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Sustainable Alternative Lighting (SALt)

Addressing light inequality gap through a sustainable, ecologically designed lamp activated by saltwater which is safe and cost effective.

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1 out of 6 people still live without access to electricity, that is 13% of world's population about 1.4 billion people. And most of these communities use kerosene lanterns as their main source of lighting. Kerosene had become a commodity to households in unelectrified marginalized communities. Over the past few years of studying such living conditions, developing the correlation between geographical location, socioeconomic status and the use of fuel-based lamps, we have developed a sustainable and cost effective ecological lamp that uses salt and water or ocean water to activate and generate electricity. Cost effective, safe and environmentally friendly.

Over the past 5 years, we have been researching on various materials to implement for the type of application that we have which is a lighting system. This led us to develop and design a system that will make use of metal-air battery concept that lasts much longer for lantern application than what is currently existing, making it more efficient for daily use. We have innovated a system that will make the materials and its physical properties much stronger used for such application.


Inspired by the resiliency of the Filipino people, we have originally developed this system for rural island communities not connected to the power grid. There are over 7000 islands in the Philippines, most of these islands do not have access to electricity, and kerosene had become a commodity to households in unelectrified communities. These families never deviated from using fuel-based lamps despite its many cases of fire accidents caused by tipped over lamps and candles same with East Africa.


We are a brother and sister team trying to address the light inequality gap and replace kerosene lanterns as the main source of lighting for areas not connected to the power grid.


  • Kenya
  • Rwanda
  • Tanzania
  • Uganda


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SALt has been in operations since late 2014. SALt's flagship product the SALt lamp underwent strenuous engineering tests and a handful of field tests during the course of 2015 and is now ready to start mass production. Earlier this year the organization partnered with a local manufacturing company to help accelerate product development.

SALt team with EMS team, from (left): Art Ledonio (Quality and Product Management Representative EMS Inc.), Joefrey Frias (Mechanical Engineer), Aisa Mijeno (Co-Founder & Chief Executive Officer SALt Corp.), Perry Ferrer (President EMS Inc.), Jun Bagaindoc (Product Development EMS Inc.) and Raphael Mijeno (Co-Fouder & Chief Financial Officer SALt Corp.)

SALt have also won numerous competition in the Philippines and in various countries. Their main mission is to address the light inequality gap and replace kerosene lantern as the main source of lighting by way of a lamp that is activated by the most abundant natural resource that we have, seawater or saltwater.

The Rice Bowl Startup Awards 2015
NRF Techventure Awards 2015

The team also conducted a behavior study which made the adaptation of locals to utilize their product much easier. This study had also been the main reason why they did not remove the process of pouring liquid in their lighting system similar to kerosene lanterns. But instead of pouring kerosene, you pour salt water, instead of lighting up a match, you push an on/off button.

In their almost second year of existence, the team is now ready to proceed to the next level and start mass assembly and production of the lantern so that they can reach out and help more people who suffer the same consequences as that of the island communities in the Philippines.

For more information, please do visit our website at

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Aisa Mijeno  Its great to see that we might finally have Salt powered lamps in E. Africa. I have always wanted to won one to show it off to my cousins back in the village near Lake Victoria although I could not manage to order the SALT lamps online. I hope this challenge might see easier access to these lamps in E. Africa...