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Let's Make a Deal -- The Knowledge Exchange

The concept is to create a tutoring exchange service between youth and the recently retired, in which youth are provided with enriched learning experiences in exchange for technology training of the retiree.

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How would you describe your idea in one sentence?

Youth and the recently retired exchange information and training on a barter-system basis.
The recently retired often have a large repository of skills and knowledge pertinent to their field.   They are used to being actively and fully engaged in work activities, and often find the transition into retirement difficult.    This can be accompanied by a sense of being left behind by rapid technological changes.   They want to know what is current and trending, and be able to use (or at the very least understand) the technology that surrounds them.    At the same time, youth may want the opportunity to dive more deeply into subject areas that interest them, or learn leadership, organizational, entrepreneurial or time management skills from those with recent experience.   

Knowledge Exchange would let these two groups connect to each other and barter for an exchange of information.   

What early, lightweight experiment can you try out in your own community to test any assumptions you might have about your idea?

Contact one of the local high schools to discuss the idea. Create a physical bulletin board where recent retirees can post their requests for knowledge exchange.

What aspects of your idea could benefit from the input, skills or know-how of our OpenIDEO community?

Aspects of the idea that can benefit from from input, skills or know-how are (a) how to identify and engage the pool of recently retired (b) the best platform to use for bartering services (c) identification of any potential tax issues that need to be worked around (c) how to set boundaries around the commitment (d) how to protect the personal safety of the participants.


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Photo of Nick Dawson

Pam - great minds think alike apparently! My 'shower thought' this morning, which I posted as an idea today, is almost exactly what you've already proposed. I like how you are approaching it as a barter system too.

Shall we work together? How can I help?

Photo of Pam Haidenger-Bains

NIck, I like the work you've done on our idea. Love the look and the logo. Why don't you add me as a team member to your idea, and I will then the un-publish my idea. I think that should work....

Photo of Nick Dawson

Would love to have you as a team member...but please please don't unpublished your idea! Let's develop them in tandem....maybe something cool will come from both‽

Photo of Paul Reader

Please maintain development of each of these great ideas independently, but collaboratively.
Pam, your comments on Nick's page are apposite. There are identifiable sub-groups in the senior ranks.
The 'exchange' based ideas proposed by Nick, Louis, Sophie and Susan are virtual/computer based concepts - yours has potential for both virtual and real world. Not that there is anything wrong with virtual market places its just that yours is more adaptable.
Additionally there is a possibility that some of these ideas, yours included, may work better at different scales and in different social situations and locations.
I concur completely with Nick that something cool may well come from both, or all five.

Photo of Annie Valdes

I agree with Paul's point—you all have interesting points of differentiation, keep fleshing them out! What makes your idea most interesting to me Pam is that there is an offline component to matching. I think online and offline will be interesting elements to for encouraging young people to connect with and support older adults.

Photo of Chris Heron

Pamela, Annie, Paul and Nick, I am only joining this idea but I may actually be able to contribute by facilitating these ideas,I am involved in a complex worldwide e learning, knowledge exchange and social regeneration project and one of its pillars is exchange between old and young. We are building an organisation to pull this together worldwide. One of my ideas is living history, the old being interview ed by the young to create personal histories stored in an accessible video library. There are other housing initiatives including using the retired in training programmes and housing them on developments with the young. There is already one project like this. If you are interested in joining me to make this work on a worldwide scale please contact me?