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Vocational Education Scholarship and Apprentice Scheme for Youth with Disabilities in Post war Northern Uganda.

Sustainable Vocational Scholarship funds for Youth with Disabilities using motorcycle taxis as a fundraising or grant making tool.

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The NUMOTOCA Vocational education and apprenticeship scholarship scheme is a sustainable grant making and fund raising scheme, that employs youth with and without Disabilities to raise income or funds to support vocational training, apprenticeship and capital for youth with disabilities across northern Uganda through motorcycle taxis(locally called Boda Bodas). We will acquire approximately 40 Boxer motorcycles (capital) and employ 40 youth as riders. Riders will each generate $60 monthly($720) annually. 40 riders will therefore generate $28,800 annually. Each year 15 youth will be enrolled in a vocational schools of choice and provided start ups at the end of their training, until all youth with disabilities are reached across northern Uganda. This self sustaining scheme with an annual income of $28,800 will be able to purchase new motorcycles and service used motorcycles, meaning at each new purchase, a new rider must join the team. Riders earn $30 or more as wages monthly besides the monthly $60 paid to the scheme. NUMOTOCA will provide social support and capacity building support for Youth to become self reliant and good morale citizens and this scholarship fund will support expatriates to train and guide youth over many years. Youth who cannot receive start up capital will be guided to obtain employment in an existing industry or sector of their choice. With increase in annual turnover, more youth with disabilities will be enrolled.


Youth with Disabilities benefit are two fold-those who can ride a motorcycle and chose to be riders (wages) and those with disabilities who chose to be scholarship fund beneficiaries. Youth without Disabilities will also benefit by wages. The government will benefit through reduction in youth unemployment rates, families will benefit through reduction in disability dependence burden, donors through value of investment and lessons learnt. IDEO/Amplify through life long recognition.


Allan worked for over 15 years in the disability movement. A disability philanthropist with Gulu Disabled Union and an Alumni of YALI. Implements program on disabilities, including on gender, health, education, economic and political empowerment, and well established in terms of collaboration.


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IDEO Field Team Martin

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"Project visits are very important from the IDEO field team, they are motivating and encouraging, before project implementation, during the project circle and at the end. Noted that this project is sustainable just like renewal natural resources, this team must be connected to NUMOTOCA Scholarship scheme. WELCOME TO THE TEAM IDEO FIELD TEAM"

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"Amplify team will collaborate in provision of capacity building and financial aid to pilot the program, they will also be the major recognized donor, by using our communication plan, all progress, equipment and success over many years will be recognized, even awards and certificates will include the IDEO/Amplify logo. Using the Human centered design to guide our implementation, IDEO/Amplify will be the foremost team to work with and for."

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"We will collaborate to share lessons learnt and progress made. Through social media, attending meetings and learning visits."

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I believe in me and believe my idea has greater impact and value of any investment. After calculating returns to investment from IDEO it was equivalent to the amount invested and the benefit was life long, interactive, enjoyable and could attract national and international recognition. I wait to be selected as a finalist, so that we finally may end poverty among Persons with Disabilities. In any case, we see a huge return, we will be able to support other vulnerable persons without Disabilities such as street children, orphans and refugees. A ten year Vision could see a NUMOTOCA Vocational and technical education center or school opened, that has quality and up to date technology to bring up the most competent youth for any job in the market. I some times pity someone who may doubt this idea and vision, but i allow their views to be added and their expressions respected. Ever since generating and testing this idea in the community, no single individual said its impossible. For a communication plan, i envision all Motorcycles painted with Amplify and IDEO logo plus NUMOTOCA. Social media will also spread the word so the world may know and adapt it to their countries. In a recent planning meeting with my team, some one brought up the idea of opening up the first ever disability resource center in Northern Uganda or Uganda, equipped with Computers, Technical workshops, libraries, sports facilities and business units-i said ah!, inside of me, i saw much faith by the team and community of the savior like idea on the long wait for a solution to the Uneducated, dependent and seemingly hopeless life of Persons with Disabilities. Looking forward to challenging poverty.

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