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Motivation millennial mentorship means marketing meaning

Most of the contributors fall beyond the target demographic. I am 19 years old, so I know quite a bit about what motivates the millennial generation to act. I've also been a mentor many times in my life to people of all ages. From these experiences I have gathered these key insights: young people today crave creating meaning and prioritize paving their futures. Exciting young adults today requires showing them how what they are doing will make an impact on society, and what skills, knowledge, and resources they will gain from the the experience. Broadly, my idea is to frame the mentorship instead as a peer experience - millennials and seniors working together and learning from one another.

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This research inspires me because it stems from my own life experiences and allows me to derive greater meaning from seemingly ordinary actions and events. Though my research cannot be concisely narrowed to a single document (what a life that would be!), my contribution is perhaps one of the more valuable insights precisely because it comes from the perspective of someone to whom this challenge is trying to reach.


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Great to have you join this challenge, Stephanie – and we're loving that your post re-enforces an emerging theme from our Research phase around the notion of shared purpose. Here's more opportunities we've been musing about: Hope they might inspire more posts and insights from you!

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