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Design and new models can improve lives and create a better environments for older adult and young people

In my research I found an interest infographic about new technologies for older adults made by All Time Medical, this infographic shows to us how with design as mediator we can improve the life of the older adults, and make they adapt to a new technologic world, could be an interesting contribution cause it’s important to shows to young people de real percentage about how the older adults are able to develop activities whit them.

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Older adults can offer to young people different interesting facts to increase them knowledge and create a new sharing economy, this new sharing economy it’s an interesting concept (peer-to-peer economy), “is a socio-economic system built around the sharing of human and physical assets. It includes the shared creation, production, distribution, trade and consumption of goods and services by different people and organizations.”

Based in sharing economy, what can offer older adults to young people? And, what can offer young people to older adults? The interesting fact en this new consumption phenomenon it’s that the badge not is money, the new transaction element can be the knowledge and the experience behind the older adults and the expertise in new technologies and life models in the contemporary world of young people. At the present pitifully, too many people don’t help in altruism way, but we can motive them create a new models of transaction, win peer to peer and learning whit a different methodological way.

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Maria, I think I understand what you are saying. In a knowledge economy there is value attached to skills and knowledge that would be similar to bartering. Perhaps create something like a "time-bank" where individuals "bank" their volunteer hours in exchange for a service or product. There are already models like this that exists, I believe. For example: Maybe a young person could volunteer two hours to help an older person organize a room at home or run errands. The time spent doing so would be banked and the young person could later receive tutoring help with a writing assignment or actual produce from a garden. (Meena, I'm sure you will suggest this comment turn up in the "Ideas" section coming up later!)

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Thanks Deirdre I understand what are you saying too. I appreciate
Indeed i know, at the present already exist different models whit the same using peer to peer, my contribution its about take that models and analyze what its good and wrong whit that and "try new lens". With the question what can offer older adults to young people? And, what can offer young people to older adults?, exploring and understanding the methods and bussines models, the needs, desires, choices, and what the real people think about this models,