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Tindr for Mentoring

It blows my mind when I hear friends talk about how they were bored one evening and with Tindr spent it out on a date. Instant entertainment and excellent match making... what if that could happen for mentoring?

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What makes Tindr so effective is that you have a lot of simple opportunities that you can selfishly select based on if they appeal to you. While I don't know how this would translate to mentoring exactly, in Tindr you rank how attractive you think someone is. If both of you agree, then you can talk about doing something. Could activities be paired up in this way between a Mentor and mentee? Could a mentor use their phone to select ideas and activities they liked and if the mentee (the elder) also wanted to try this out, they could message each other to see if they wanted to meet up? Would this be a more productive use of my friends'time when they're bored?


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Sounds like a great new lens on this challenge, Nate. Perhaps you might add a link directly to your post in case folks want to easily check out more about Tindr?

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Hey Nathan, that's a very nice insight!

Going deeper in the 'Tinder-like' concept (

The App is extremely clever. Not only because of the simplicity of the user experience –you just like or dislike people, and if someone likes back, then a chat window is open– but also on how Tinder uses your Location and your Facebook network to make relevant matching propositions. As far as I know, it does that based in three main ideas:

1) Be it geographically close to you (very motivating, the person you are 'liking' could be your neighbor!)

2) Keep it 'emotionally safe': The app never proposes direct friends from Facebook, which is great, as no one wants to flirt online and then step into a close friend from work or worse.

3) Finally, the most important: Tinder constantly shows you profiles of people that is psychologically / socially close to you. Using 2 or 3 degrees-away matches, many times friends of your friends, also using pages you both liked (music, books, magazines...) the App ultimately ensures that you regularly step into profiles that feel close to you and to what you are.

When reading your post, I was thinking: how could you take this Tinder's concepts and bring them into the adults & young people 'match-making'? Especially, insight 3 seems very relevant to me. Which 'psychological / emotional forces' could be used to ensure they regularly feel motivated to connect with the other person?

I guess It's not –only– about matching a 15 yrs old and a 65 yrs old. It's about matching two persons that may, eventually, share a passion for poetry, or drawing, or a particular sense of humor, or the world of wood crafting, etc... Right?

Well, hope that helps get deeper in the idea! And, again, thanks for the surprising approach :)

Cheers & Smiles from Barcelona!


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