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A weekend at an old-age home!

It is the technology that has acted as a major revolution in our every day life, and it is through media like Skype, Facetime, etc. that we can see and virtually talk to our beloved. For people living at old age homes, their loved ones might be visiting them a weekend every two weeks or even less. How touched would they be if we could enable them by giving them 15-20 minutes of our everyday life on skype or facetime maybe! For it is the little things that they ask from us, in return of the fortunes that they've done for us.

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I wish to look at the number of children/young adults who have their old aged parents/grandparents living at the old aged homes. It would also be interesting to have their views as to how many times in a month do they personally visit them. I myself live away from my parents and thus understand how simple and easy their demands are from their children. 


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