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Think outside their box.... mentoring-without-borders.

Mentoring opportunities abound. In our local schools, our workplace, sports organizations, gardening society, foster parent programs, recent immigrants, our churches and synagogues ... no shortage of opportunities exist. Youth today is more connected, social and driven to demand change than any other generation. Success will begin in fits and starts, with no clear "formula for success". Where we create pockets of interested, engaged and willing youth - should we consider affording them mentoring opportunities with aged people beyond their box, outside their locality - perhaps with a group or organization in another country, perhaps with a group they may have never considered.

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 Community focused, local mentoring is fantastic but need exists everywhere, all the time. Today's youth is tech savvy, curious and connected like no generation before them.  Tech enabled solutions open them up to a plethora of mentoring options around the world.  Can we consider becoming engaging youth to become e-mentors?   Where we are successful in creating youth/aged mentoring programs, can these become a virtual voice in our global community.  

*When we mentor because we want to give, we are constantly surprised by how much we receive...


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