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Teach or Skip

Young people can learn a lot from older people as well as older people can from younger ones. The goal is to match people to teach each other fields of expertise. How to incentive them? 1) Get knowledge from the person in return OR 2) Get sponsors offer compensations, such as free Google Ads reward if you create a Gmail account for an old person wanting an email address... Or free Skype credits for teaching an old person how to create and use an account.. Sponsors would get new customers and a good public image in return.

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How would you describe your idea in one sentence?

The idea is an online marketplace to share experiences and get rewarded.
The idea is an online marketplace to share experiences and get rewarded.
People will fill out a profile with experiences they are willing to share.

If there is a match in the experiences each one is willing to teach learn, they will each teach one another.
If there is no match in both expertise fields to be taught, a sponsor will offer a financial compensation to the person teaching.
For examlpe:
Teach an old person to use Photoshop and get extended Trial
Create a Facebook page for an old person and get free Facebook ads..

What early, lightweight experiment can you try out in your own community to test any assumptions you might have about your idea?

To test these assumptions I would talk to people in both target groups. I can then contact sponsors to know if they would be interested in such a reward program. For now I am still working on the idea..

What aspects of your idea could benefit from the input, skills or know-how of our OpenIDEO community?

The idea is pretty rough, any suggestions and help are more than welcome. Thank you!


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Louis, I really like this concept. While it is similar to Pam's ( ) and Nick's ( ) it introduces two important new elements
1) a value for exchange; and
2) possible sponsorship.
Could we go one step further and introduce an intermediate medium of exchange, or would that be complicating the system too much?
Would this be non-profit or for-profit venture for those developing the site?

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You might like to look at these concepts too
They may provide points of similarity and difference that can help you further develop this concept.

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Paul, Thank you for all your help and insights, it is very appreciated.
Indeed, these concepts are quite similar and it would be great to combine them and take the best of each to get a final product.
I like your idea of introducing an intermediate medium of exchange.. maybe this could be done through some gamification.. For instance, I like Nick's idea to offer the money to charity:

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You are very welcome Louis.
The whole premise of OpenIDEO is really to build upon each others thoughts to gradually refine each idea. The terms of agreement for participation allow us to incorporate aspects of each others ideas too.
Having said you like Nick's idea of charitable donations how would you incorporate that into yours? For example would it be a third alternate option in Tony's request? What would it look like fitted into your idea?

The only real stipulation - if you choose to do this - is to acknowledge Nick's idea both by adding an acknowledgement in the body of your concept and by adding his idea to your 'built upon' list.
When you include another idea as built upon you link the two ideas and the proponent of the other idea is notified.
You will see I have done this with Yunxue Xu's Saturday University in my Mentorship Networks concept
(I apologise if I have restated thing you already know)

I look forward to seeing how your concept develops and will offer comments and suggestions as I am able.

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Great to see you offering these tips and tricks, Paul! And welcome, Louis, to OpenIDEO!

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