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Ruka-Kipro "leap to professionalism" - An internship program for young creatives, supporting SMEs to brand their businesses in Tanzania.

An experienced creative–mentoring young designers to work for SME brands while gaining work experience, skills development and opportunities

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Having worked in the field of marketing and advertising for a number of years, seeing poorly produced adverts can be very frustrating. And mostly were from Small and Medium Enterprises (SME). I quickly realised that if you want strong advertising, one has to pay for quality. For the few SMEs who understand the importance of branding, the hiring of young designers/ IT individuals to do their work often resulted in ineffective, poorly designed work that could not compete in a crowded branding market. In Tanzania 90% of graduates from the colleges and universities cannot find a job in the formal sector because of poor work experience. Many graduates’ reluctance to not volunteer for the sake of gaining experience is due to lack of funds to cover transportation and food. By observing youth unemployment and the struggle of SMEs to utilise the power of media and branding, Ruka-Kipro project was initiated in 2015 to address and overcome these challenges. The aim is to increase employment chances for young creatives by giving them placement opportunities in SMEs. The young creatives will work on a volunteer basis to help the SMEs to design good brands and promotional materials while utilising media effectively for the sake of better communication as a way of increasing sales. The interns are expected to gain work experience, exposure and networking as well as upgrading their design portfolios, with constant mentoring from Ruka-Kipro. Interns will be provided with allowances.


The beneficiaries are SMEs and young creatives. Young creatives will gain work experience, exposure and networks to widen and increase their chances of employment in the job market. SMEs will get their businesses newly branded or updated to fully enhance their company image thus promoting professional and quality services and products with which clients can trust. This has the potential to lead to greater contracts/sales through a targeted marketing strategy. It is a win-win situation.


The idea is initiated under RUKA Company, an Organisation whose aim is to support and improve the lives of communities in Tanzania using behaviour change communication through art, culture and media. Founded by Mussa Sango while Partnering with Music Mayday Tanzania and The Creatives Kenya.


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  • Yes, for more than one year.


  • I’ve worked in a sector related to my idea for over a year

Facebook page cover of the project, pilot started with 4 interns and 2 Associations. 2 Computers bought to start with, and One container rented as an office within Nafasi Arts Space in Dar es Salaam.


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Mussa Sango This is a good idea buddy.
However, feel free to establish a sketch of the whole idea so as to provide a visual imagery element in it for a more meaningful and understandable approach.

Photo of Mussa Sango

Lubega Joseph Thank you buddy for your comment, Yes I will make a diagram to illustrate the procedure as you recommended. Just to let you know I have started to test the idea with 4 young creative, ideally was to start with 3 young creative but too many showed up and most of them are really in demand for this service then we decided to take 4 of them. We are now branding two small enterprises here in Dar es Salaam. We still looking for partners to collaborate so we can help more youth as well as small enterprises.

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