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Before we inspire and engage young people to support older adults through mentorship, we must be aware of the support deserved by the Older-Adults and the program of the mentorship to be adopted by the young people. A few of the Older-Adults of my locality, when I personally interviewed them, have expressed the basic requirements as LACKS - Love, Affection, Care, Kindness & Support, apart from the basic essentials like Food, Medicine, Clothes & Shelter for the smooth survival of the Older-Adults. On inquiry about the mentorship by the Young, they said that the subject should be dealing with the Life-Cycle, Relationship, Moral Responsibilities & Socio-Economic Dependency of the Human-beings.

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Additional details of my Research.

I found that irrespective of Socio-Economic-Educational status, all the Older-Adults are almost dragging their lives rather than peacefully living.

How does it inspire you?

The theme given "How might we inspire and engage young people to support older adults through mentorship?" is inviting special attention on numerous points & tasks.    Thus, there is no need to mention here the first inspiration is from the theme itself.    The Second Point is the tears flow out of the eyes, when I interviewed a few of the  Older-Adults.

What are the key learnings?

During my research on the state of prevalent conditions of the Older Adults of my locality/area,  I have interacted/interviewed with numerous Older Pweople who made me understand that if classification is done there are 3 classes/groups of Older Adults -

(1) Living with the Family: Those living with their family or with relatives are seen from the Rich & Well of Families.    Though they are rich, such Older-Adults fate none other than that of other Older-Adults, which is awkward or critical.   Even, these rich older-adults are being neglected by almost all the family members.   Unlike other Older-Adults, the rich older-adults could not come out and express their feelings & problems with their friends & relatives, as they do not want to spoil the image, status & dignity of their wards/family, and to the maximum extent tolerate themselves.

(2) Discarded or Isolated from the Family: On retiring from the Service or incapacitated for the activity of earning bread for the family, the Poor & Middle Class Families regard these helpless Older-Adults as extra burden to the family and ill-treat them, and even they may not be served with timely food & essential medicines.   There are certain instances that some families will throw out the Older-Adults and discard them from their families.   Such isolated Older-Adults have been left with no other option except begging in the streets and at nights sleeping on footpaths. 

(3) Without any family:  The Daily-wage Workers or Daily-bread Earners having neither family of their own nor children on acquiring Old-age are also suffering without due support.

What questions does it raise for you?

How might we design the training program on mentorship by the Young, and what might be the syllabi for the subjects Life-Cycle, Relationship, Moral Responsibilities & Socio-Economic Dependency of the Human-beings?

How might we inspire young-adults to arrange the basic requirements of  Love, Affection, Care, Kindness & Support (LACKS), apart from the basic essentials like Food, Medicine, Clothes & Shelter for the smooth survival of the Older-Adults?

How might we support those Older-Adults without their own offspring or family, or discarded from the family?



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