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What Motivates Millennials?

Forbes Magazine published an article "7 Ways to Motivate Millennial Workers," which brings up great points on how we might engage our 15-24 yo in mentorship opportunities. A few relevant points to this challenge: 1. Explain the Vision and Purpose behind a company or organization (thereby helping millennials, who are value driven, to connect with the larger purpose) 2. Prioritize Community Service (allow millennials to connect with what they believe in, and shine a light on the values of your company) 3. Provide Education and Professional Development (as a generation open to new ideas and ways of thinking, millennials are always looking for growth and learning opportunities) .

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Looking at points raised in this article, how can we apply them to this challenge?
1) Explain the Vision and Purpose Behind a Company or Organization::
Our generation of millennials (of which I am one) likes to know that they aren't toiling away at something which has very little impact on the issues that they find important to them. Perhaps in the idea that AARP and IDEO ultimately choose, there should be a great emphasis on communicating (in a cool way, perhaps with a short video) the larger purpose of this idea. Why is this an issue that our youth should really become engaged in? How does it relate to other problems (environmental, social, financial, etc) that our generation faces today? Is there a way to create a solution to this IDEO challenge that might also work towards solving other problems (like maybe a youth/senior volunteer program...where BOTH generations on board volunteering together to work on community projects. Just a quick idea.)

2. Prioritize Community Service::
In a Pew research survey, Millennials state that "Helping Others" is one of the top three most important things to them. Businesses and companies are beginning to realize this significance to people in their workforce, and offer community service programs as a result. Perhaps there are opportunities to partner with various business and organizations (think: organizations that are hiring millennials in droves, such as tech start ups, and the Apples and Googles of the world) to offer volunteer programs with local seniors. Such programs would not only emphasize community service, but could also relate to millennials professional development...which leads me to...

3. Provide Educational and Professional Development::
Millennials are always trying to grow, learn and develop themselves professionally. It seems that there could be a real opportunity for engagement with a mentorship program when looking at it through this lens. How can we create programs that pair a "youth" with someone who has some kind of experience or professional past that relates to them? Whom he/she could learn from, thereby meeting the intrinsic desire for development, while also meeting the needs of the older person?

**Please note: I have used Millennials in this research, however the "youth" as described in this challenge is a little bit younger than the average millennial generation...but I think that the items listed above still generally apply!


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