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Mentor Swap

Imagine a community where membership is defined by mentorship. Every member is both a mentor and a mentee. You can gain access to mentors across industry, professions, and generation in exchange for a commitment to mentor another member in whatever expertise you can share.

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How would you describe your idea in one sentence?

Mentor Swap is a community where members mentor each other within and across their industry, professions, and generation; creating an equal platform for skill sharing and network building.
Many young adults who seek mentors already have a good sense of what skills they are trying to improve. But seeking mentors is a daunting task when networks and resources aren't accessible. Mentor Swap easily allows anyone to get that access to other professionals just by committing to sharing a skill you already have. 

Members of Mentor Swap will set up an online profile identifying:
  • Areas they want to improve
  • What experiences or expertise they can offer to teach
  • Availability (x hours per week/month) 
  • Level of engagement (e.g. chat online, video call, webinar, in-person meeting)
That way members can find each other based of their needs and availability. Every new member will also have access to resources (i.e. videos and guidelines) that teaches them how to become a mentor.

The hope is that by identifying every member as a "mentor", everyone will be challenged to value their own skills and expertise no matter the background. Each member might also be encouraged to commit to "learning" from other mentors every so often (e.g. once a month). 

What early, lightweight experiment can you try out in your own community to test any assumptions you might have about your idea?

A simple survey across industries, professions and generations on their interest in the idea of Mentor Swap as well as their availability will definitely be helpful in developing this idea further and grounding it with the reality of busy professionals.


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