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Create "mentors" CULTURE through 'multi-generation houses' - a kindergarten, a social center for the elderly and a lounge for young families. Pensioners read stories and care for children and being taught about computers in return.

The multi-generation houses in Germany are a solution for two problems that exist is some countries in Europe: the population of over 65 is increasing and childcare is getting more expensive than ever. If we eliminate the financial benefit and concentrate on the essence of this program we will see that pensioners get to share their life wisdom with young families, care for younger children and educate them to respect the elderly, so when they'll grow up they will be more patient and more willing to mentor them.

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My close relationship with my grandparents had taught me to be patient and kind to the elderly, but I was lucky to have them around. Not everyone does. So this solution can help those who don't have a granny on their side, to hold them, read stories and share her experience.
Having said that, I do believe that this model should be tested and research about to truly understand what is the impact of having multigeneration houses on each generation, and if different generations can really benefit from it.


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In the last 5 years or so, in France, we've seen the construction of intergenerational residences, where older people and students or families with young children live in the same building or complex.

For example in Paris the recently opened "Maison des Générations" Even though in this case, the day care may not be included, the residents are invited to join shared activities and exchange services, thanks to the help of an association (or the concierge/gardien) that helps with the animation of the living community.

I also notice architects or construction firms that promote that concept, ensuring that in the construction project there are exchanges zones for sharing and solidarity (could be a library, a garden... depending on the size of the residence):
(Sorry all text in french...)

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