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Mentor Up Mall Walk

To encourage and inspire fitness among older adults, the AARP Foundation Mentor Up program could sponsor "Mall Relay Walks" in communities across the country. Many malls allow seniors access prior to stores opening so that they can walk in a safe and controlled environment, with a flat surface. Young people could serve as individual or team "coaches" and inspire healthy competition and fitness among seniors.

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Thanks for all of the feedback and your patience as I become familiar with the community (and the process). I'll take another stab...

America's Health Rankings recently released its 2014 Senior Report, which cites that only about 1/3 of seniors aged 65 and older with fair or better health status report doing no physical activity or exercise (such as running, calisthenics, golf, gardening or walking) other than their regular job in the last 30 days. Perhaps the other 2/3 might benefit from some type of regular (deliberate) physical activity outside of their daily routine.

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