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Bringing young and old together to start new ventures while leveraging each others experience, skills, ideas, knowledge.

Young people tend to be idealistic about the world and have grand ideas for change. But they often lack the time or experience to make a true difference. Mature people have more time but have accepted the realities of their world. By bringing these two groups together they can leverage ideas, experience and time to start up new ventures in their community. They could make a difference to their society while learning off each other at the same time.

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How would you describe your idea in one sentence?

Launch local community ventures with the grand ideas of the young and the support and experience of the more mature.
Many young people have grand ideas for the future and often have an idealistic mindset about how the world should work.  They want a better world for everyone and aren't afraid to be vocal about it.  However they are often time poor because they may be studying and/or starting out on a new career.  They may also lack the experience and know how to turn some of their grand ideas in to reality.

Many mature aged people have a more realistic and established view of the world.  However having stopped work, or on reduced hours they often have time on their hands and are looking for something worthwhile to spend this time on.  They've already worked in careers and understand how business and society works.

By developing a system where young people can share an idea they have to improve their community, or even a business idea they'd like to get off the ground.  Mature people can then search for opportunities in their local community and choose to get involved with an idea that resonates with them.  Young people may also share the idea with local church or community groups that mature people frequent rather than just relying on an online community that many older people may not be able to access.

With the young people providing new ideas and setting the direction, mature people can utilize their experience and time to help turn an opportunity in to reality.  In the process the younger generation can upskill the mature people in technology and the mature people can pass on their business experience and contacts that they have built up over a life time of work.

What early, lightweight experiment can you try out in your own community to test any assumptions you might have about your idea?

This could be tested by young people posting in their Facebook/Twitter profiles asking for social or business venture ideas that people have always wanted to make happen. Once their is a pool of ideas in a community the same users could then pass on these ideas to their own parents/grandparents and seek support for a particular idea and then work together as a group to make it happen.

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I love this idea. You describe me perfectly when you say "oung people have grand ideas for the future and often have an idealistic mindset about how the world should work. They want a better world for everyone" but are time poor. This would be really cool.

In my own experience as an intern this summer, working on a team with people who are 40-65 years old, I can say we do have a lot to learn from each other and youth probably know of many ways to do things older folks didn't think was possible with technology. So, this could work in reverse too. Someone older could say, "I think it'd be really nifty if we could do this," and a some younger folks could say, "I know of a way we can do that with this tool. Here's how."