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Teaching As Leadership Development for 21st Century Skills

We harness Uganda's graduate youth talent through training and coaching to unlock the potential of underserved children through education.

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Uganda has the youngest population in the world. 80% of Uganda's 37 million people are below 30 years old and 52% below 15 years. Annually, Ugandan universities graduate 40,000 but only 8,000 are able to find a decent job. On the other hand, there are 8.7 million Ugandan children in primary schools and 70% (seven out of ten) drop out before secondary school due to poor quality teaching, lack of mentorship and support and poverty among other challenges. Low-income children are 7 times more likely to drop out of school than their wealthier counterparts. We founded Teach For Uganda (TFU) on July 2015 to address this challenge. We are a local movement of of solution-driven young leaders. We recruit & train talented university graduates from varying fields working towards expanding education opportunity to all children in Uganda in a two -year teaching fellowship. The TFU Fellowship is a contextualized leadership development program that equips young graduates with skills to become excellent teachers as well as change agents in the communities they serve. Fellows undergo six week intensive training followed by quarterly training in pedagogy & leadership and are placed in last mile poor schools in pairs, teaching Math, English& non-cognitive skills proven to inspire children to thrive in a changing world. TFU fellows leave a legacy of inspired and effective teaching and walk away with 21st century leadership skills relevant for any job in the public & private sector as alumni.


Uganda's university fresh graduates mostly those without jobs who go on to impact the lives of underserved children while developing both leadership, management, communication and problem solving skills that make them effective managers, and leaders as they matriculate into the public and private sectors. The skills garnered as school teachers, school leaders as well as through their tailored quarterly training equip them with 21st century global economy skills to thrive in any job market.


Teach For Uganda (TFU) is a local Ugandan non profit organization that recruits, trains and equips Ugandan fresh university graduates with skills in teaching, leadership and management and places them in the most underserved schools to improve the quality of education for low income children.


  • Uganda


  • Yes, for more than one year.


  • I’ve worked in a sector related to my idea for over a year


Doing customer experience mapping it came out clearly that our potential customers and beneficiaries who are Uganda's recent top university graduates helped us realize the following in our models. We needed to get clear on the incentives that were available for them other than training, stipends and the experience of teaching in the classroom for 2 years. Through this experience we've gain insights to work on long-term support for our fellows during and after the two years of the fellowship. Few of the things that excited our potential fellows were a) A fellowship completion award that they get for completing the fellowship in great standing. This is a $50/month compounded for 24 months for a total $1,200 each to put towards their businesses b) Each Fellow will be linked with a career coach from their sectors of interest to guide them post Fellowship. c) Before completing the fellowship, each fellow will undertake 3 plus Acumen courses in done collaboratively with Plus Acumen in the following a) adaptive leadership b) lean start up principles for social impact c) story telling for change. This will prepare our fellows to be effective leaders in Uganda as alumni of our program.


In Uganda there are several initiatives and education interventions that are focused on constructing classrooms, teacher capacity building,and providing reading materials to schools, focused on early grade reading, which are all necessary for our nation's children's education. However, we see these interventions as solutions to symptoms of a system historically devoid of leadership from our colonial past. To address this, Uganda needs moral and adaptive leaders with foresight and critical consciousness to prioritize resources, tools and technical expertise that will radically transform the future of education in Uganda. To achieve this, TFU is betting on our strongest asset, our graduate youth who are our nation’s future leaders. By selecting, training and equipping them with leadership skills and immersing them in the challenges that affect their communities, the puzzles of social, political and environmental inequity denying 7/10 children a bright future, in a two ­year reflective teaching experience, they will emerge both as children’s role models, and as leaders with skills, passion and expertise to effectively champion better policies for their communities and nation.


For over 5 decades in Uganda's post independence, most educational interventions and youth development programs have followed the 'cookie cutter' old colonial education models of implementing rote memorization, little to no critical thinking and independent work-related skills by the learner. In turn this produced devastating results for a nation with 78% of the population below 30 years-old where 68% of all graduates (2 million) are under or unemployed. Coupled with government's lack of creating industries to employ these millions of youth, the problem created a cycle of poverty that plagues our youthful population today. TFU exists to address the root causes of this issue through skills


We have 3 questions but due to lack of capacity have not fully explored them. 1. Corporate partnerships and internships. We are exploring corporate partners in Uganda and work is underway between us, Huawei and Barclays bank to ensure that post fellowship, our alumni can secure a month internship of their choice & if successful they are taken on as a staff. Exploring the same at the Ministry of Education. 2. Scale and sustainability of scale. We envision 67% growth to reach more youth & kids but need a revenue generator to sustain it, which leads to 3) Building a TFU institute that can house our trainings as well as become a hub for other entrepreneurs and generate revenue for TFU.


This is idea is completely new to both me and my organization. We have been working on the research and development of this idea since July 2015. We became a fully registered non profit in Uganda in February 2016. The "Teach For Model" has been incredibly successful in over 40 countries in Europe, Asia, and Latin America. Despite this success, no one in Africa had seen the game-changing potential of this idea given our very important asset, our youthful graduates. Fortunately, Ghana's entrepreneurs have taken on the model and launched it early this year in the Volta region & it is now fully supported by the Ghana Education Service. Having spent time in India with firsthand experience f Teach For India's impact and more time with Teach For Ghana and Teach For Haiti's CEOs, countries with similar youth and educational challenges as Uganda, I believe this model contextualized to our inequity will move a needle on improving leadership skills for youth in Uganda and move a needle on education inequity, and inspire other entrepreneurs in East Africa to explore it. We are breaking ground in Uganda & have support from government to pilot this idea in 15 schools in Luwero District.


The Teach For Uganda team is dedicated to fully implementing this idea. We have already secured placement with 15 rural public schools in Luwero district. These are some of the poorest and low performing schools in the country with a shortage of qualified teachers. We are working towards launching recruitment of our inaugural class of 30 teaching fellows from six college campuses in February 2017. We have support from the US Embassy in Uganda, Rockdale, Pershing Square & Isroff Foundations
Catalina a representative from Ensena Por Colombia showing her support  to TFU
Paola, an Ensena Por Mexico (Teach For Mexico) representative voicing her support for TFU to launch soon
A team of Ensena Por (Teach For) Colombia, Peru, Chile, Argentina & Mexico all showing support for Teach For Uganda
One of our teaching fellow candidates engages with grade two students of one of our partner schools.
Here the Teach For All team with early stage entrepreneurs from Ghana, Nigeria, Uganda with the MarcArthur Foundation staff. Collaboration and partnership and shared learned lessons is strong across Teach For programs, which is a huge support and inspiration for Teach For Uganda's vision to succeed and inspire others across East and Central Africa
 At Teach For Uganda,our core values are children and youth first, Always Learning and Relentless Pursuit of Results and Excellence. In honor of our values we are looking ahead to 2017 and 2018 and the fundraiser board dinner above is geared to help us raise enough funds to get TFU to launch in 2017 and able to show our results to government for their support as well as corporate, foundations and our individual partners. We would be honored to be part of Amplify's Leadership Network and would share our experiences and networks with the Amplify network for collective and collaborative impact.

Teach For Uganda is a nationwide movement of solution-driven leaders working to expand educational opportunity for all children in Uganda. We achieve this by harnessing our nation's best asset, Uganda's brilliant and graduate youth who are our future leaders by training and equipping them with classroom teaching, management and leadership skills in a two-year teaching as leadership fellowship to effect change in underserved schools and communities across the country. Throughout the two year fellowship experience, Fellows gain hands-on 21st century skills and mindsets to effectively transform Uganda's public and private sector institutions as alumni of our program. 

Why are graduates suited to both improve the learning outcomes of low-income children while growing as next generations of leaders in Uganda in just 2 years? 

By virtue of their academic qualifications and continuous quarterly pedagogical ( classroom management and teaching methods) training and coaching, throughout the two-year fellowship, the Fellows will: 1) uplift the academic and non-academic learning outcomes of underserved children, 2) Prove that Uganda’s brilliant university graduates can and should go into the teaching profession, hence improving the reputation of teaching nationally, 3) inspire school heads, teachers, as well as government education leaders, and shape positive trajectories of children and their schools as role models and mentors.

Teach For Uganda's (TFU) Theory of Change

In the short term, we place brilliant and committed graduates as teachers in poor and remote classrooms that would otherwise have had no teacher or at best a secondary school dropout to interactively teach Mathematics, Science and English as well-as work-related skills such as home economics (cooking, cleaning, baking, carpentry, gardening and agriculture in addition to non-cognitive skills, such as empathy, determination, compassion, critical thinking and problem solving and teamwork proven to help youth thrive in a fast globally interdependent economy. 

In the long term, Fellows will cultivate skills, tools and mindsets within the two year fellowship, and with the support of the alumni coach, TFU will be building a “Leadership In Education” pipeline of strong and committed leaders who will  continue driving systemic education change in Uganda’s private and public sector institutions as policy makers, Ministry of Education leaders, inspectors of schools, school heads, teachers as well as intra and entrepreneurs.

Because this idea and model has never been attempted in East Africa despite it's success in 40 countries to date, including some that have similar contextual social, political, and geographical challenges such as Haiti, India, Nepal and Ghana, the US Embassy in Uganda, Pershing Square Foundation and individual donors and board members supported us to pilot it in Uganda. It would be our honor to have the fiscal and mentorship support of the IDEO.Org's Amplify team and network.  So far, we have received authorization from the Ministry of Education Sports, Technology and Enterprise (MoESTs) to pilot this program in Uganda.  After we approached the Luwero district government seeking to pilot the model, the Chief Accounting and Administrative Officer (CAO) not only recommended the regions that were in so much need but also has joined our advisory board to help us with leveraging more local and national government support as we seek to scale this program in at least 5 more district in the next five years.  So far, Teach For Uganda has received additional committed support from the Rockdale Foundation, Issroff Family Foundation and is applied to other foundations, corporate partners that given support, the team will ensure both the launching of the TFU Teaching as Leadership Fellowship Program in 2017 as wellas garner more support to ensure our program's sustainability. 

 Given our one year in existence, we've also built a strong board of directors that will support and ensure accountability and sustainability of  the Teach For Uganda as an organization as well as our fellowship program.  All our board members have expertise both in the global north as well as the global south having run their own enterprises or led government departments for 7-10 years. 

Teach For Uganda (TFU) Board 

1. Barbara Bush: CEO and Co-founder Global Health Corps.  Advises TFU on organizational strategy, business development and Fundraising and Strategic Partnerships. 

2.  Sabrina Dupre: Global Brand Director at Acumen. Advises TFU on  Branding, Strategy, and Fundraising and Strategic Partnerships.  

3.  Derrick Nkata:  Deputy Chief of Party. USAID/RTI -School Health and Reading Program (SHRP). Advises TFU on org development, strategic government and corporate partnerships. 

4.  George Eustice Gakwandi: Luwero District Head of Government and Accounting Officer : Advises TFU on government partnerships and regional integration. 

Teach For Uganda 2017-2018 Budget and Projected Funding Pipeline








Total amount Raised in 2016



Pershing Square Foundation


Rockdale Foundation


US Embassy Ambassador’s Grant



Issroff Family Foundation





Gap To Goal for 2017         



Total Budget 2017



Potential Partners  & Amount in Pipeline Requests

Status (Projected)

Amount ($)


Rockdale Foundation

Verbal commitment


  Lessons for Life Foundation



              Even Ground



              Wellspring Advisors



               Isroff Foundation



               US Embassy, Kampala

To renew 2017


               Varkey Foundation

Accepted Submission of Interest RFP due Jan 15th


Huawei Technologies

Submitted Jan 19th



PSIPSE ( Consortium with Teach For All) for the next 2 years 

Submitted Dec. 23rd



          Total Amount in Requests               




Fellowships and other Prospects with multiple steps

Application Process


Echoing Green

1st round submitted


IDEO.0rg  Youth Empowerment Challenge

At 2nd round


Elma Philanthropies



Segal Family Foundation



DFID –Girl Education Challenge



Barclays Bank




By 2021 due to the impact of our Teaching Fellows in classrooms of underserved children and on their own professional development, TFU would like to spark a national policy dialogue on reforming our education system to allow all our children to be taught by university graduates as opposed to secondary school graduates. How might we inspire a national policy dialogue that would require all Ugandan children to be taught by a well trained and qualified teacher with a minimum of a university degree?


  • Under $100,000


  • Within 100 km of where our team does most of its work


  • More than a year


Amplify is a network of some of the world’s most innovative social entrepreneurs – leaders who are navigating challenges in unique geographical, political and social contexts to achieve unprecedented impact. An opportunity to access these leaders and mentorship while supporting each other to leverage our unique skillsets to achieve collaborative impact would be paramount to me. I’m excited to offer the amplify innovators, my network and experiences of advocating for ethical solutions to poverty.
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Charlotte Kwizera Iraguha Resume.pdf

Charlotte Kwizera Iraguha, Co-founder and Chief of Programs (COP) and interim COO

TFU Program Summary & 2017-2018 Buget with Committed & Projected Funding Pipeline.pdf

At TFU we believe that if we are to confront the issue of youth unemployment for the long term, we must start where it begins, in the classroom. And for us teaching is leadership, and as such, nation building begins in the classroom. Our poor and most vulnerable children must taught and mentored by role models who will inspire them to dream beyond their challenges, develop their skills and character to achieve their fullest potential, and become productive citizens in an ever changing world. Customer Experience Mapping final.pdf

This is the customer experience Map that we went through with one of our potential graduate that would benefit from our program. Here Peter Musisi, an engineering graduate finds himself with an opportunity to grow professionally as a leader while impacting the future of hundreds of young people that would otherwise have no role model in their community. This opportunity wouldn't be possible for him without Teach For Uganda's Teaching as Leadership Program.


James Kassaga Arinaitwe- Co-founder and CEO's resume

Empwoering Youth in East Africa. Challenge Concept.pdf

Teach For Uganda's concept that has already garnered us partnership and support fro the U.S Embassy, Kampala under the leadership of US Ambassador to Uganda, Amb. Deborah Malac as well as other partnerships with repute organizations, foundations and individuals who believe in this model as one that will galvanize the resources and partnerships needed to transform Uganda's education system while equipping our youth with the skills they need for 21st century constantly changing economy.


Join the conversation:

Photo of Chelsea Takamine

James Kassaga Årinaitwe We've featured your idea in a new blog post celebrating additional ideas from this Challenge. Thank you for your participation in this Challenge!

Photo of James Kassaga Årinaitwe

Thank you all so much for your support and appreciating the opportunity that TFU will provide to our Ugandan youth. Your enthusiasm and well-wishes for this important and life-changing opportunity is inspiring and encouraging us to work even harder and smarter to ensure our youth and children have a fair shot at achieving their fullest potential.

Photo of Jocelyn

This is a great idea. "Unlock the potential" - What a beautiful concept. I believe that this program's model for change is thorough, and I believe that this organization will be able to do incredible things for Uganda.

Photo of Lauren Siegmund

I'm excited to see what Teach For Uganda creates in the months and years to come. Their vision for the future is unbelievable!

Photo of Rebecca Helmer

Teach For Uganda is inspiring. Working in strong collaboration with the students, teachers, parents, and communities -- their potential seems unlimited!

Photo of Khyrria Tekbali

I am excited to see where TFU succeeds in addressing challenges in education within Uganda. I am impressed at how the TFU team has built its vision for a sustainable solution to education inequity as part of a larger international mission to inform change. With continued dedication to their mission, TFU and the children they seek to serve are bound for success!

Photo of Alex Beard

This is a brilliant initiative led by an inspirational leader. We all know of the power of education, but it can be hard sometimes to understand how best to invest in the improvement of schools. Teach For Uganda's theory of change is so powerful, because it recognizes that it's people, rather than quick fixes, that will make the difference. That's why this work is so exciting. Education is the answer, and Teach For Uganda have it.

Photo of Marica Rizzo

Very exciting to see this work! I am such a strong believer in education, and also in this team. I cannot wait for TFU to take off and create the change in the lives of the students and the fellows they work with. Cheering you on, 110% !!

Photo of Beauclaire Mbanya

Amazing!!!!! I am very excited by the educational revolution Teach For Uganda will bring to Uganda. I am proud of detailed knowledge of the problem in your country and also the solution you want to implement. The best is yet to come. This is an indication there is a revolution going on across all sectors on the African continent and the world at large. Courage!! God Bless.

Photo of Bailey Vaez

Incredible initiative and a fantastic team to bring it to life. I look forward to seeing your idea flourish and hopefully join forces to help out with operations and recruitment at some point. Teach For India has worked very well. Very excited to see your idea get off the ground in Uganda. Best of luck.

Photo of Jon Claude

"Don't you know
They're talkin' 'bout a revolution
It sounds like a whisper
Don't you know
They're talkin' about a revolution
It sounds like a whisper

While they're standing in the welfare lines
Crying at the doorsteps of those armies of salvation
Wasting time in the unemployment lines
Sitting around waiting for a promotion "
Tracy Chapman's words resonate so well with the plight of the underprivileged lower class pupils in Uganda. The only way this cycle of dependence will be broken is through a revolution, a revolution that is spearheaded by a critical mass of youth, mentors, and Teach For Uganda. I can't wait to see this "whisper" turn into a mass movement that will transform radically this country! Let's go TFU!

Photo of Dedo Baranshamaje

Big up James. It is very inspiring seeing and reading your evolving theory of change on transforming the education system in Uganda. I salute that you make no mistakes how complex the challenge is. Applying, highly needed immediate solutions to start a conversation on long term systemic solution - From training education professional, incentivising them, and engaging donors and government to make bold bets to improve the quality of education. Education should not be cheap, the question to ask is not the (low)cost per student, but impact (depth) per student- breadth (scale) can be figured out while you have a solid and realistic model, which depends primarily on willingness and commitment of government and donors to make it possible. I agree with you it trickles down from initial investment on Teachers and infrastructure building.

Photo of Janell Catlin

So amazing to witness James' leadership of Teach For Uganda. It is so important for youth in Uganda to have the opportunity to fulfill their greatest potential, through attaining an excellent education. I'm excited to see what's next for TFU!

Photo of ruthie ndwiga

Exciting to see our very own implement this well thought out platform to make so many children realize their potential and dreams that the education system will not readily do. James' experience while growing up has shaped his thinking and outlook on life and I am proud to see his efforts, commitment and passion bear fruits already. Go team TFU!

Photo of Matthew Gillespie

Great to see James and the team bring this to Uganda - the stats above just show how important quality, enriching education is essential for Uganda's social and economic future. Good luck!

Photo of Suzanne A

I worked closely with James and Charlotte over the last year and applaud how much time they have spent in classrooms and communities talking with the students and parents that TFU will impact. I'm excited to see the change that TFU will bring to the education system in Uganda. Best of luck!

Photo of Isy Faingold

This initiative is definitely going to make a big change in Uganda. Attracting talent to Uganda schools will give more educational opportunities to children and youth in the most disadvantages areas and after that leadership experience in the classrooms, there will be more outstanding professional committed to tackle education inequalities. James, you and your team are inspiring! Keep going!

Photo of Tammy Warren

The TFU team has a vision and the passion to change the lives of so many. The impact of this initiative would not only change the lives of this generation, but also the lives of future generations. Love the holistic approach of educating the youth, providing jobs for young adults who have graduated from college, and mentoring them as they serve as role models.

Photo of Yuliya Tarasava

Hard to think of a better team to bring this idea to life! Education is the base of the growth, personal and economic and it is smart that the team is using the existing framework and adjusting it to the local conditions that they understand better than anyone else. Kudos to every member of TFU for the hard and such important work!

Photo of Leigh Kincaid

So inspired the work of James and the team in their fight for the children of Uganda and the future of their country and the world. The challenges he describes are staggering and complex, but I find such hope in their vision to radically transform the future of education in Uganda by enlisting and supporting committed young leaders to ensure students in the most underserved schools receive a truly excellent education, and in doing so, develop the skills convictions and relationships they need to champion better policies in local communities and the nation in the long-term. Fight on! I’m rooting for you!

Photo of Ed Butcher

I have worked with Daniel from TFU and know just how committed he, James and all the team are to improving the life chances of children in Uganda. I think that their focus on developing leadership could be a catalyst for the much needed change across the Ugandan education system. Please keep doing what you are doing TFU.

Photo of Sonya Soni

TFU is building a much needed movement to revolutionize Uganda's struggling education system. What I love most about TFU is that it is designed for Uganda's young aspiring leaders to be the drivers of this movement, rather than seeking outside interventions that bypass local communities. In addition, TFU uniquely incorporates moral and adaptive leadership, as well as personal character development, into its curriculum, giving each student a holistic learning experience from TFU teachers. The Teach For All movement has been absent in East Africa, and TFU will be the first organization to bring the Teach For All movement to East Africa.

Photo of OpenIDEO

Hi James and Team! Amplify and our experts have some comments and questions for you - we encourage you to think about this feedback as you continue to improve and refine your idea.

-I would like to see this idea come to life. If this isn't happening already in Uganda, then it should be.
-This has clear similarities to the a system in the US, where high flying graduates are encouraged to spend a year teaching in disadvantaged areas and schools. I don't know if something similar already exists in Uganda, but the model seems to be a good one. The trouble is it depends on significant government spending. Presumably here, donors will have to take on costs for the foreseeable future. However, the cost benefit ratio could be good, if the quality of delivery is good - those teachers can affect a lot of children (and other local teachers).
-Why will graduates improve the quality of teaching, and how?
-How much does it cost to send one graduate, taking into account overheads? Will the benefits be so big that government can be persuaded to take it on?

In case you missed it, OpenIDEO and Amplify hosted a Storytelling Office Hour - Storytelling is an incredibly useful tool to articulate an idea and help make it come to life! Don't forget - December 18th is your last day to make changes to your idea on the OpenIDEO platform.

Looking forward to reading more!

Photo of James Kassaga Årinaitwe

Dear Amplify Team,

Thanks for this great feedback. Teach For Uganda (TFU) Fellowship Program is the first of its kind in East and Central Africa and particularly in Uganda. The Teach For All model has been successful in 40 countries including those with similar social-political and geographical challenges with Uganda such as Haiti, Nepal, India, Bangladesh, Peru, and China as well as in OECD countries such as the US, Germany, UK , Australia and New Zealand to name a few. This model had never been attempted anywhere in Africa, until last year Ghanaian entrepreneur Daniel Dotse, a Cornell Alumni and his team broke the glass ceiling by launching it in Ghana partnering leading universities in Ghana such as Kwame Nkrumah University, Ashesi University and University of Ghana and the Ghanaian Education Service. His first cohort of 30 teaching fellow leaders are now impacting 1000s of students in the remote Volta region of Ghana. Teach For Uganda started our baby steps in 2015 by working to register the organization fully in Uganda as a non-profit enterprise by guarantee and have been able to garner authorization from the Ministry Of Education Sports and Enterprise (MoESTs) to pilot the program in two remote and poor regions of Luwero districts namely Kamira and Butuntumula sub-counties. The local government director, not only was he excited for this program but he has since joined our board of directors (see our board above & in program summary) to advise us on regional integration and government partnerships. The two regions have the characteristics that we seek in partnerships with government and the schools.
a) The schools have poor performance on any national standards across the board
b) Annually about 70% ( seven out ten) enrolled children drop out by the time the reach 8th grade ( primary seven)
c) The schools have the highest student to teacher ratio of 70:1.
d) Unexpectedly, we found that this region is also one of the refugee resettlement zone because of its large geographical size, the government has chosen this region to resettle refugees from South Sudan, Burundi, Democratic Republic of Congo and Somalia. Students in this region are a mixture of Ugandans as well as other East African ethnic groups. Hence our impact, when this program succeeds, our impact will have created a strong foundation of quality education, mentorship and leadership across East Africa.

Photo of Mpindi Abaas

Great initiative for our Ugandan education system

Photo of Ayla Schlosser

Hi James,

I'd love to learn more about the coaching techniques and leadership methodology you're using. We are doing leadership training in Rwanda and it's always good to hear how others are working!


Photo of James Kassaga Årinaitwe

Hi Ayla Schlosser  Thanks for reaching out.  We have In house moral and adaptive leadership training adopted from and + Acumen courses as well as the Aspen Institute leadership training  where I have been a Fellow, but all are contextualized to Uganda's context.  Our teacher training pedagogy piece  is informed by tutors that we contract from National Teaching Training Colleges.  For more info please reach out at and happy to share insights or we can also Skype. Cheers. 

Photo of Beatrice Nas

Very inspiring organization and project idea, James!
Our University students are currently doing peer mentoring program; paired with our secondary school sponsored students. Will recommend your program for them. I find it very inspiring, not only to the university students but also to the the schools, children and parents they reach out to.  Good luck!

Photo of James Kassaga Årinaitwe

Thank you so much @Beatrice Achieng Nas. Please let us connect and learn about each other's work and ways we could collaborate.  @TeachForUganda we believe in partnerships as a major tool in accelerating collective impact and action and able to reach more with less resources.  Yes our program has 3 major components 1) Focused on moral and adaptive leadership development for our university graduates 2) Transformational teaching/mentorship and improving learning outcomes of underserved children in rural schools and urban poor schools. 3) Ubuntu - community project (UCP) where in their last year come up with a project that addresses the challenges of social inequity in the community that hinders children, parents and or guardians from ensuring a quality education for their children. Please reach out to me directly either  @Kassaga4UG or @Teach4UG or e-mail for collaboration.

Photo of John V. Kimario

Hi! James, I am inspired by this level of masterpiece, particularly as it addresses the education sector.  It is an effort worth emulating . I cherish this initiative and look forward to learn more and buy in it for the benefit of the "most undeserved schools" and unleash potentials of graduate teachers. Thank You for sharing this. Thank You IDEO for highlighting this masterpiece for us to pay closer attention to it. I wish to team up .john

Photo of James Kassaga Årinaitwe

Thanks so much for your kind and positive comment @JohnV.Kimario. Our hope is to inspire this type of initiative across our East, Central and Southern African borders.  We believe that with our success our model can be replicated in other African contexts.  Africa is the fastest growing and youngest continent in the world. With the speed at which we are growing and our demographic dividend outpacing government interventions, our youth are an asset that could usher in the next economic revolution. But before they do, they must first fully understand the challenges that face our rural /urban communities as well as the puzzles of historical, social and political inequity that hinder our communities' progress.  our two year fellowship ensures that our fellows walk away with skills and mindsets to address these challenges long term.  Please follow us on twitter @Teach4UG and email us at for sharing more. 

Photo of YOTRAC

I am very much in love with this idea. Beyond collaboration on this platform, I wish that my initiative in the refugee settlement in Hoima can partner with TFU. This is a wonderful presentation James.

Photo of James Kassaga Årinaitwe

Thanks @Yotrac. We are thrilled to have your support.  Please share your great innovations with us and consider being a champion of @TeachForUganda in your country, and we welcome you to consider a role of mentorship and coaching to our teaching fellows.  We hope that by learning from leaders from across the globe and through mentorship we can cultivate moral leadership and global citizenship which are emotional intelligent skills to enable our graduate youth to thrive in a constantly changing economy, while developing as empathetic leaders through serving in their local communities to empower the next generation. 

Photo of holly

This is a much-needed initiative that can solve two pressing problems in Uganda: 1) the high rate of unemployed college graduates and 2) the lack of qualified primary and secondary teachers. It's going to make a huge difference in so many lives and in the country. And I know of no team that is better qualified to lead this effort.

Photo of James Kassaga Årinaitwe

Thank you so much @Holly that's exactly what our program is about. We also hope to connect and partner our teaching fellows with mentors across the globe to inspire moral leadership and global citizenship. We welcome you to consider being a mentor and a coach to our Fellows to inspire them to dream beyond the confines of their communities and aspire for greatness. 

Photo of Andrew Stettner

I worked with on a project in NY. James has the creative brilliance needed to make the most out of IDEO. And together IDEO and James can change the world! 

Photo of James Kassaga Årinaitwe

Thank you  @Andy Stettner we look forward to working with mentors and coaches from across the globe to inspire global citizenship in youth.  That way they will be both effective as teacher leaders as well as effective and moral leaders in our private and public sector institutions post the two-year fellowship experience. We welcome you to consider the role of mentorship and friendship with our youth after we launch our program. Please keep sharing your ideas and innovations with us. 

Photo of OpenIDEO

Hi James, thanks for the post! Any chance you could find an image to go along with it? Images help grab attention and tell a story. You should be able to use the Edit Contribution button on the top of your post and follow the instructions to add images from there. Looking forward to seeing more of your inspiring insights on OpenIDEO.

Photo of OpenIDEO

Hi Teach For Uganda Team, great to have you onboard! We notice your post is currently unpublished. Was this your intention? Publishing your post early is a great way to get feedback and develop your idea before the deadline. If you decide you'd like your idea to be visible and considered for the next phase of our Challenge, you can publish it by hitting the Publish Entry up there at the top of your post. Or update it first by hitting the Edit Contribution button. Looking forward to seeing more of you in conversations across this challenge.