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Intergenerational book clubs

All the posts about young people mentoring technology make me wonder about reading, so I did a search today on "intergenerational book clubs". I've often benefited from discussing a book with someone more experienced. What can young people contribute to an intergenerational approach to discussing literature?

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My initial search resulted in this article: 

The Intergenerational Book Group of the Unitarian Church of Evanston,0,3059762.story 

And this National Writing Project intergenerational literacy program: 


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Hi Jennifer, I just got to reading your article and what immediately came to my mind is "poetry." I think it would be very interesting to see, how different generations would interpret and feel when reading classic or more contemporary pieces in a space where they could freely discuss the possible symbolism and metaphors embedded in them supported by each and everybody´s different life experiences...

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YES!! Fantastic idea :)

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And we thought you might both also enjoy this fab initiative based on intergenerational engagement with art + movement: We're excited to see what this & Jennifer's great highlight of intergenerational book clubs might spark for our upcoming Ideas phase. One thing that comes to mind is how might we take examples like this an envision ways to turn them into a far reaching movement?

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Wow, Meena--thanks for this! How fantastic!! I've been thinking about your question on how to create a "far reaching movement"… in cities like London where museums are integrated into daily life for many citizens, I expect that it's important to keep supporting the museums in creating intergenerational opportunities/programs. It also seems important that the benefits of such programs/experiences are documented and shared with the local community. There's probably a lot that could be discussed here on administrative, economic and community planning models.

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Hi all.
Jenn, I just read your feedback,( in the Holiday Camps .. comments section) - about the "A Night at the Movies Book club" IDEA I posted. Thanks! I did not know that you had put up this research post until yesterday. I found it on your profile page! I love how this site works. You find things all over the place that link to different ideas. So great!
I am here to check out your post - find more inspirations to build mine!
Your reference to London museums makes me think about free cultural spaces - if I remember correctly the National Museums there are free. What free cultural spaces that have programming around film, literature, book arts can be incorporated as outings for the book Club? Free is always a great incentive!
Tino - I love your idea about having a conversation about poetry. I work with youth and am always amazed at how many of them tell me they write poetry. Many write it and rap it. poetry/rap/book/film - thoughts for the Club below. Would love to have you join the conversation!
I am going to incorporate some of these ideas over there.