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Inspire, encourage, and support someone to go online!

There are different organizations in the UK with the aim to encourage younger people from schools, colleges, scouts, and employees from any company or organisation to help people who live in care, housing schemes or the community, to go online and use the internet to connect with their family and friends. Younger people are brilliant at using the internet, so who better to teach an older person. They would like every school or organisation to “adopt” a local care home, housing scheme, library, club or individual. To help people to enjoy what we take for granted on the internet.

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Examples of these organizations:

Encouraging young people by rewarding them with a Digital champions certificate. 
Digital Champions certificate is a diploma for volunteers and staff who want to deliver introductory ICT skills training to people who are new to computers or the internet.


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That's a great idea!! Glad to hear there are organisations doing that already!

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Jose, i have been thinking about a similar idea in the context of using Badges. Are you aware of when and how Badges might be used in this space?

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Hi Al, I didn´t come up with an idea yet, but I absolutely agree that using badges as a reward system could work. How to do it? I imagine both parts want to be rewarded, young people will get recognition in their expertise topic and old people in their improved skills. Badges can be given if both parties are satisfied with the results once the course is finished.
Another idea i´m thinking is to give the badges to the young people according to the hours the have been teaching. For example 50 hours teaching=1 badget. At the end they will have a rating system according to their practice hours ( similar to what the plane pilots have........150 hours of flight...)
This is what i´m thinking right now...but I will keep generating ideas for this challenge!!!