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Senior Persons' Alternative for Continuing Education [SPACE]

The Idea "SPACE" is for those people who are aged 50+ and willing either to complete the earlier discontinued courses or to acquire Technical Skills, Vocational Training and/or to study any further Graduation or Post-Graduation or Doctoral Courses from the Open Universities under Disstance Education.

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How would you describe your idea in one sentence?

The Idea "SPACE" is for those people who are aged 50+ as well as to engage young people to support older adults through mentorship or Tutorial Service, for promoting educational advancement of the Older-Adults.
What is the key Objective of your Idea?

The key Objective of the Idea is that if proper space is provided for further education, technical education & skill Development the Older-Adults will definitely lead in their Second Inning of the life.

What questions does it raise for Implementing your Idea? or How will it work?  And, what are your submissions therefor?

For this, go through the following Questions & Answers:

How might we arrange/manage the payment of Course/Training Fees, Examination Fees, Cost of Books, Etc.?

The Young-Adults (Earning Members) of the Family itself must pay these amounts or the Implementing Agency/NGO must meet this expenditure or the Government has to pass an Order or make it mandatory to exempt all those students with 50+ age.

How to engage the Youth to take up Tutorial Service/Mentorship to the Older-Adults?

After enrolling these Older-Adults in any Job-Oriented, Business Enterprenuership, Technical/ Vocational Skill Development, or any Professional Course, or Graduation/Post-Graduation/Doctoral Programs at the Open University, we could engage/appoint the Youth (on Honouraria basis) to take up Tutorial Classes/Mentorship.

What other roles might these young people play helping older adults connect to community?
The Young-Adults of the Homes must be courteous to the Older-Adults of the Family, and must allow them to participate in & involve them in Family Decisions as usual.
How so ever tight schedule there may be, the Young-Adults of the Homes must maintain the rapport with the Older-Adults of the Homes.   The Young Adults must regularly be gossiping with, and asking about their Food, Medicines, and even about the New Course of Studies joined by the Older-Adult.
The Young-Adults of the Homes must see that their Older-Adults should be, initially, actively engaged in Children’s studies, or make them busy with helping the School-going Children of the Home, and later on, showing the free time available during the School Hours, advise them to join & complete any higher course or any skill development training of their choice at the Open University. 

What contribution could young people bring to people aged 50+ looking to re-enter the workforce?

Not much.  Simply remember those days when you were a child and how much care was taken then by the present Older-Adults.   Whatever you extend now, that will seldom be on par with their sacrifices.
So, first of all, instill in their minds the confidence that you are there to look after them and support them in all matters.
If the Young-Adults of the Home have already pursued the course, in which the Older-Adult has now joined, the Young Adults must teach or explain the subject/s to the Older-Adults as and when need arises. 

The Young-Adults of the Homes must extend sufficient & timely financial assistance towards timely payment of Course Fees, Examination Fees, and some packet money towards petty-expenses, such as Daily Newspaper, Note Books, Pens, etc.
After successful completion of any of the Advanced / Professional / Business Studies, the Older-Adults could be able to take up any one Activity, such as Teaching / Consultancy / Business, and work on it on full time basis to make an additional source of income for the Home.

What tools, programs, incentives or campaigns might empower young people to see themselves as mentors, capable of positively enhancing/ improving the lives of older adults?.

The employers [of the bread-earning Young-Adults of the Homes] must be provided additional benefits/incentives/allowances to their Employees in lieu of the care being taken about the Older-Adults.   Even, the expenditure made on the Older-Adults must be exempt from the Taxable Income.

Why do you think it might succeed?

The main thing that is lagging the Older-Adults behilnd from leadinng their Second Innings of the Life is "Money" or "its Source".   Thus, if the SPACE Center is created to extend financial assistance for the Choice of Older-Adults Course/Program and Free Mentoring/Tutoria Service is provided, the Older-Adults are sure to succeed.

What early, lightweight experiment can you try out in your own community to test any assumptions you might have about your idea?

The early, lightweight experiment could be easily tried out in any community by anybody to test any assumptions about this idea.


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