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The Students Radio & TV Station (SRTS) is an incubator ground for grooming young journalists, story tellers and leaders.

Photo of Mpindi Abaas

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The Students Radio & TV Station (SRTS) is an incubator ground for grooming young journalists, story tellers and leaders by equipping them with practical market skills to help them make their first step into the market. This idea aims to address the problem of lack of employable skills among young journalists who fail to penetrate the market and earn a living hence the media market becomes populated with people who have not studied the journalism principles which results into ‘bad journalism.’

Over 40,000 young people graduate from Universities in Uganda every year. According to a 2014 World Bank study, 70% of over these 40,000 fresh graduates in Uganda are unable to secure a job because they are unemployable. Another 2014 survey by the Inter-University Council for East Africa states that 63% of youth in Uganda lack employable skills. The problem is not much in lack of employment opportunities but rather having a huge percentage of your employable population lacking the required employable skills for the market.

How the idea works?

Our idea is to start a community radio and TV station which will be student driven and student run. With a radio and TV studio on air we will be able to train, offer internship, employ students as they start but at the same time prepare them for the job market. The station will function like a normal commercial radio/tv station but will provide priority to student talent development from all universities interested in pursuing media as a profession even if such students do not study journalism. This will attract talent at all levels from production, writing, presenting to general management. It will also help to nurture writers for TV through an incubator writing program. This is how the radio and tv station will work;

Learning and working: Students will have a chance to be engaged in a process of learning by doing where they will work on real content that will go on air.

Internship for students: We shall offer internship and apprenticeship opportunities to students in a fast paced professional environment

Employment opportunities for students: The station will also act as a first step for talented individuals by employing them before they join the mainstream job market

Talent Development: The station will identify and develop the students by giving them a chance to fail as they horn their skills before joining the industry where they can’t make a mistake. We will in turn become a recruitment firm for media houses who need talented individuals.

Image title

This video gives you tour of our facility at the academy, however we want to turn this academy into a centre of media excellence where we ca train, offer internship and employment opportunities to the best students. Imagine what it could mean for young people to train live on air, engage and learn in a real media professional setting, be listened and watched by other media houses who would likely scout them and give them a job. 

What did we learn in the process?

Working on this proposal has helped us understand each other as a team but also it helped to get us out of our comfort zones. We have been working with young people for 4 years but the idea of a student radio and tv station is more exciting and has brought the whole team to life

The whole team is now immersed in learning more about human-centred-design and this has helped us realise the importance of personalizing our programs. We have managed to build a strategic plan setting a foundation for the project and with this blue print in place and hence now it is a matter of when and not if. This is the biggest accomplishment and achievement we have had so far. 

Also as an accomplishment, we have managed to get feedback from our end users who believe this idea is a game changer. The interaction and engagement of our end users was very informative and has helped us rethink our programs. 

We have learnt that for any project to be successful, there has to be absolute ownership from the end users and it is empowering for us to know what they want and to engage them.  Based on the feedback we have learnt that the need or challenge is there and our idea is needed to address the challenge.

What is next?

We realise that to start a station will require a lot of resources so our plan is to launch an online media platform that we can use to publish the work of the students and profiling them. The website will be called “Things That Work.Com” with a major focus on sharing success stories of solutions, ideas and things that are working in communities and using a solutions journalism approach promoting ways on how such ways can be replicated in other areas. In the next 6 months we will be able to launch this website and train young people on how to identify and cover solutions journalism stories but also cover things that work in their communities.

Activate the community

For us to kick off this project we need access to funding to acquire equipment for both tv and radio, acquire a license and start-up capital

We would like access to mentorship from people who have worked in the media sector and how we can use such a platform to transform other people’s lives

What skills do we need?

As a young start up we need to learn more about project management, drawing strategy, business development, marketing and leadership. We also need to be empowered more in visual story telling and brainstorming  

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Photo of sam Mlambo

Hello Mpindi,
Thank you for your story and efforts towards training young people in Uganda .
When I was searching the OpenIDEO web page, and I happened to read through the challenge page, my eyes caught up with this impact phase, and having read through most of them have promising results for the youth in East Africa.
In my opinion, I have some few concerns while reading your project.
In Uganda there is high restrictions against press freedom, and some media houses find themselves closed, same to local radio stations, believed to be supporters of the opposition, and others.
From statistics, Uganda produces over 400,000 graduates from higher education yearly ,and only about 5% get jobs. In view of the above, : How confidence are you ,given that the government is not on your side, that your products will have some future,when even radio stations are very few? How do you see yourself in 5 years time, including your beneficiaries, in the trend you have stated?

Mlambo Sam

Photo of Mpindi Abaas

Thank you @Mlambo Sam for this very insightful comment. These are not just your concerns; they are our concerns too. We appreciate this feedback and it helps us to think through on some of these issues and others that act as barrier to our work as storytellers. It's true that there is media restriction in Uganda but it is also very true that Uganda scores high in the region on the issue of media privatisation and media freedom. While media in some countries is only state owned, any investor can establish a media company in Uganda. The environment may not be friendly for journalists in the country; however, it is not different from any other country in the region. Journalists continue to operate on even very sensitive issues that are reported daily in the papers, online, radio and TV. However, this is not to say that we do not experience abuse of press rights.

Does that mean we stop empowering journalists? In my honest opinion our work must continue. This is because we need journalists that are empowered to not only report about the wrong in the country but also tell the good stories of the country.
It is true Uganda produces 400,000 graduates every year and this is a representative of all the courses. Journalism is one of those many courses. The reasons why people don’t get employed is not because there is entirely no opportunities for them. We believe that lack of employable skills contributes highly to graduate unemployment and we believe that if you are good enough with the required market skills, there is always a place for you in the industry. In addition, Sam we may be over optimistic here but we believe the unemployment gap can be bridged when we HAVE graduates who possess the required skills but can also kick start their employment opportunities, just like we are doing here.
Currently it is reported that we have over or around 200 fm stations in the country and around 20 TV stations. These and other media platforms face restrictions like any other media environment but they continue to provide employment opportunities for our growing youth who are enthusiastic about telling our stories. Given that our media landscape has freedom for investors to start new business, we know that the media industry is one of the profitable areas that people want to invest in.

However, such opportunities must find a prepared human resource in place that can take advantage of this space. This is why we exist to prepare our young people to not only work in the media industry but also to work in any other field. We are also aware of young media entrepreneurs who are starting platforms online taking advantage of the growing internet in the country. The next generation of journalists and storyteller as you also know will take advantage of online platforms if they cannot get media space in the traditional media.
It is not true that Government is not on our side. The government understands the fundamental role of journalists and despite the press rights abuse in the country, government continues to work hand in hand with media houses. We actually work with the Government under the Ministry of Information in our projects because the government understands the value of grooming the next generation of journalists. I am confident that we will continue working with the government.
Sam you also ask a very pertinent question. You want to know where we see ourselves in 5 years, including our beneficiaries given the trend you stated. We deal with the present and we work on the now as a team. I wish I could say I DON’T KNOW because as you know trends change and you never know what plans every one of our beneficiaries has. In reality I don’t know what will happen, but I will share with you our dream.
When we started in 2012, we did not know we could make it to 2016 and that we could have over 3000 young people who will have gone through our projects. We would never have predicted that we would have over 50 young people who work on radio, TV and print papers just because of our work. We never predicted we would finally have an academy where we have now trained 70 journalism students since June. Now given our progress, our dream is to create a movement of young journalists in country and region who believe in solutions and knowledge-based journalism; a generation of storytellers who will tell the real Uganda, East African or African story with a local context and narrative.
Are we sure of employment opportunities for our products? YES! Our project is need based and we have studied what is missing in the media industry. From our research, it is not the lack of opportunities. It is the lack of employable skills required by the media industry that is a big cause of unemployment. This is why we are applying for Students and Radio Station so that we can employ, train and students can LEARN AND EARN. Again Sam, thank you so much for these concerns. These are also our concerns TOO and we continue to work on these issues.

Photo of sam Mlambo

Dear Mpindi,
I thank you for your response to my concerns.

I did not mean that you were wrong in your ideas, but the situation in
African and other developing countries today is not favourable for some sensitive jobs, and even there are restrictions on opening new FM Radio stations and News Papers, etc, etc.
Well I talked to some parents and young people, about taking up journalism as a career, no parents liked paying a child for this, and only about 2% of young ones, either liked or undecided!

in addition, as an African, as far as I know, Uganda has turned to be hostile these days and not allowing a free space for media. Please do not say the country scores high, you may even know a lot of stories on sensitive issues, like recently, the other king’s palace in the west, and others, where communication equipment, like cameras, phones and others snatched or confiscated, and raids in Monitor offices, and the like.

So, they are not your problem but I was THINKING that IT WERE BETTER TO THINK OF training JOB CREATORS AND NOT JOB SEEKERS any more, SINCE EVEN what used to be A SURE WAY TO GO ARE NO LONGER EARNING EMPLOYMENT for the youth at all.

Thank you again, and good luck!

Sam Mlambo

Photo of Joel Ssenyonyi

You folks at the Media Challenge are filling the glaring lacuna in today's journalism, which in my view is training. Even better,you're reaching out to the young & upcoming journalists, which ensures a bright future for this noble profession. Keep up the commendable work

Photo of Mpindi Abaas

Dear @Joel Ssenyonyi,Thank you so much for the support. As a media personality we look up to you and we always believe that you are of the best mentors of our industry. We are soon rolling out our media mentorship program and we will be contacting you for a conversation to interest you in this program.

Photo of Karolina Skupień

Cool idea! Great job with the videos, easy and pleasant to watch! Keep up the good work.

Photo of Mpindi Abaas

Thank you so much @Karolina Skupien for this comment on our work.

Photo of Isabella Acomai


Seems like a journey towards redefining journalism as a profession in Uganda!

Photo of Mpindi Abaas

Isabella Acomai thanks for the support in thsi challenge.


Wooow guys i will keep praying for your dream to come true so we can see media in uganda reach the maximum.

Photo of Mpindi Abaas

Thanks for the support Edith. You and other ofour trainees will benefit from the academy.

Photo of Mercy Apachi

I think this is a really great idea if implemented judging from the success of the media challenge academy/initiative..I personally have benefitted from it..the brilliant minds of Mpindi Abass and his team to fill the void between mass communication students and reality after school is a great platform for exposure of talents as well us training and enhancing knowledge to make better journalists for tomorrow. If the television production idea was and is still a success,I see this idea having equal values when implemented.Uganda needs such rich ideas judging from how hard it is strive on a personal level after school. The hectic endless disillusioning sometimes helpless almost hopeless job hunting that has forced many to have a change of heart in careers needs brilliant ideas like this.thankyou

Photo of Mpindi Abaas

Mercy Apachi we are super glad that you are one of the beneficiaries of our work. Thank you for appreciating and we are grateful. We believe in your potential and for we can only push you to the heights.

Photo of Nancy Wagi

Abaas and Team Receive The Kenya Sign Language Club  Deaf Inclusion Recognition!See the link below!

Chelsea @IDEO London

Photo of Mpindi Abaas

@Nancy Wagi, @Penina Weturi and the @Kenyan Sign Language Club, how can we thank you. No word can explain how inspiring you guys are to us and this whole challenge. Like I said our highest moment and biggest impact is our learning from you, getting feedback from you, and this award is the most inspiring gesture I have ever received and I am sure my team would say the same. Penina, thank you for taking time to bestow this award on us. With so much humility and honor, we accept the Deaf Inclusion Champion Award from KSL Club and for us it is not just an an award, it is celebrating the change that we all want to see in this world. We celebrate you for showing us away and a new perspective.Thank you and thank you so much!

Photo of Nancy Wagi

@The Kenya Sign Language Club  Award is coming today!

Photo of Hope Mary  Kihembo

Special thanks to Abaas and his team for the mind-blowing innovation. I have been part of the media challenge initiative also had an opportunity to participate which I don't regret. It is heart warming to see youth driven by talent and passion being given the platform to express themselves. I must say this is just the beginning especially for us the youth who are seeking positive change towards the media in our society... Kudos Abaas and the MCI team

Photo of Mpindi Abaas

Hope Mary Kihembo thanks for insight here. We are glad that one of our beneficiaries of our programs supports this idea.

Photo of Mpindi Abaas

Hope Mary Kihembo thanks for insight here. We are glad that one of our beneficiaries of our programs supports this idea.

Photo of Benjamin Rukwengye

As a graduate of journalism school and now, media trainer and researcher, I couldn't think of a more worthy venture than a students radio. Every year, up to 1000 students graduate from journalism schools in Uganda without any practical knowledge on how to find, package and disseminate stories.
That affects how stories are told and consequently, media professionalism and excellence suffers.
A student's radio would go a long way in changing this unfortunate trend by aptly preparing journalists especially in a country where radio is the main means of mass communication.

Photo of Mpindi Abaas

Thanks Benjamin Rukwengye for support. You understand the industry and system and you know what it means to have this project on ground running. Thanks

Photo of Aggrey Nyondwa

Wow! I wish I was on video 'cause I have quite a lot to say!!

I believe if this comes through the country would have benefited a lot especially the young journalists! The media challenge initiative has already started redefining the media industry but producing a new breed of well trained and young enthusiastic journalist and I highly believe that with such a facility in place with a fully fledged Radio station, the impact would double!

I have been at this place and have seen how amazing it is and how promising! Just get that Radio and the industry will never be the same again

Photo of Mpindi Abaas

Aggrey Nyondwa thanks for the amazing comment. We wish you were in this video too because we believe as one of our ambassadors you definitely have alot to say about this project. We believe we are heading to the right directions. Fingers crossed on the radio. Regards! Keep being the leader you are!

Photo of Mohamed Shuraih

Excellent idea!

Photo of Mpindi Abaas

@Muhammed Shuraih Thank you so much! THIS MEANS ALOT. We are grateful.

Photo of Benz Kateregga

Thank You Abaas, indeed this is such a great opportunity for all young journalists to practice and learn the real essentials that entail the works of Journalism.
Many young people reach in the field and they actually don't have the practical touch of how things work, they are filled with only theoritical and yet this does not actually work in many newsrooms. I highly applaud the brains behind this set up cause it will surely help many people.

Photo of Mpindi Abaas

Benz Kateregga thanks for the support and just like all the others your comment resonates with what the say about our idea in terms of addressing issues of unemployment and lack of skills.

Photo of Sharon A

Great idea Abaas,this will be a platform for students to build capacity and acquire mentorship in the  media sector. It will also provide a forum where students obtain hands on practical skills in the journalism arena. Students will also have the opportunity to incubate journalism innovations and collectively propose solutions to challenges in the sector. Once implemented successfully the initiative can be exemplary in the region and beyond. I am very excited .

Photo of Mpindi Abaas

@Sharon A thanks for stating these facts. As someone who has been at the academy as a trainee, you know what this would mean for our trainees. Hoping for the best. Thanks for the support.

Photo of Mwesigye Walter

Brilliant Idea here. It made me and am sure It will make many more journos like I. Keep up the great work.

Photo of Mpindi Abaas

Thanks Mwesigye Walter for coming her to support. You are one of our testaments that our model works. We wake up to watch you on TV and know that you are one of our ambassadors out there and now you are growing into a mentor. Thanks for the support.

Photo of Nilusha Jayasinghe

Abaas, I knew that this sounded like a brilliant organization from the time you talked about it during our first conversation. The passion you spoke with about this idea was clear, and I'm so excited now to see your innovations here. Way to go, and this is a cause that I can get behind. I will support however possible!

Photo of Mpindi Abaas

Nilusha Jayasinghe thanks for the support.

Photo of GIRAMAHORO Armand

Abass, this is so WONDERFUL. This is the fruit of many efforts you have invested for the last five years. I was there to see how this excellent idea grow on a routine basis. I beleive that this program will continue to change the lives of many youth in Uganda and my hope is that this program replicates in the other Countries of the East Africa Region. Keep it up!!

Photo of Mpindi Abaas

Thanks GIRAMAHORO Armand our wish is that we can practically replicate this idea or it can be replicated in other countries.

Photo of B'nardo Nyondo

Every man is a maker of his own fortune, But Abaas and your team, you have committed yourselves to making a fortune for the next generation of journalists.
With your passion and talent, we are very optimistic about the whole project.........
At African Dreamz Uganda, we pledge our support in any way possible.. We would literally sign a life sponsorship agreement just to see this project succeed

Just remember
There is no limit to what you can do if you do not care who gets the credit

Photo of Mpindi Abaas

Thank you so much B'nardo Nyondo for all the support. You are one of the few people that have supported us from day one when it even meant risking your job just to see our dreams come true. Just like you pledge lifetime support, we do pledge back support and whatever it takes to always support your mission that has always I must say included supporting youth projects at African Dreamz Uganda.

Photo of James Kassaga Årinaitwe

Abaas and his team are some of the generation of Ugandans who are no longer going to let barriers define their future. They are tapping into their resource mobilization genius as young, passionate and solution-driven leaders to create the next generation of journalists in Uganda. And they are not stopping at that, they are working to create a radio, a tv station never heard of in Uganda for students to practice, engage with all kinds of media at really really low cost so they leave their universities with toolkits in their pockets to become incredible journalists, writers, film producers and artists and some join PR firms as confident leaders. Uganda needs more leaders like Abaas and his team. We at Teach For Uganda do collaborate with Abaas and we hope that soon after our communication fellows have a year to finish our program, Abaas and his team will be the mentors of our fellows who are looking to join careers in journalism, media, PR and media and film production. I recommend Abaas and his team highly for Amplify challenge and I know he will put every resource to multiply beyond and reach more students across the country.

Photo of Mpindi Abaas

Oooh James! You are such a blessing! At the end I am going to get all these comments and post them on our Hall of Inspiration at our office. James I can't say enough about the progress that Teaching As Leadership Development for 21st Century Skills project will do our education sector. We are open for collaboration and will be humbled to contribute to the mission of Teach For Uganda. Thank you James Kassaga Årinaitwe for this recommendation.

Photo of Mary Ajwang

Way to go Abaas and the Media Challenge Team! I believe this is a first of its kind in Uganda and will go a long way in impacting the face of journalism in Uganda.

Photo of Mpindi Abaas

Thanks @Mary Ajwang for the note

Photo of Prize

This is what happens when passion meets action!! There is a lot of great talent in the youth out there sitting in little pods, waiting for an opportunity like this to help them bloom and flourish. @MpindiAbaas, your dream will change and impact the lives of many! The young generation really needs this; journalist or not.
Way to go!!

Photo of Mpindi Abaas

Thanks Prize for making this commendable statement. We cant agree much!

Photo of tracy kob

Glad to see young journalists not only taking the stage in Uganda, but creating a platform to groom and train others. For a very long time we have sang songs about corruption in media houses, reporters not doing their due diligence and young reporters having no jobs. Now they get to not only be trained but have a safe space to support, share and grow together. Truly inspiring Abaas and Team!

Photo of Mpindi Abaas

Thanks @tracy kob for the support. Our dream is a space that can surely be used for diverse things.

Photo of Vanessa Atim

This is such a fantastic initiative Abass and team, I am positive that Students radio and TV station by Media Challenges will fully prepare and groom students and graduates alike so that they are ready to enter the journalism industry and thrive. Practise makes perfect, and this is a great place to start. Great idea! Game changing to say the least.

Photo of Mpindi Abaas

Thanks @Vanessa Atim for the support and time to comment!

Photo of Precious Kerunga

This is a game changer, a dream come true for many journalists out there and those who aspire to be. I personally think that this will go a long way to compliment the education system and produce excellent journalists. Good job @MpindiAbaas and team

Photo of Mpindi Abaas

Thanks @Precious Karunga for the support.

Photo of Ange Atwine Amate

Finally a place where the youth can be able to start and practice journalism ��������
Love the idea.. God bless you

Photo of Mpindi Abaas

Ange Atwine Amate thank you so much for support. Our role is to make sure we create systems that can enable young people like ourselves to excel. We believe that no one should go through the experience of lack that we went through.

Photo of Aristotle Aristophocles

"To media students this is so excellent because it will reduce over dependency on the already established media houses for both internship and jobs thus this idea is so brilliant in the way that Media challenge Tv or Radio will be housing a number of interns that will have been left out and thats so elegant and am behind u on this one.....#mpagira_gge_ boss.

Photo of Mpindi Abaas

Thanks Aristotle Aristophocles for the thumbs up. We need that energy. You are one of the bright ambassadors out of our Academy and the radio industry will not get enough of you.

Photo of Martin Kanjadza

The only way Africa will change is by equipping the youth with all the necessary skills, that way when time is ripe for them, they will become good leaders and captains in various industries, groomed for success. What a better to start with those in the media. The importance of good journalism can not be over emphasized in Africa. Well done Comrade!

Photo of Mpindi Abaas

Thanks @Martin Kanjadza for the support and time here to comment.

Photo of Marvin

Fantastic work! Keep up the great innovation @Abaas and the MCA team!! This is an outstanding idea that can be a game changer for both journalism and youth livelihood in Uganda.

Photo of Mpindi Abaas

Thank you @Marvin.

Photo of kahuli

This is so exciting and i love it that it is a platform for the youth to raise issues that develop the country and I hope it all goes all.wish you luck and success in your is a go ahead.

Photo of Mpindi Abaas

Thank you @Kahuli for the support

Photo of Micah Musabe

This is such a brilliant yet practical approach to creating a platform for the youth who seek to develop and excel in their careers. I do not look at it merely as a Journalism opportunity but both as an inspiration for other young minds to emulate the entrepreneur wave but also a platform for other supplementary professions. Congratulations and best of luck!!

Photo of Mpindi Abaas

Thanks Micah. We look at ourselves and our idea as a mirror for other young people to realise their potential. It is basically the idea that we need to create our own mentors in our communities.

Photo of Nankinga Lydia

Its a great opportunity for all aspiring journalists and i can attest to that, that the future is very bright for anyone who passes through their hands.
its been aah moment for me. keep inspiring Ugandans.

Photo of Mpindi Abaas

Thanks Lydia for that comment. As one of our trainees this project will be instrumental to empowering you and others.

Photo of Ruyonga Hans

Wow this is brilliant. Africa needs such innovative minds. Good work!

Photo of Mpindi Abaas

Thanks Ruyonga Hans 

Photo of Rebecca Mulungi

This is what journalism needs. This is the future. At last, there is a platform for journalists and media enthusiasts to train, learn and teach. Great work and kudos for this achievement team #MCI

Photo of Mpindi Abaas

Thanks Rebecca Mulungi for supporting us!

Photo of Ivan Kimuli Kigozi

As we usher in to 2017 my first year resolution is to meet the team behind such a wise and brilliant idea , I wish every country all over the world to get inspired by the idea so that Journalism students get a chance to get hands on training.

Photo of Mpindi Abaas

Thanks Ivan Kimuli Kigozi for the support. This idea can be replicated in other places and areas.

Photo of Mugabi William

Abaas & Team , this is a great and brilliant idea. Sign languages & subtitles way to go. Kudos MCA team

Photo of Mpindi Abaas

Thanks Mugabi William for supporting us. We are an inclusive media that caters for diversity.

Photo of Katelyn

A couple months ago I had the opportunity to attend the Inter Institutional Media Challenge as well as the Media Challenge Awards. I was blown away by the entire production and dedication of every face behind the Media Challenge Initiative. It was incredible to see so many young people, driven by a common passion for media, come together to create and inspire the next generation. The future of Uganda is bright! Keep up the great work, MCI!

Photo of Mpindi Abaas

Thanks @Katelyn for commenting. We are glad you came to the events and humbled tht you relate our work to this project.

Photo of Joel Kwizera

For the last three years I have closely been part of the media challenge, I can say confidently that I don't want to imagine my journalism life without it. Each and every year, more students get involved and the experience gets better. The struggle has been real but the fruits have been vivid as well. Practicing how to anchor in classes if not out in the open, to using very little and poor quality gear to booking studios for anchoring and of course given very little time that it showed in the result. Abas and his team however kept this so positive. Encouraging all participants to see the future. The hope and hard work they put to developing a professional media is totally heartfelt by those that have had a chance to participate. The idea of having the radio and television if successful would put the whole media challenge initiative to a whole new level. Not only to create jobs but to ease practice, to provide a real journalism opportunity for the students that is more realistic than what we could ever get. I wish Abas and his team the best as they work towards this great step. I will always be there for the media challenge initiative because I know what the goals and objectives are. I thank you for your persistent hard work and dedication to this project. Being an award wining anchor I completely value the impact you have made in my life. Of course beyond that is always the lessons I have had overtime. I feel more ready than ever to get to the field. God bless you in this year that you keep inspiring journalists to put out ethical and quality work.

Photo of Mpindi Abaas

Wow! Joel Kwizera !! We cant say much but God bless your 2017 and career. We know your potential and we believe you are destined for great heights in our industry. Keep eyes on the big picture!

Photo of Joel Kwizera

Thank you for always believing in me. You and the whole media challenge.

Photo of Isaac Gulemye

From the very first time I walked into the MCA, the zeal and passion were clearly evident. I happened to have been at the academy moments after one of the big name media personalities had stepped out. The excitement and smiles on the faces of young women and men I met were immense. The brains behind this initiative aren't afraid of taking the risk. So many people would definitely be afraid of taking such a bold step, making such a massive investment, the first of its kind that I know. Giving youths the opportunity to acquire or improve skills is the most sustainable way to foster personal and national development.  Kudos MCA team, I will be back very soon

Photo of Mpindi Abaas

Thank you @Isaac Gulemye. We are happy to host you all the time. We will actually be our big star and share your experience with our young people.

Photo of Bahige Annlizy

This is very helpful to us the youth.thnx 4 the thought

Photo of Mpindi Abaas

Thank you Annlizy for the comment.

Photo of Jude Omondi

Abbas and team, I am really impressed with the idea behind MCI; especially that it's being driven by a young and dedicated team. The diversity of skills and targeted participants will definitely address some of the challenges that media industry in Uganda faces today. Looking forward to seeing more. Keep it rolling !

Photo of Mpindi Abaas

ThanK you so much @Jude Omondi for the support

Photo of Patricia Akot

This idea is brilliant! I love the dynamism that the Team brings to the unemployment challenge of Uganda today! Way to go guys, Abaas this is inspiring!

Photo of Mpindi Abaas

Thank you @Patricia Akot

Photo of Kasule Ronald

It is interesting to see how the students Radio and TV station will reduce on the unemployment rate in Uganda. Currently Uganda has the most young population the world with over 70% of the population below 35 years. The skills you give to these young people are a step forward in creating the future of empowered young leaders we all crave for. Abas and team, you deserve this. All the best.

Photo of Mpindi Abaas

Hi @Ronald Kasule you specific attention to youth unemployment in the country is part of our driving force. We believe that there are always opportunities for skilled young people with good attitude. From our experience we are yet to see a skilled young person struggle to get a job because there is always someone interested to find them anow opportunity. This is why our idea targets to give a whole experience targeting the mind, body and soul.

Photo of Brittany Mganga

Love this! We need more storytellers. Awesome work Abaas & team!!

Photo of Mpindi Abaas

Thanks @Brittany Mganga for the support. We are super grateful and thankful!

Photo of Wanjiku Thuo

It's very interesting for you to heed to subtitles Abbas.
We need inclusion in very small way! It has to start somewhere.

Photo of Mpindi Abaas

Thanks @Wanjiku Thuo. It is imperative that we respond to good advise and guidance that make our programs better especially since we are still at design level.

Photo of Babra Kambedha

Years after Years of wishing for Such a realistic miracle to happen media Trainning and boooom; Abbas did it! Media Challenge Academy is here!!. I am personally looking forward to set off with the MCA this year, MCA is practical and this is vital to the next generation of journalists (mostly the youth) which will definately help them in making Media History. This opportunity will give everyone involved a big chance to explore experimental learning. I can't wait! Well done Abbas!

Photo of Mpindi Abaas

Babra Kambedha thank you. The team is ready to kick start your career and with your passion, we.are definitely going to do good for you, for us and for the community. Thanks

Photo of Nancy Wagi

Wow!Interesting that you used your approach to showcase your impact!Every youth deserves an opportunity to gain skills through experiential learning!Wish you all the best!!

Photo of Mpindi Abaas

Nancy Wagi 
Thanks so much for commenting here and supporting our idea. I will be responding to your question on how our programs are all inclusive.

Photo of Mpindi Abaas

Nancy Wagi  Thanks you so much for your feedback and here is a video with subtitles dedicated to you and the entire Kenya Sign Language Club. We made this video after your feedback and also do give a good shout to you in the video. Hope you enjoy it.

Photo of Nancy Wagi

Abaas!!!!You are our Deaf Inclusion Champion of 2017 and we as The Kenya Sign Language Club we crown you and your team TODAY !!! Congratulations!!!!

We must meet and work together!!Happy New Year!!

Photo of Mpindi Abaas

Nancy, you are our champion. Not just a champion for deaf inclusion but a champion who is changing the world. Thank you for crowning our team here as your champion. We do it for the love and passion that we can actually create the change that we want to see. I am excited to continue learning from you and your time and definitely we can create opportunities to work together. Let us begin thinking about an advocacu campaign to push media houses to adopt subtitle policy. I don't know what it takes bit I advocacy am thinking it is possible.
Happy new year!

Photo of Nancy Wagi

Indeed!It's possible!!We will give you a Virtual crown on video using Kenya Sign Language with subtitles :)Shall we speak on SKYPE? SKYPE name is Nancy Wagi

Photo of Mpindi Abaas

Nancy Wagi sure sure. We can plan to Skype this coming week.

Photo of Nancy Wagi


Photo of Ritah Namwiza

The MCI is skilling the next generation of story tellers who will greatly contribute to the much needed mindsets shift that we need to compete in a global landscape. Kudos to the team and looking forward to seeing this blossom.

Photo of Mpindi Abaas

Thanbs Ritah Namwiza for your support aND comment.

Photo of Isabel

I am greatly inspired by the work the Media Challenge Initiative is doing through this amazing Academy. I come from Malawi and one of the major gaps I see in our education system is the lack of experiential learning, with huge emphasis on memorizing theoretical concepts. The MCI has recognised this and is causing disruption to the system by creating a learning environment that will allow young journalist to easily eneter the job market from the experience they gain from this. Taking it a step further with the Students Radio and TV Station wil provide such benefit to upcoming journalists in Uganda...and I see this initiative becoming continental and impacting not only Uganda but all of Africa. Well done Abaas and team for the strides you have made.

Photo of Mpindi Abaas

@Isabel your comment is spot on. Across the subsaharan Africa the challenge of youth and graduate unemployment is cross cutting, that is why some solutions, ideas, approaches or models can be replicated in other areas. Our hope is that we can share best practices with people like you in Malawi to see how to address the challenges of our time.

Photo of Sheilah Lovely B

This is a very humbling and heart warming change in media today , I wish we had more people like you with such brilliant ideas that not only put you on the map but also our nation at large and our next generation . I am proud of you and all that you are yet to achieve . I am surely a proud wifey☺️ Jk jk... but for real well done and I believe this is just the beginning, there is a lot more in stock you and your team have for this next generation. Anything is possible...Never limit yourself , I see greatness in this .
Well done ����

Photo of Mpindi Abaas

Thanks Sheilah Lovely B for all the airport on this idea and we hope for the best.

Photo of Heather L. Zimmerman

Seeing the incredible speed that the Media Challenge Initiative and Media Challenge Academy have grown at serves as a testament to the need that they are addressing. Abaas and the rest of the team have been creative and intentional in creating a program that will extend benefits beyond just the journalist community through sharing the power of voice and storytelling. The aspirations and needs of the journalism students that MCA serves are always at the centre of projects and this will continue to be true by adding a radio and television station. Congratulations for all of the hard work done by the team - we can't wait to see this next phase of the MCA take off!

Photo of Mpindi Abaas

Thanks Heather for supporting this project but also being able to talk about our impact and how we intend to spread beyond journalism..

Photo of Sarah Snidal

Having had the privilege in the privilege to attend the Media Challenge, it's very exciting to see the Academy kicking off! I've seen first hand the demand for the support and opportunities that MCA is offering aspiring journalists. Kudos to the team for kicking this off and listening to the need of students to help them fill the gaps. Can't wait to watch MCA grow.

Photo of Mpindi Abaas

Thanks Sarah Snidal for all the support since the beginning. We are where we are because of people like you.

Photo of Paul Kaliisa

This a great way to empower the youth with an open forum to enlighten the rest while practicing modern ways og journalism. Ways that will help communicate in a modern way that is current and very straight forward. A voice that will encourage the young and free , a voice that will be there for the people and lastly a voice that will be able to speak the truth.... I look forward to this baby being born.

Photo of Mpindi Abaas

Paul Kaliisa thank you for supporting us across continents. You are aware of the challenges our people and you understand how youth voices are paramount in designing a new way of doing things and creating opportunities for others.

Photo of Annika McGinnis

The Media Challenge Initiative is a powerful force for change that has exploded into the Ugandan media landscape in just the past year, demanding a new quality of news reporting in Uganda. Driven by an engine of talented, passionate youth seeking positive change in their communities, the Initiative harnesses this energy to transform the poverty-centered narrative in stories about Africa and empower rising journalists with the tools to provide critical, multi-layered journalism shining a lens on 21st century Uganda.

As an American J-school graduate, I was privileged to have access to such multiplatform trainings necessary for a journalist of today. But since moving to Uganda, I have realized that so many media students here simply do not have those opportunities. The MCI, with the SRTS, seeks to fill those critical gaps.

Visiting the MCI and witnessing the huge turnout and professionalism of the Inter-Institutional Media Challenge and Media Challenge Awards, I was amazed at the fervor of these youth to empower their peers and recognize their work. I have never before seen such fierce dedication to a cause. This team works tirelessly, day and night, to fight for the skills in TV, radio and print journalism that will help them to report insightfully on their society; to hold their leaders accountable; to fight for their ideals: equity, inclusivity, access, empowerment, a more just world.
Please give this movement of rising leaders the means to work toward their dream.

Photo of Mpindi Abaas

Annika I don't think there is anyone that has witnessed our work and can talk about it the way you do. Thank you for believing in us and our idea. You are always welcome to give us your multifaceted ideas. We understand you have diverse background and we would love our young people to benefit from that. I am personally glad that you are able to draw from your personal examples of the structures that you had while you were a journalism student. It is the same multi platforms that we want our young people to enjoy.
Thank you for all the support!

Photo of Karabyo Dianah

This initiative is very insightful and brilliant.thank you Abbas for standing strong for the voiceless and empowering the youth with knowledge and innovativeness,we can do it if the our mind set is focused on positivity and chasing our dreams without ceasing.I feel encouraged and I see a brighter future for the young generation.with life changing opportunities
I love it and we can do it.

Photo of Mpindi Abaas

Thanks for the insights Diana and for supporting our idea.

Photo of Anita

Kudos to the Media Challenge Initiative on all you are doing for the next generation of journalists. Your role of imparting in them practical and leadership skills will go a long way in greatly improving the calliber of journalists in the country and beyond. So proud of you Abaas and team.
The sky is not the limit for you. it's only the view.

Photo of Mpindi Abaas

Thanks Anita for the support

Photo of carrie

The Media Challenge Academy is an incredible program with the unique potential to impact both local communities and the international media landscape. Information is one of the most powerful forces in today's world and empowering the next generation of journalists ensures that critical stories come to light and needed perspectives are added to the conversation. Couldn't be prouder or more supportive of this program!

Photo of Mpindi Abaas

Thanks Carrie for believing in our idea. Across continents you are able to support something in East Africa, which shows the value of collaboration across the world. Thank you so much.

Photo of Irakiza Kim

I think this idea is one of a kind and can hugely increase on the competitiveness of upcoming journalists in universities. Personally I have been training at the media challenge academy and I can testify that I have an unforgettable experience.
brilliant idea!

Photo of Mpindi Abaas

@Irakizakim thank you for bringing your voice here. As one of our current trainees at the academy, you understand better what this means to you and other trainees. Thanks

Photo of Angella Kizito

The media environment in our country is one which has not yet properly valued the essence of professional journalism. The impact and importance of well told stories that truly make a difference and create awareness in a meaningful way has not been given attention because the big giants in the industry have sacrificed all that for a quick buck that comes in many forms but mostly in the form of employing people who have not had proper media training. The Media Challenge Initiative is that strong Force that has come to stamp its feet and redefine the meaning of professional journalism in Uganda. The Initiative values the Agenda setting power of the Industry and seeks to set a standard of how that power can be used to make an impactful difference in the economic, social and political conversation in our Country today. As a beneficiary and a recent award winner, I have been among the lucky few who have managed to rub shoulders with the strong vision of the Media Challenge initiative. The team is dedicated, passionate and very enthusiastic about what they stand for. They have given a platform to many Media students like me to learn, grow and Improve. Most importantly, the platform provides real hands on experience for upcoming journalists that will be able to transform the media environment as we know it today. If anyone is looking to offer support to the next generation of resourceful and brilliant people , the Media Challenge Initiative is it.

Photo of Mpindi Abaas

Wow Angella Kizito very articulated comment here. You are one of our great ambassadors in the world right now. We are truly excited about your growth and even the sky is not the limit. It is just a matter of time. It is one thing ton mentor people but it is another to have people give such resounding feedback. Thank you so much for coming to support this idea and we hope that we can achieve this together.

Photo of Sarah Endres

The Media Challenge Initiative and Media Challenge Academy are incredible offerings designed and implemented by an incredible team, and led by a great and inspiring leader. A radio and TV station would allow them to take their work to the next level and amplify their impact across East Africa. Cheers to Abaas and the MCI team for this amazing work!

Photo of Mpindi Abaas

Sarah Endres thank you for the support here.

Photo of Mpindi Abaas

James Arinaitwe Please give us feedback on our story impact. We would appreciate your feedback. Thank you.

Photo of Bernard Mukhone

Having officiated at one of your pass out ceremonies for some of your students, I realised how much impact you guys are creating from just making a little contribution to your students. The testimonies from the participants especially the one ones from DRC and South Sudan were very touching. In my heart I decided that I will in every way possible try to support this initiative. So it gives me pleasure to know that some people would like to partner with u, this I highly recommend.

Photo of Mpindi Abaas

Bernard Mukhone  nothing brings excitement like knowing that people like you in high positions are always willing to support young initiative or start ups. We are forever indebted to you and the team at #Konrad Adenauer Stiftung. We are glad that you got experience the testimonies coming from our students first hand. Just to quote you"In my heart I decided that I will in every way possible try to support this initiative" This means a lot and thank you so much for that good heart.

Photo of Mbindi Busi

This project shall inspire the young generation because journalism is the immediate weapon to use if your aim is to change the world.

Photo of Mpindi Abaas

Thanks Enid for your time and supporting our project.

Photo of edith tendo

Much of the change that has happened in our lives has been as a result of the stories, the leadership and words that people have spoken into our ears. Being a leader or telling a story that impacts and changes lives needs an investment. Am so glad you are making this investment. Because of this initiative am sure generations will thrive.

Photo of Mpindi Abaas

edith tendo thank you so much for this insightful comment and for your support!

Photo of Moses Senkungu

This is such a brilliant idea. The Students Radio and TV will give students hands on skills in the industry and avail them to the market when they are fully baked. This actually will bridge the skills gap in East Africa.

Photo of Mpindi Abaas

Thank you Moses Senkungu for your support and comment

Photo of Murungi Bbala

This project was long over due.
The live broadcast will provide an enabling environment for the youth who are fresh from all institutions so they may compete favorably.
More so, this should be a platform to focus the youth into entrepreneurship vs job seeking.

SRTS is a project that has come realtime, a great idea that I urge the world to support.

Big blessings

Photo of Mpindi Abaas

Thank you so much Murungi Bbala Your support is highly appreciated. We cant thank you enough!

Photo of Martha Begumisa

More than just spear heading the change ,you have become the change that you want to see in this Generation. It's humbling to see men that Carry a burden for our generation. Thank you MCI Team

Photo of Mpindi Abaas

Super humbled by your comment @Martha Begumisa. Thank you so much!

Photo of Rocky Rode

Indeed you are really one of a kind, honestly this is so amazing. Its a great opportunity of training you are bringing to enable we young people get the best start in life and also be successful in the Media industry. Am certain many of us are thrilled to come join u, really thank you!
Bravo! MCI Team

Photo of Mpindi Abaas

Thanks@Rocky Rode. It is inspiring to know that we are not walking this journey alone. We welcome ideas and yourself to join us.

Photo of Christopher Ategeka

Ridiculously brilliant is the phrase that comes to mind when I think about what you guys have created. Congratulations MCI Team! This is an amazing first of its kind initiative that will benefit many young people.
Watching carefully for all the magic you continue to create!

Photo of Mpindi Abaas

Hi Christopher,
Congratulations on new name for #RidesForLives. Health Access Corps is a fancy name but also is specific to the work that you do. Thanks for the support here and with people like you in the industry, access to human rights is nothing but a human right.

Photo of Shaban Kenyi

As someone who started out in the media a little more than a year ago, i wish such platforms existed when i had just set out. Its is an incredible platform for young people passionate about the art of journalism to showcase their talents. My only word to the young mind is to run with this opportunity, perfect their crafts and build brands and most to give relevant content.
Impressive work by the MediaChallengeInitiative Team. Feel free to reach out and let me know how i can be of help..... we can start with the ones that are interested in Wildlife/Environment/Travel journalism bcos that's my area of interest.

Photo of Mpindi Abaas

Thank you so much Shaban Kenyi  for your generous offer. Young people will need experience from people like you who have already found their footing in the industry. We appreciate your support and seeing you take time your busy schedule to comment is an honor. We believe that idea is a deal breaker and we will rely on minds like your to mentor the next generation of journalists. FYI we use your show #Ecozone to train at the academy. Continue saving the environment.

Photo of Kisembo Pauleta

This is agreat idea,its direct route to success.students have an opportunity to develop and gain experience while studying.They learn by doing and will lead to solution based journalists.suprisingly all this comes at no cost of experience.i think this is the way to go in the era of technology and the media industry will surely be transformed.

Photo of Mpindi Abaas

Thanks Pauleta for the comment. We are honored to hear this as we work on to build the next generation of journalists but also ease their first step into the industry.

Photo of Pius

Woooooooooow!!!! This is an idea all universities have been paying for to come true ,due to the fact that many janalism students have failed out in the industry of media since for a media house to give you a job the have to first ask for experience of which you cant attain while not given a chance to!! But if a radio and television stations are set up for janalism students then the problem will be solved, According to the media challenge awards platform many janalism students have good jobs since the awards are used as platform to connect them with the media houses and then is this also comes true then stories will be told in the better way in country and the world at large by the young generation

Photo of Mpindi Abaas

Thanks Pius for this passionate comment. We hope to change the narrative.

Photo of Kwizera Michael

I have this strong temptation to come to the academy for training and your idea of a radio and television station only grows it more! This is something that will definitely be fun, that even when you are not formally employed, you have the opportunity to experience exactly what goes on in the field. I hope that you can achieve this because it's a huge blessing for everyone that aspires to be a journalist. Beat wishes

Photo of Mpindi Abaas

Dear Kwizera Michael thanks for your interest in our work. If I was doing PR work for the academy, I would say 'you will have an unforgettable experience at the academy" but now I am not so I will just say come and we build the next generation of journalists.
Thanks for thsi comment. The idea of having a live radio or and TV station is intriguing for us too. We imagine what it will mean to have students train on air. We imagine what it means to change the narrative of preparing young journalists for the field. The visual of the future with this structure in place is unbelievable and we hope we can have it and then we can be able to give you that experience that you crave for.

Photo of Anita Ingabire

Peer to peer learning is the best approach that you can use to train any students effectively-because they learn from each other, and draw inspiration from fellow trainees. The idea of a radio and television station will not only give them then the opportunity to interact but also to gain the experience that media houses consider even more than qualifications-seemingly. The testimonies of your trainees and those who have participated the Inter-institutional institutional media challenge are satisfactory evidence that you have the potential to improve the media culture in our country. Good luck.

Photo of Mpindi Abaas

Anita Ingabire we are grateful to people like you who not only follow our work but also understand the need of this kind of project. We are very thankful and inspired by you.

Photo of Irankunda Mary

It's paramount for young people especially to enjoy their work and this is what your team is promoting. Watching your videos is evident of how strong your team is and I am certain with such organisation, you can change the entire media industry with this idea. I certainly believe when students experience this kind of training,it will promote professionalism on their job and help them become creative and innovative. Good luck to the media challenge team, I admire your love for what you do. Blessings

Photo of Mpindi Abaas

Thank you so much Irankunda Mary for the support but most importantly for believing in our idea. This is really helpful!

Photo of Anthony Mwami

In this Facebook generation, every evolution of media that makes sharing news and information easier ironically makes it harder to keep the content as refined as it used to be. The medium is improving, yes; the same, sadly, can't be said about the professionalism. When I first came in acquaintance with the Media Challenge Initiative in 2014, I was fascinated to see a non-profit arrangement by nationals to mentor professional journalism out of so many of us that were aspiring-but-lost journalists (I was a student of Mass Communication then). At the Initiative, I did not just refine my professionalism as a journalist; I learned from some of the very best. The Initiative has become a bridging platform for younger journalists, both practising and studying, to share with and learn from veteran practitioners in the industry. Meeting world-celebrated journalist Joel Kibazo at the Initiative earlier this year is probably one of the biggest highlights of my career so far. I owe a lot of what I am today, career wise, to the Initiative and I'm proud of their work in the lives of other aspiring journalists such as myself. I'm also proud of their societal role as a media organization, including their recent remarkable contribution to the #HeForShe campaign held by UN Women against gender-based violence. Thank you, Mpindi. Thank you, Media Challenge Initiative.

Photo of Mpindi Abaas

Wow! Anthony Mwami this is one of the most thought through and inspiring statement I have heard. I will share this testimony with the team (we probably will have to hang it somewhere on our walls). Our work as you know had always been inspired by people like you whon are passionate about creating a better world, about creating better African stories, about creating stories that cover positivity, progress and solutions for our challenges. Our work is driven by that anger that it is hard to get into the industry if you don't know anyone. We believe that it must change. We have tried many ways to adress this issue especially thru the media challenge contest, awards, the academy and now our dream project; SRTS. We believe that SRTS will be a game changer I'm the industry.

We are more thankful to fellow youth like you who have embraced our crazy ideas and given them life. We couldn't have done it without y'all and you of all people must know that this is not atrenymore media challenge initiative fight. It is now our fight and we rely on your ideas and feedback to create change.

Thanks for this inspiration.

Photo of Derrick AJUNA

Preparing the next generation of Journalist in Uganda is absolutely something someone had to think about. Media Challenge Academy has not just nurtured the future journalists but also given them the opportunity or better yet opened doors for many youths to express themselves in various ways.
I think the key for students in journalism programs today is to determine a career path early.
I personally have friends pursuing their dream in journalism at Media challenge academy and it’s amazing how much they have acquired in a short time.
It is highly informative, very educational and most importantly enjoyable. I look forward to seeing more of your works.
Thank you Mpindi Abaas and your team for the commitment and amazing work

Photo of Mpindi Abaas

Thanks Derrick.
We are very inspired by your comment.

Photo of Gilbert Rwalinda

MCA redefining modern journalism was,is and will still be my reference statement time on.
Kuddoz to the great work team.
To you Abas Mpindi,"To Dream is to Dare!"

Photo of Mpindi Abaas

Thank you Gilbert for the support!

Photo of Antonio Kisembo

Its a great idea and an extension of the media . It will provide a platform for nurturing young journalists. The idea of getting students out there to participate early in their profession makes it unique. If you connect with them, the more they
will connect with you. All the best....

Photo of Mpindi Abaas

This comment is very relevant. If we expect young people to effectively and easily find their foot step into the industry, they must be given ample preparation in structures that simulate the real work environment.

Photo of kasaija

This is a great initiative.
Hope the world can achieve more and more from the #academy

Photo of Mpindi Abaas

Thanks for the support Kasaija

Photo of Sam Agona

This is a great initiative by the Academy. In Uganda, we have radio personalities who if critically looked at, lack some grit. This radio and TV project will be a jigsaw fit into that gap. It will also churn out the young people who will tell the perfect African Stories. Goooo go guys....

Photo of Mpindi Abaas

Thanks Sam for noting this issues. Because the media is highly commercialised now it is hard to give young people an opportunity to shine. This is our chance to give young people a chance to find their potential

Photo of Emma Gumisiriza

I appreciate your efforts Mpindi Abaas and team for giving the youth the best you have, and the best will come to you! This is what Ug & Africa as a whole needs & I know you as a real winner...##great job

Photo of Mpindi Abaas

Thanks Emma for the support. We hope for the best.

Photo of Mpindi Abaas

Thanks Emma for the support. We hope for the best.

Photo of Turinayo Ali

I am excited for this team especially because it is youth driven. It makes so much impact that it is a group of young people who are striving to change the world and this should teach everyone else that you can do something for our community only if you are organised. For this brilliant idea, I wish you good luck.

Photo of Mpindi Abaas

Thanks Ali for the support. It meas alot.

Photo of Kan Lie

Great initiative. I totally recommend the implementation of this project. So many youths stand to benefit from this through employment and skill development. The creation of this student radio and TV will also create opportunities for other professions like marketing, accounting, Human Resource management among others.

Photo of Mpindi Abaas

Thanks Kan for the support. The project is a double edged sword that will provide opportunities to journalists and other young people in other professions.

Photo of Caroline Numuhire

This program is what Africa needs. I do believe that it belongs to Africans to share the stories from our places. The SRTS is not only a great innovation but it also brings a new, fresh facet of media to us which I think will yield empowering outcomes in the lives of our people. Keep it up #AfricanStoriesMatter

Photo of Mpindi Abaas

Thanks Caroline for highlighting the #African stories concept. Our platform will focus on not just amplifying African stories but giving birth African solutions jourealism stories that address our challenges.

Photo of Allen Mukiza

There has been a heated debate that journalism should retool.
As you read through job adverts; many journalism job listings seem like they are meant for superhumans. And what do the employers really want???? Someone who can send tweets, post to Facebook, take photos, code interactive features, write stories, shoot videos, know all kinds of shots and be able to shoot a simple report among others. And guess what, you should also have an experience of 3 or more years. In reality, this will leave all fresh graduates unemployed. And yet our education system is not one that will offer these skills, all you get in addition to a transcript is a heap of notes. The idea of a student's radio and TV station is an incredible one because it exposes the students to employability skills, an experience of mainstream media and the chances of being identified for real employment. All the best of luck to the media challenge initiative; you are super amazing.

Photo of Mpindi Abaas

Thanks Allen for this analysis of the current employment trends in Uganda. Employers are indeed looking for a multi skilled and multi diverse young people who are able to do more than just the JD. In Journalism this is what we call a one man band journalist. Like you said it is had to find theverything requirements in schools. We want to be the bridge between university and job market by preparing young people and connecting them to employment opportunities.

Photo of Allen Mukiza

This idea could be a trendsetter even for other areas; that you don't have to move from office to office explaining your abilities but rather, perfect your skill and the employers can then pick on you easily. And if this is realised, that gap will definitely be bridged.

Photo of Mpindi Abaas

Thanks Allen for bringing this up. Our model approach can be replicated in other areas to ensure young people are given due preparation.

Photo of Jaimee Swift

This is such an amazing idea and I love how it was set up as a roundtable to get the varying perspectives of each journalist. You all are amazing and I am super proud and blessed to have met some of you! It is a great idea and I hope that this will be able to catalyze more opportunities for such amazing journalists.

Photo of Mpindi Abaas

Hey Jaimee!
Thanks for the support. We are glad to have hosted you at the academy and we are glad you have continued to support our cause.

Photo of Mikel Bagzey

This is a pretty awesome idea. It's a good platform for young and enthusiastic journalists to showcase their skills and help our Media grow bigger. Thumbs up to the the team!

Photo of Mpindi Abaas

Thanks Bagzey for the shout out here

Photo of Ibrahim Karume

This is an excellent idea and I am sure it will help a lot not only in educating our youth but also exposing the youth's potential skills.

Photo of Mpindi Abaas

Thanks Ibrahim,

SRTV will work as an accelerator platform for not just journalists but all other young people. With SRTV in place we will have programming that exposes other young people who are doing incredible things or need to be highlighted. Ofcourse this will expose young journalists to the mainstream media.

Photo of Mukatsinda

This idea is such a rich one because in most Radios en Tv stations old people stil present or take over everything up to now living out the youth.. This has totally not changed anything .Thank you great team for this wonderful idea am quite sure it wil create an impact. God bless you always for building the next generation of joung journalists...

Photo of Mpindi Abaas

Thanks Mukatsinda for making this comment as well. What we lack is a mentorship bridge between the young and the old. There is indeed a huge decide between us and the old. This is not though that the old are not willing to mentor the young ones. The challenge is that there is totally lack of mentorship structures to facilitate this relationship. We are planning a media mentorship program to help facilitate this interaction on a professional level. We also have a speakers series program where facilitate networking between mentors and mentees. With SRTV in place we will be able to provide a better training and mentorship platform

Photo of Prossy Aloyzious

Television and Radios are well known for employing comedians as journalist now days thus delivering half backed information to the nation. Initiating n implementing this idea will help solve this problem & promote professionalism in d industry . Bravo media challenge initiative. 

Photo of Mpindi Abaas

Thanks Prossy for this comment. We are about not preparing young people for the job market but also professionalising the media industry so to ensure quality journalism. We believe this idea will help us make a step towards building the next gen journalists.

Photo of Ezra Akampa

I have a silent passion for media especially writing. Thank your desire to be among the solution providers to bring about a positive change to Ugandan media.
I believe this project is an opportunity for a generation impacting their communities and earning a living while at it. I hope that with the mentoring and exposure, our generation will learn what it takes to better the media sphere.
It might be challenging breaking through a competitive sphere but i believe that with God's guidance it will work out.
I hope to interact with you to guide my passion for media.

Photo of Mpindi Abaas

Hello Akampa,
Thanks for this genuine comment. There is need not just in media but all areas and we need structures to prepare all our young people for market. Our approach and model can be replicated in other areas to ensure young people have places to prepare them for the field. We hope for the best. About guiding your passion for media, we are happy to have deeper conversationso on what you really want to do. Feel free to email me

Photo of Birungi Cathy

This is a huge step into the right direction. it will help to professionalize the media in our country. If students are equipped with the right skills they will be able to outcompete comedians and unprofessional personnel who are all over radios and TVs. Go go media Challenge.

Photo of Mpindi Abaas

Thanks Cathy for your comment. We are about professionalising the industry. We believe nurturing talent from the onset is the best way to do it because it is easy to mould young people.

Photo of Mpindi Abaas

Thanks Cathy for your comment. We are about professionalising the industry. We believe nurturing talent from the onset is the best way to do it because it is easy to mould young people.

Photo of Antonny Tugaineyo

well, that is such a brilliant idea. i would be blessed living to see it come to life. Having an opportunity to face the reality of your career even as you train brings the whole learning easier and more practical. This is what has been lacking in the training institutions of this country. I would only encourage you to take every step at a time to concertise this idea for you could put a stop to the 'Unemployment song.' keep moving.

Photo of Mpindi Abaas

Thanks Anthony
This is feedback is crucial and cements our plans to set this structure in place to make sure that we prepare our young people for employment.

Photo of Mpindi Abaas

Thanks Anthony
This is feedback is crucial and cements our plans to set this structure in place to make sure that we prepare our young people for employment.

Photo of Kabageni Stella

Like there is the law development centre, this could serve us as the media development centre where journalists train to get skills and yet SRTS that is licenced to be aired will definitely link them to jobs thereby increasing their employability and economic independence. Good luck great team, you deserve this!

Photo of Mpindi Abaas

Thanks Stella. We want to be a bridge for journalists from Universities to job market. We hope we can be that LDC equivalent of journalism.

Photo of Brenda Yvon

2017 cannot get any better if this radio station is set up... this is an amazing idea considering journalism is growing at a fast rate and it needs a base to grow it even higher... cannot wait for this

Photo of Mpindi Abaas

Yaaaay we are equally super excited for this. Fingers crossed. Thanks for the support and we know how important this is for all us

Photo of Rukundo Emma

The media challenge initiative is breeding an incredible idea such that as a trainer on a radio and TV station that is on air, it is easy for the media students to be identified and handpicked by the media houses easily after equipping them with skills. Well done great team.. wish you the best of luck

Photo of Mpindi Abaas

Hi Emma,
Thanks for the support Emma. We do need the luck. Nothing excites us like the imagination of students training on live radio and tv.

Photo of Angella Hildah

Imagine an opportunity where all people that are enthusiastic and passionate about the media are able to know what it really means to be on air. This goes beyond the usual. They are training but they actually know that they are being watched or heard. This also means they can get feedback from the audiences back home or from whom ever is watching or listening and guided on what they should improve on.
For many this idea remains on paper but imagine it becoming a reality with the Media Challenge initiative.

Photo of Mpindi Abaas

Thanks Angella for making simple our concept. This will our young people get a wholesome experience.

Photo of Mutebi Santos

When communities consume balanced information from well trained journalists economic development is inevitable. The media challenge challenge initiative has already served the role of training journalists who convey balanced information to people. Therefore for the purpose of building the next generation of content producers they need all the support.

Photo of Mpindi Abaas

Thanks Santos for these kind words.

Photo of Ssenyondo Simon Peter

This to me has been by far one of the most engaging and thrilling experiences for the year. In a special way, I want to commend the mighty team which has gone far and beyond to make sure we make the idea better every single day.
Our dream of redefining the quality of journalism in our country and region will surely come to pass.
Now we'll have a platform that is used as a yardstick for impact journalism and one where students have a bigger platform to be recruited from;
We are going beyond the one day talent-exhibition show in our industry to a daily, continuous and more practical drill.

Photo of Mpindi Abaas

Thanks Simon for your contribution to the idea and team at large.

Photo of Birungi Faith

In a world that basically revolves on communication, understanding the most effective way to get through to people, is by far the greatest tool that could ever for the media challenge initiative to come up with such a project and opportunity that doesnt only stop at train people to speak forward but also offers a platform as a mouth piece for these young passionate people is simply and television for the academy is the missing link to step up the effectiveness of this freshly brewed talent. thank you for this initiative, its people like you that remind us that dreams could only become possible if we took the challenge and made it an opportunity. The media's future is bright.

Photo of Mpindi Abaas

Thanks faith for this comment. We humbled that the work we do is a remainder that dreams can come true when you invest and take advantages of opportunities. Thanks for all these kind words. These words remind us that we can't give up and we have to be part of the change that we want to see in the world.

Photo of Zainah Kabami

Verrrry brilliant project !! & quite innovative.

Photo of Mpindi Abaas

Thanks Zaina for this support!

Photo of Amina

This is a fantastic idea that deserves to be given life. It is one thing for young to propose ideas but it is another for such young people to implement. I can safely say that this team can execute this idea and bring ro life. I hope they can be given all the support they can to bring it ro reality.

Photo of Mpindi Abaas

Thanks for thsi feedback and support.

Photo of Kyasiimire Phionah

I am personally excited that the Media Challenge Initiative is taking this to another level. Your team is amazing and magical! As your trainee, I am proud to tell the world about you, your strengths, your achievements and so much more that you are able to do; you have the ability to change the media industry in Uganda in a way that no other organisation can get close to! SRTS is bringing opportunities as well economic growth to all who will experience it's uniqueness. I wish you all the luck Abaas Mpindi and your team, no one deserves it like you do!

Photo of Mpindi Abaas

Hi Phiona,
Thanks for this comment. We are excited that you are part of the media Challenge Family as a trainee and ambassador. We believen in your potential and the sky is the limit for you.

Photo of Mpindi Abaas

Hi Phiona,
Thanks for this comment. We are excited that you are part of the media Challenge Family as a trainee and ambassador. We believen in your potential and the sky is the limit for you.

Photo of Kambabazi Immaculate

I have seen young journalists give testimony of the media challenge initiative. Attending the media challenge and awards, i realised that your team is what the media industry needs. The media challenge and the academy strongly give them skills that they donot directly pick from lecture rooms which is an opportunity for employment. The idea of SRTS will definitely make it even easier for the media students. Good luck to you, you are amazing.

Photo of Mpindi Abaas

Thanks for following our work. Thanks for taking time to give us this feedback. It comes at a time when we need it most. Thanks

Photo of Mayombwe Steven

In an environment where the word experience is also another qualification that one has got to acquire before practicing their career jobs, a live radio station at the media challenge academy would greatly be of benefit to the upcoming journalists. This would give them the opportunity to practice what they learn in class and at the same time acquire the experience a key thing on the job market. As a Journalism student who has seen the MCI team grow, i am very much hopeful of what they can add to the media industry with a live radio station. Just talking about it excites me deeply.

Photo of Mpindi Abaas

Thanks Steven for this comment. It means alot.

Photo of Aisha Ahmad

If you ask me if this is workable....i will give you a BIG YES. When you were tasked to publish weekly magazines, it pinched a lito but you wavered the storm, you stood up from the crowd and became Argus, then BAFRANAC, then Inter Institutional media challenge, now the media challenge academy and trust me you will become a continental team to reckon with in media. This is because you ain't thinking of yourselves, you are not profit driven but service is at the core of your hearts. By seeing others grow and helping them lay down that bridge to attain their dreams, you are building a responsible nation. Without hands on skills, the trainer is wasting time. If I were on the board of approving authorities, i would definitely approve this grant like yesterday...... Let us all support this team and cause. Proud of you Mpindi Abaas, Ssenyondo Simon Peter,Ivan Kimuli Kigozi, Antonio Kisembo and team. You can Count on me for any supportive role always. The Skies are open and will never be your limitation.

Photo of Mpindi Abaas

Dear Madam Aisha,
We call you madam because you are one of the mentors we have had right from the time at school. You have seen us grow and tracked our progress. So such a comment means a lot to us a team. Thank you so much.

Photo of Tushabe lilian mugasha

Is there any better way to get effective training than on-job-training? I believe in this idea, i know it will create an impact not only to students in Uganda, but all over East Africa. What we need right now is a generation of journalists ready to be a part of stake holders offering solutions to world problems and the ability to do that can only come if some sort of training if offered. Effective training! And that is why i am embracing the idea of a Students Radio and T.V Station at the Media Challenge Academy.

Photo of Mpindi Abaas

Thanks Lilian. You are among the many young people we have groomed and I believe we will continue a a platform to groom other young leaders.

Photo of Irumba Joseph

I cannot wait for this great idea to be implemented in my country. It will be one of the ways to fight youth unemployment through trainining and earning and solution journalism will help in professionalising the media industry in Uganda. The Students Radio and TV will give fresh journalists from media institutions real time skills and ready for the competitive job market.

Bravo Media Challenge Initiative.

Photo of Mpindi Abaas

Thanks Joseph for this comment. Your support means a lot to the movement.

Photo of Revival Kemigisha

Wow! This is so beautiful. I'm so positive that the radio and tv idea will have a bigger outreach hence helping the young journalists achieve their dreams. This is what Uganda always needed. I'm so humbled to have worked with the media challenge initiative in the recently ended movement. All the best!

Photo of Mpindi Abaas

It is humbling to know our work impacts you a lot. Thanks for this postI've comment.

Photo of Govule Mudasirr

The Media Challenge Initiative opened my eyes to realizing my skills when I joined the Inter institutional Media Challenge of the year 2014. And now hearing of a Students Radio and TV station I can only imagine how impactful it's going to be to the Media students out there who have no access to TV stations and Radio stations to show case there skills.
Thank you Media Challenge Initiative for such a wonderful idea. You guys should know that you are growing a lot of student's confidence in journalism.

Thank you

Photo of Mpindi Abaas

Dear Shiru,

You are one of the living testimonies that our model works. With media challenge contest happening every year we believe that engagement with media students will continue. We also do believe just like you do that adding a radio and TV studio will help offer a more professional and practical experience.

Photo of Govule Mudasirr

Exactly, and am looking forward to supporting the program in anyway that I can thanks Abaas.

Photo of Andrew Mwanguhya

This is an excellent idea, the Students Radio & TV Station (SRTS).

It is just one of the several positives that this amazing team has being cracking up, with the 2016 Media Challenge going a notch higher.

The Students Radio & TV Station (SRTS) will not just shape the kind of journalists that come onto our public fora, the whole concept will address the song that is 'experience' (for university/institutional graduates) and will cut short mainstream media's long journey of training, thus cutting them costs but recruiting refined and ready products.

Keep going strong.

Photo of Mpindi Abaas

Thanks Andrew for using the best choice of words to explain the value of our idea. Every employer in the industry is seeking experience or the so called one man band and we hope that our project can facilitate that process of empowering and preparing young journalists for the first job in the industry.

Photo of Jose Gutierrez

Congratulations for all the progress you've made so far; excellent work! I'm sure the initiative will continue to have a positive impact in Ugandan media, and best wishes for your new endeavors!

Photo of Mpindi Abaas

Thanks Jose for the kind wishes. Thank you for believing in us. We hope for the best.

Photo of Catherine

This year's award session was inspiring and it's on that same platform that I acknowledge this idea as being a brilliant one. When materialised, it will not only gives milestones of progress to the academy but it will give impeccable hands on skills to the end users; the people from this upto their 10th generation. Imagine an idea for generations! image 10 generations from now.....That's the idea am talking about. So be it for this academy!

Photo of Mpindi Abaas

Thank you Catherine for this support. Getting feedback helps us see the value of our project serving generations fromy now. We are also excited that you attended our awards night and you can relate that to our vision. Your comment is in line with our vision of building the next generation of journalists. We are not looking at fixing the now challenge, we are creating infrastructure that will control this problem forever. We understand unemployment and unemployability as being structural issues and have to be handled by structural systems strengthening. Radio and TV station are structures that will serve generations of young people.

Photo of Mvuyekure Gad

I have worked with teams but seeing how you have grown to this simply means you are a super incredible team.
The SRTS is brilliant, it's a unique one yet very practical. It is indeed a n incubator for young journalists,maybe this can see off the comedians who have flooded the profession. You deserve this, all the best of luck.

Photo of Mpindi Abaas

Thank you so much @Gad for your kind words. We hope for the best.

Photo of David Makubuya

This initiative is a great one because among other advantages, it will equip it's participants with the regularly asked for experience for them to join or expand the currently not-so competitive Ugandan media industry.

Photo of Mpindi Abaas

Kelsi You idea of Ekialo Kiona Youth Radio is a great inspiration for our idea. When we joined the challenge we were inspired to see media related idea like ours. We would love to hear your feedback and how to make our better.