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Fitness mentoring program

A mentoring program that encourages all people to adopt an active lifestyle by training together at their own pace. The idea is for mentors to encourage and monitor the training of the other and at the same time, they will train at their own level in order to mutually encourage regular fitness activities.

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How would you describe your idea in one sentence?

A mentoring program that encourages all people to adopt an active lifestyle by training together at their own pace.
The Fitness mentoring program is the perfect scenario to encourage a healthy and active lifestyle as young and older people train together. 
The idea is for the participants to previously design a trainning program with the help of an specialist and then to pair up with someone that has a similar fitness goal (loosing weight, getting more flexible, run a certain distance daily, etc). After the couples are paired up and they set up a training schedule and they learn each others program to help guide each other through the routine. This routines can also include yoga, meditation, stretching and more passive sports.
This is an interesting approach to the mentoring because young people can encourage old people to be more active at their own pace but at the same time they are learning to respect the limitations that come with age and that don't stop people to have a healthy lifestyle.  

What early, lightweight experiment can you try out in your own community to test any assumptions you might have about your idea?

To set-up a ono or two weeks training routine for a young and older person and try at home. We will see the reaction that training between big age gaps has on the participants and also we will check if it has continuity over time.

What aspects of your idea could benefit from the input, skills or know-how of our OpenIDEO community?

The part of creating the community that sponsors this initiative. Owing that this idea requires regular medical assistance and a trainer t monitor the programs, it is important to set up a network in order to support this roles.


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Luz, fitness is important and an area where young people can make an impact! Did you see the Hitch a Stroll post from Carola Verschoor connecting people to take a walk:

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Thanks Jennifer, I just saw it and is a great idea regarding fitness :)

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