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The co-authoring platform

Often to unite people with different backgrounds, the best way is to focus on a common objective. And what better common objective than creating something together? The idea is to create a platform where an older person who wish to realize a creative project could find a younger “co-author” who could help with his/her digital skills. Once the project realized, the result could be sold on the same platform and the profits split equally.

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How would you describe your idea in one sentence?

A platform where older and younger people could realize creative projects together and sell the result online.
Many older adults have had great creative projects for years (stories they wanted to share, recipes they wanted to pass, gardening techniques they discovered …). Today, realizing those projects might be easier thanks to digital tools.

Younger people are eager to make achievements. Realizing a creative project with someone might be just what they are looking for.
The main purposes of the platform could be:
Finding a creative partner (the co-author) and dividing tasks.
Following project advancement.
Selling the result online.

Additionally, the platform could help simplifying the creation process through project templates (like novels, cooking-books, photograph collections, 3D sculptures, instrumental recordings, short films…)
Starting from a template, an older user could directly see a list of tasks to complete to realize the project. Each task might even have a little video overview. The user could then easily identify tasks he might need help with.

Once a creative project is published by an older user, a younger user could join it, assuming he likes the project description and can bring help where needed.

Each step of the creative project can then become an occasion to use technology together and to learn from each other.

Finally, the result of the creative project could be sold on the platform, with friends and relatives of the co-authors being potential buyers.

Of course, the platform has to be truly accessible for older people. It is key to keep the design as simple as possible. The platform might also suggest some limits (project size, time…) to make projects more realistic.

What early, lightweight experiment can you try out in your own community to test any assumptions you might have about your idea?

It is crucial to test a prototype of the platform with older users to understand how much we can simplify it. We could then launch a website with one or two templates to start with and check how easy it is to divide tasks. Observing the realization of an actual creative project with a younger and an older co-authors might be key to understand how the platform can make their relationship smoother.

What aspects of your idea could benefit from the input, skills or know-how of our OpenIDEO community?

Can a collaboration relationship be a good start for mentorship?


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