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Agribusiness Incubation Center

Turning Rwandan youth into successful agribusiness entrepreneurs.

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“The Agribusiness Incubation center” will support Startups, SMEs, young women, men and youth to off-take new ideas, innovations and technologies from research to commercialization. It will also support technology development and transfer as part of the drive to mechanization.


Our beneficiaries are youth agribusiness entrepreneurs , graduates , SMEs and start-ups.


Rural Development Initiative (RDI) is a Rwandan youth led nonprofit aim to turn youth into successful agribusiness entrepreneurs, support them to access financing, assist them acquire new technologies and innovations and enable them to seek accountability and influence policies .


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RDI proposes a new “Agribusiness Incubation Center ” which is dedicated to enhance knowledge management, information, best practices and lessons learnt in agribusiness, to facilitate and coordinate innovative business models for agribusiness financing and investment and enhance access to market for youth farmers, graduates and other SMEs and start-ups .The mission of the Agribusiness Incubation Center is to turn youth into successful agribusiness entrepreneurs, support them to access financing, assist them acquire new technologies and innovations. We will be a think-tank for youth agro-entrepreneurs to make sure that young people have all the tools they needs to become successful agribusiness entrepreneurs.The “AGRIBUSINESS INCUBATION CENTER ”, is motivated by the tremendous Agribusiness opportunities in Rwanda that accompanied by of interest of government and investors to support operations, management, and profitability of agribusiness industry. The Agribusiness incubation Center will be an experimentation ground to support RDI’s mission creating job opportunities for the Rwandan youth through interventions that uses creative tools to transform education, capacitate mentors and build the capacity of incubation systems in Agribusiness across Rwanda.

We envision the agribusiness Incubation Center will be structured to accommodate as much flexibility in delivery and training through a three pronged approach: Business incubation and Enterprise Development, market development and linkages &Agribusiness Education

The Incubation center will be a platform to try out new things in this field such as:

  1. Agribusiness incubation training
  2. Handholding and mentoring of new and existing agribusiness entrepreneurs 
  3. Networking opportunities for agribusiness incubators in Rwanda
  4. Incubator to incubator cross learning initiatives in Rwanda and beyond
  5. National platforms for sharing knowledge and information in the agribusiness sector
  6. Business development services for youth farmers, graduates and other SMEs and start-ups

These are just few examples to guide the underlining philosophy of RDI’s Agribusiness Incubation Center to supporting Rwandan and East African Youth to create solutions that are homegrown and hence create agribusiness jobs.Last year during our youth in agribusiness festival periods, more than 2500 youth from across Rwanda are provided with agribusiness training & information, National platforms for sharing knowledge and information in the agribusiness sector was created and Business development services for youth farmers, graduates and other SMEs and start-ups .

RDI has three full-time staff, all Rwandans and three volunteers and partners organizations such as University of Rwanda /College of Agriculture, AGRIPROFOCUS Rwanda and VSO Rwanda to promote youth agribusiness entrepreneurship and enterprises development. We believe that we can turn Rwandan youth into successful agribusiness entrepreneurs, we pull in colleagues from various partner organizations to make our vision come to life – so we are well suited to help the do even more for the young people we serve.

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Hi Aime and Team! Amplify and our experts have some comments and questions for you - we encourage you to think about this feedback as you continue to improve and refine your idea.

-"The Agribusiness Incubation center' offers something different than traditional demonstration farms and extension services. Indeed, it is a bold idea to teach agribusiness and innovation skills outside of university programs in East Africa.
-Designed with users in mind. I believe this idea builds on the foundation of demonstration farms, vocational/alternative education programs, and tech incubators.
-Where will it be located? If in Kigali, its location could be a barrier to rural youth seeking agriculture business training. If there were multiple rural Incubation centers or a fully online platform, that would be interesting. However, each would bring significant start-up challenges related to cost, accessibility, and program implementation.
-It'd be great to have a sense of RDI's organization and the business model.
-This seems like an important idea but it would be great if you could provide more information about how you plan to attract, train, and fund the training programme. What specifically will the young people be learning, and how will this relate to agricultural businesses in Rwanda? How will the training specifically attract and be made relevant for young people? All exciting things to consider.

In case you missed it, OpenIDEO and Amplify hosted a Storytelling Office Hour - Storytelling is an incredibly useful tool to articulate an idea and help make it come to life! Don't forget - December 18th is your last day to make changes to your idea on the OpenIDEO platform.

Looking forward to reading more!

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Thank you Christophe for your interest in our idea , we will explore the grant and get back to you soon .