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YARID Education to Employment Program

Enabling young refugees and nationals to shape their careers by giving them the tools necessary to succeed in the workplace

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YARID seeks to improve refugee youth’s access to employable skills and match those skills with local employers. Youth will learn to identify their interests, be exposed to market trends for jobs, and develop a unique skill set to fill employer needs. We will utilize online learning platforms to open new doors for these youth to access information, making them competitive applicants to any job. A diverse range of courses is available online, with subjects including marketing, hospitality, electronics, and even plumbing. These courses are available through providers such as Coursera, edX and ALISON. We will offer computer and Internet access, as well as mentorship and technical support to ensure youth complete courses. 64% of the unemployed in Uganda are under 24 years of age. Additionally, there are 400,000 refugees living in Uganda and a growing number (estimated at 60,000) are moving to urban areas such as Kampala for economic opportunities. Competition is fierce. If we work with both refugees and nationals we can incorporate a stronger sense of community as well. While Uganda has made great strides in increasing access to education over the last four decades, the education system is largely failing to prepare graduates for the reality of the labor market. Not only do young refugees struggle to access educational opportunities, they are also vulnerable to economic exploitation. They often receive lower wages than their Ugandan counterparts. Our project ensures fair access.


Refugee youth and national Ugandans ages 18-35 are a group with untapped potential. Many have unique language abilities, diverse small business start-up experience, and a resilient character – willing and able to work hard and succeed. We believe that to improve refugee integration into the community and expand social connections important to employment, that we should serve Uganda nationals and refugees alongside each other.


YARID is a registered NGO in Kampala, Uganda. Founded by young Congolese refugees in 2007, YARID runs English classes for adults, a bridge to formal schooling program for refugee children, a women’s empowerment program, sports activities and ICT classes where students learn computer and social media


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YARID has nearly 10 years experience running programs and mobilizing refugee youth in Kampala. YARID is especially strong within the Great Lakes region refugee communities. We have large and small partners in the grassroots and NGO levels within Kampala. YARID co-facilitates other grassroots refugee non-profit groups in an education and refugee rights collaborative.

Our team includes career developers, employment and market trend researchers, and education systems analysts. With over three years experience in online higher education and researching labor markets around the globe, our team is able to assess how well the education system is preparing future employees for the workforce. In addition, our project lead served as Career Developer preparing newly arrived refugees and unemployed nationals for the workforce in the U.S. through financial literacy education, resume building, interviewing skills, and developing employer relationships. Our expertise combined creates a strong team able to achieve our vision for youth employment.

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