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Granny Cloud – international, cross-generational tutoring

Harnessing the engagement and encouragement of UK "grannies" to fuel learning by students in India. "The Granny Cloud project is the brainchild of Prof Sugata Mitra, best-known for his hole-in-the-wall computer scheme which put basic PCs into some of the poorest parts of India... The official name of the project is Sole (self organised learning environments) but it is more commonly known as the granny cloud. The grannies, or e-mediators as they are officially known, are not teachers and the sessions they conduct with the children in India are not lessons. Instead they read stories to the children and talk about things relevant to them and to the UK."

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While there are admittedly challenges that this program faces, with commitment, connection, and otherwise, it is interesting to incorporate intergenerational dialogue across geography specifically in informal learning areas. Students benefit from the engagement and language exposure alike. 

The older generation of participants has a surplus of time, encouragement, and insight to offer these students who may come from challenging settings or simply may not receive a lot of attention at home from absent or overworked, under educated parents. 

One of the biggest challenges seems to be that the schools that need it most are the least interested. As is the case with many co-curricular and extra-curricular programs. The organizations with the least infrastructure need it most, yet are the least equipped and least likely to participate. It is this gap that would be interesting to solve for. 


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