such an awesome idea

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Its such an extraordinary and brilliant project regarding to sex education which is still "taboo" in Indonesia. Good luck for spread this kindness to our bright future generation!

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Hi Anom,

This is a good idea for alarming the phenomenon nowdays. Having early age not only disadvantages people itself. It also might influence people/environmental perpesctive. I hope goverment is increasing their awareness about this issues. Good luck Anom!


Photo of Putu Sukma

This is a great way to teach the young generation about SRHR program. I like the way of CIBUS program approaches the youth with their technic implementation. I hope the government know more about this and use this idea, so we will have a better future especially in Bali. Great ! Keep spirit

Photo of Sak Ari Harjani

I like this kind of approach and innovation. I hope this project can be implemented in wider scope and involving global stakeholders. I think the government can adopt this health promotion method to promote better SRHR program and encourage youth movement. Good luck!!!

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I hope this project will definitely give wider impact on the society!
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