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Mentoring on the go:

Like many of us who have a busy life we often dont get any time to go out of our way to mentor someone so, why not bring the people who need mentoring to you ? Most of us spend atleast 1-2 hours in our daily commute to-from work. During this time what if you had a chance to mentor someone ? Lets say in each of our public transportation system we get a concept of "mentor car (train), mentor bus, mentor tram, mentor carpool etc" where only those who want some mentoring or those who want to mentor can jump on. If we allow the people to log their mentorship needs, and on the other hand allow mentors to pick items where they can offer help, we can instantly turn this commute hour into a a learning and giving experience.

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Some ideas to illustrate:
Lets say I want to learn how to knit a cap and i am ready to carry my knitting with me when i travel, why cant a fellow traveller who knows knitting teach me when we are on our way back home.
If i want to transfer my old contacts to my new phone and dont know how to do that why cant someone just show this to me on my way back home.
If i need some help writing a article on american history why cant someone engage me with a enlightening conversation about the same while we commute. 

I agree this idea has a lot of limitation regarding time, travel route etc but sometimes one just needs something as simple as a person to converse with. We wont know the possibilities unless we try it. I feel its better than everyone just sticking to their phones, ipads and newspapers versus someone whom they can mentor.

Lets imagine the possibilities and try and see if we can build on this ?

What early, lightweight experiment can you try out in your own community to test any assumptions you might have about your idea?

This is funny but one way i imagined trying this was to get a sign which lets say said "Need help with understanding hindi" and traveling in BART and seeing who can offer help. Its an odd way to ask but atleast i can get my voice out in what i need help with. :) Any other ideas ?

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Great idea on leveraging travel time for folks who have to travel long distances to and from work, school, etc, Yoganshi! Do you have thoughts on how you might focus this especially on our challenge topic of intergenerational exchange? We're excited to learn more...