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School Of Skills

A place where young minds are trained and crafted in skills specific to their needs in order to be useful and generative

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Our idea involves increasing access of the youth to information, skills and resources in order to make them compatible with the current needs of the market and also to make them deft enough to pursue their own businesses as well. Multi-tier solutions explained below Schools: There exists of a huge gap between the skills required by the market and those possessed by the workforce. We would help schools in devising curricula that involves development of skills, e.g. :- • personal grooming, • communication and • application of knowledge to real world-problems. Vocational Courses: This solution addresses those youngsters who have completed their education but still face problems in getting employed. We propose our own customized platform to offer crafted-courses like:- • marketing, • soft skills development, communication skills, • using Microsoft programs, • business analytics, etc. The courses will have assessment checkpoints to measure their learning. The platform would also allow private and business sector to list their job postings and would simultaneously allow the users (youth) to apply for the job. Micro-Finance Programs: It is for those youngsters who possess entrepreneurship skills .Multi-phase program commencing from • idea sharing, • development and • refining • launching the business. Once the business starts reaping financial returns, the micro-finance department can devise a loan-return plan to continue the cycle.


Overall it would benefit all the youth in general ranging from 15+, how ? 1- School would equip young brilliant minds with required crafted skills. 2- Vocation Programs would help the unemployed experts, by fitting them to their designated job-expertise. 3- Vocational Programs and ground root skills development would help raise awareness and enable young minds to create businesses and generate revenue streams that can help the finances overall.


We are an organization, I Muhamamd Junaid Khan am the co-founder of Ingentive Technologies Private Limited. I am an Entrepreneur, always looking to solve problems. We collectively provide solutions to problems that are simple yet innovative which can be utilized by masses with easiness.


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Excellent idea.  I am sure you understand that it will take a lot of refining.  The current form and curriculum of most African schools is not appropriate for the life that graduates live.  They are educated for opportunities that do not exist, and in some cases do not need to exist.  Appropriate education that equips the students for the current and future realities of Africa will be the most sustainable and do the most good.  You may be on to something.

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Hello Richard Chowning 

First of all thankyou very much! for taking out time and actually going through our idea. Exactly you got it right that the idea actually requires refinement and I totally agree on that. Our idea is all about to craft the courses that are really require by the students that can be helpful for them to get jobs not only in east africa but globally.

We are also going to bridge the existed unemployed graduates with proper job portals where they can actually land jobs and can start earning online.

But the real thing is actually making required changes from the root and that is "schools" at hand. The curriculum should be such that they can help students to work in East Africa and overall. Students should have multiple options after their graduations, they should know the concept of what freelancing is and how they can be successful with their present skills.

Apart from that vocational courses would really help them to bridge the gaps that inhibit them from landing jobs.

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