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Mentoring Matchmakers

One of the key problems to solve involves compatibility. What would the folks at sites like or Netflix construct in the way of an algorithm to find perfect mentor/mentee pairings? What questions would you ask program participants to understand their expectations and preferences? What would the mentor matching service advertise as "success?" How often and when would it follow-up to find out how things are going? How is mentorship fundamentally different from other matching tasks like pairing college roommates, dating, product preferences?

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I have many more questions and no definitive answers at this point!  Stay tuned and provide your own analysis here!


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Hi Harold, really interesting questions you got there. In my opinion, in many ways, making a perfect mentor/mentee pairing is different from other forms of matchmaking: it’s not driven by mutual affection as pairing dates off, not as interest-oriented as finding partners in working context, neither is it similar as finding a soul mate. The uniqueness of it fundamentally differs itself from other types: it focuses on helping others, meanwhile providing a good chance for individual development; it bridges the gap in many cases wide open between generations; it encourages the innate desire of all people: to love, to care, and to improve. All these makes it special and this topic so inspiring.

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Ruiwen- I think your focus on helping others while finding ways to facilitate individual development is a meaningful contribution. Curious to hear if you have you seen any examples of this interplay at work!

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