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The student is the teacher.

The youth people can teach the older ones how technology is used nowadays, while the old people can teach the young ones the behavior and the morals which they had learned when they were young.

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An application which creates a teacher in a student and a student in a teacher.
The idea is based on an application which its main idea is teaching both young and old people. The applicationg is about rooms, every room is to be joined by two or four persons -two young and two oldor one young and one old- . Everyone has a duty in that room, the young people have to teach the old ones how technology is used nowadays in some devices as android, blackberry, ipads, etc.... .Also the old people can teach the young ones how they can deal with other people in a polite way and teach them the behavior and morals they had earned in their childhood or they can teach them a new language they knew. The course maybe through chatting, reading texts or recording some videos explaining what the want to teach through (recommended)


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Interesting, Hassan. Great thinking to reverse the conventional role of younger people as students and older ones as teachers. Do you have a reason for the preference that only young men would be involved in this? We think that young women could be great to get involved as well :^)

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I'm sorry but i didn't meant the word men as the male gender only but I meant all the people. I'm sorry again, I'll correct it.