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The Entrepreneurship Festival

A festival that will use performing arts as a driver to connect the bridge between youth, enterprise information, exposure and opportunities

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The entrepreneurship festival is a project of the Unleashed Academy of Performing Arts & Leadership. It is set to not only inspire youth to take advantage of opportunities for business but equip them with the tools and the know-how to use the opportunities. The festival takes into full consideration that strength and power that the music industry and performing arts have to influence the youth. The festival will work hand in hand with prominent musicians and position them as thought leaders and role models in business and leadership. According to the Tanzania youth survey, 52.9% of the youth in urban Tanzania have the drive and willingness to start business enterprises, get rich and/or make a difference in their societies; 80.7% of whom believe that hard work is relevant to success. The problem is that many do not know how, they think it is too difficult, lack the right connections and/or lack the right motivation for success; hence many start and stop, get involved in illicit practices or do not start at all (bum out); leaving 63.8% marking unemployment as their most immediate concerns. The festival seeks to use artistic role models to connect the bridge between youth, information, and tangible opportunities. This will be a 2-day event where a young male or female can come with an idea for a business and leave with a tangible business plan, solution to business problems and an actionable way forward.


The primary beneficiaries of the entrepreneurship festival are youth ages 18 to 35 years. According to the Tanzania Youth Survey by the East African Institute, the 53.1% are mainly exposed to TV as a form of media while social media claims 4.4%. We shall engage them through TV, radios and social media (mainly Facebook and Instagram). (1) To drive them to the festival. (2) To keep them motivated after the festival.


The Unleashed Academy is an institution offering professional performing arts education coupled with leadership training to young talented Africans. Our vision is to see performing arts spearheading positive social and economic transformation in the Africa.


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The Tanzanian youth make up 65% of its 49.25 million population. Unemployment rates in the youth especially those ages 18 to 20 are extremely high.

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“Work is a source of personal dignity, family stability, peace in household, community and the nation at large. Work is the key to poverty reduction and facilities in achieving equitable, inclusive and sustainable development in the country. However, according to ‘The Guardian‘, youth employment situation remains one of the key challenges in Tanzania.” (Youth Employment Decade, 2015)

The Tanzania youth survey echoes this concern in the youth. The findings show that employment/income generation is the most urgent concern for youth.

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According to an article on, the unemployment level is: characterized by features like the imbalance between supply and demand in the labor market and increasing of urban employment pressures with the outflow of rural surplus labor to non-agricultural sectors.  Quoted Speaking on the importance of job creation in the country during the launching of the World Bank report entitled ‘Tanzania: Productive jobs wanted‘, former president Jakaya Kikwete said that securing a decent and well-paying job was the inspiration and wish of every Tanzanian, young and old.

“Every year it is estimated that over 800,000 young men and women enter the labor market. These include school and college graduates and people who have migrated from rural areas to urban areas”, president Kikwete noted. According to him, it is estimated that by 2030 the labor force will have more than doubled, reaching around 50 million. This, therefore, underscores the importance of creating a conducive environment for business to flourish so that more jobs are created for people over time.”

Why high unemployment rate?

Most youths have no skills employable. Skills requirement in the labor market not compatible with skills supply, as a result, we have a mismatch of skills. Global labor market competitiveness: increased use of advanced technology and ICT which replaces labor and require labor with specialized skills respectively). Others are attitude of youth towards work; insufficient business and entrepreneurship development services. Promote the goal of decent and productive employment for youth as a national priority; promote access to employment opportunities and resources by the vulnerable and marginalized population -youth, women and people with disability.

To this end, the Entrepreneurship festival is being birthed. The number of youth with aspirations to begin businesses is high and encouraging; the major challenge is for them to get access to information.

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The government and several non-governmental organizations in Tanzania have over the years set up various programs and projects to assist youth to begin and sustain businesses. Many of these programs are unknown to many of the youth for who they are intended; as findings from the Tanzania, Youth Survey indicate below.

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We need to bring the gap; …Come into Performing Arts

Performing arts is the most powerful form of communication that is being consumed by youth as others alike in Tanzania and elsewhere. Performing artists pull massive crowds of youth who flock fields, grounds and stadiums alike to get a glimpse of their favorite artists, dance groups or presenters.

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It has become such a crowd puller for the youth such that no major event that involves that youth can take place without an artist to attract numbers. Over the years, major media groups have recognized the power in this and it has brought a rise to some of the most sought out concerts and awards in the country. The youth seeking entertainment have been a source of livelihood for artists as well as an income generator for many of the media houses that now own and/or manage the concerts that the youth frequent every year.

  • Fiesta. This is one of the biggest concerts in Tanzania. It takes place every year. This year (2016). It has pulled in crowds of thousands of youth in 15 regions in the country
  • Kili awards Music tour: This is a rival concert to Fiesta which also runs annually and takes place across Tanzania.

Such preparation is done closely with the National Arts Council (BASATA) and local governments in the said locations.

Apart from simply entertaining youth, performing arts has great potential to forge positive mindset transformations in youth; not for a one time “I’ve heard a song I like performed” gratification but for progressive socio-economic advancement.

More about The Entrepreneurship Festival:

                  What is it?

A 2-day music and entrepreneurship festival that will bring musicians together with government agencies, private and civil sector agencies (PPSP) with youth for the purpose of equipping youth with information and tools on how to go about launching and building successful business enterprises. The festival will also serve to inspire the youth to be visionaries and to work hard and ethically through on-ground training, online training incorporated with various incentive programs from different entrepreneurship stakeholder agencies.

At the end of the 2nd day, participants will get the chance to submit their business plans for evaluation.

Top 3 winners will win a trip to the next location with a concert and will get a chance to speak to fellow youth and inspire them as well as spend some time with the performing artists during the concert in that location.

What will the 2 days look like?

Day one:

1) Workshops:

  • Business plan writing
  • TRA and compliance
  • Ministry of youth: Opportunities available
  • Developing a vision and mission statement
  • How to fund your business
  • How to find local markets
  • How to find international markets
  • Network as a business tool

2) Booths from different agencies (both government, non-government)

  • The goal is to have different artists also involved in running the inspirational workshops: Vision development, Use of social media for business expansion

Day Two:

1) Breakout workshops

  • Agro-business
  • Industries
  • Using social media to grow your business
  • Book-keeping
  • Strategy development
  • Know the opportunities in your local government.
  • Know the agencies available in your regions
  • Public speaking
  • The power of building a personal brand

2) Booths from different agencies (both government, non-government)

3) Ends in a 4-hour concert by the performing artists

Campaign Breakdown

The full length of the Festival will run through 2 months.

  1. Campaign phase 1: Communications campaign. Information on entrepreneurship  and enterprise snippets from the upcoming artists – National and local TV and Radio stations backed by Social Media pages of the artists, government agencies to be involved and the Entrepreneurship festival pages
  2. Campaign phase 2: Full on social media campaign about the festival encouraging youth to show up as well as providing different tips on entrepreneurship
  3. Campaign phase 3: Concerts roll out
  4. Campaign phase 4: Monitoring and evaluation. How many successful business plans were written? Contacts with government agencies made? Businesses started?
  5. Campaign phase 5: Continuous social media interaction and assistance on business and entrepreneurship tips for the Entrepreneurship Festival social media pages and website.

Where in Tanzania?

It will take place in different scales:

The first 5 will conduct at a smaller scale to test and confirm the feasibility as well as draw up strategies on how to scale up.

  • Concert 1: This will take place in Mwanza
  • Concert 2: This will take place in Arusha
  • Concert 3: This will take place in Mbeya
  • Concert 4: This will take place in Dodoma
  • Concert 5: This will take place in Dar es salaam (Leaders club)


The target age group is youths ages 16 to 35 years of age.

The festival estimates a target impact of 600 youth in each region and 1,200 youth in Dar es salaam.

To make a total of 3,600 reached on ground.

To millions reached via social media, YouTube, television, and radio.

Pilot Festival

  • The first festival will first take place in Arusha, Tanzania.
  • After the concert, we will carefully track the impact of the festival on the youth. Both quantitative and qualitative. Monitoring and Evaluation shall be carried out to identify the gaps in the festival. 
  • These shall be addressed and the plan formed from the learnings. The cross country festival shall begin 3 months after the pilot festival.

The festival seeks to use artistic role models to connect the bridge between youth, information, and tangible opportunities.

The artists being role models are positioned in a severely crucial point of influence. We seek to use that position for economic empowerment, vision development and character building in youth.


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Photo of Ilana Milkes

Nice idea! 

Photo of Khalila Mbowe

Hi Ilana,
Thank you so much. I appreciate the feedback.

#UnleashedAcademy #PerformingArts #TransformingMindsets

Photo of debora bavu

This idea is fresh and has a diaphanous way about it.  Its an amazing way of reaching the youth in tanzania.  

Photo of Khalila Mbowe

Hello Debora, 
Thank you. I really appreciate the feedback. Please feel free to share advice and views should you have any.
#UnleashedAcademy #PerformingArts #TransformingMindsets

Photo of William Miyungua

Fisrt i congratulate you for such a good and positive idea,in may view i think its a right to use those kinds of festival as a platform of helping our artist and musicians to identify business opportunities which are available in and outside of our county, if only they can decide seriously to become an entrepreneourer.

Photo of Lovely Fabian

Hili ni wazo zuri sana,kupitia wazo lako vijana wengi wakiamua kujituma kupitia sanaa na nafasi wanazozipata kwaajili ya kujikwamua kimaisha watafanikiwa na kuweza kutimiza ndoto zao na kuinua uchumi wa nchi yetu.

Photo of Elizabeth

This is a great idea of which it will get to touch and open doors to the youth on how they can benefit from this indistry.  Together with the talent of this ambitious lady Khalila youth are going to be empowerd. All the best dear.. 

Photo of Khalila Mbowe

Hi Elizabeth:D,
Touching lives and opening doors to the youth to see and use opportunities available to them: This is surely a great goal. I am glad for your feedback and thank you for the encouragement :D. I appreciate it. 
#UnleashedAcademy #PerformingArts #TransformingMindsets

Photo of Abella Bateyunga

This is a beautiful idea for Tanzanian Youth Khalila Mbowe , Arts platforms well used can indeed cause social change. I wish all the best in  planning and implementing this great idea. 

Photo of Khalila Mbowe

Hi Abella :D,
Thanks for the positive feedback... "Arts platforms well used can indeed cause social change". You are an inspiration. I totally agree. Thank you for the encouragement. It will not be easy but with careful and thorough planning, the results shall be momentous. I shall knock on your door for collaborations :D. #UnleashedAcademy #PerformingArts #TransformingMindsets

Photo of Gravit Andrew

This is an amazing and inspiring idea. I can see that it will surely bring tangable positive change to Tanzanian Youth. I'm very excited about it:)

Photo of Khalila Mbowe

Hi Gravit, thank you for the feedback. Yes! We need to push our talents to be seen as a positive contributor for change and not as a tool for social depravity as many in our societies are convinced. I am also excited :D. #UnleashedAcademy #PerformingArts #TransformingMindsets... Lets do this.

Photo of Moon Wockie

This is big..I think its amazing goal that's going to save many youth's souls. God will make an easy way for this to be accomplished!

Photo of Khalila Mbowe

Hi Moon, thanks for your feedback. I look forward to working together to use performing arts to spark and drive transformation in our country. You are right. This is big. It would take each and every single one of us :D. #UnleashedAcademy #PerformingArts #TransformingMindsets

Photo of Augustine Balige

This is very innovative idea, as it covers the majority of Tanzanian population who are the youth 75%, 
Khalila  is  an ambitious talented and skilled person i have met, with the magical and session touch.  good luck on your campaign. 

Photo of Khalila Mbowe

Hi Mwombeki,
This is much appreciated comrade. Let us do all that we can to impact positve change in our country.