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Finding common ground: Share a meal.

When I watched the video for this challenge one statistic really jumped out at me- over 9 million seniors are hungry everyday. This is extraordinarily sad, but it could provide an opportunity for finding common ground between young people and seniors. What better way to start a mentoring relationship, whilst gauging the potential bi-directional impact of the relationship, than sharing a meal?

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I was speaking with a friend earlier this week and he told me about an awesome social enterprise operating in the UK -

This is from the website FAQ's,

"What is Casserole Club?

Casserole is a project that connects people who like to cook and are happy to share an extra portion of a delicious home cooked meal, with older neighbours living close by who could really benefit from a hot cooked meal.

Like a local, community-led take-away, Casserole Club members serve up tasty, home-cooked food to their neighbours, getting more people eating and cooking fresh meals while strengthening local neighbourhood relationships with every bite.

Cooks are required to sign up on the site and undertake a short safeguarding process before they can search and contact local Diners. The Casserole team works with local organisations to help reach Diners, we also take direct referrals including from friends and relatives... "

I really like the simplcity of this idea and how it draws upon the common and obvious human need of sustenance. Sharing a meal could help to inspire both young people and seniors, as well as instigating a positive relationship between 2 people who could undoubetedly help one another. The sharing of a meal could help to highlight a need that could be fulfilled too.

What do others think of this social enterprise and what else can we learn that could be of use to the challenge?





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Really like it! Today we are in such a rush that basic activities like sharing a mean has become a major planning matter. But also, with people living alone, students, singles, etc. it''s sometimes costly and time consuming to cook for just one person. The idea that you can share your meal is great then! You can share, meat your neighbors, show of your cooking talents perhaps and discover new dishes (and today, especially in bigger cities we live in such international communities that it could turn into a really interesting potluck).

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Hey, Kasia

What you say about basic activities such as sharing a meal is so true, It can be so difficult to find time! All the more reason to plan that sharing experience, as well as the added bonus of saving resources too!