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Restructuring of the education systems used in East African countries.

The education system needs to be more practical than theoretical and able to meet/solve the day-to-day challenges faced in societies.

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My idea is about providing a more practical education to students.
The challenge faced today is that the curriculum for example for Uganda has remained backward with little coverage on the latest modifications in the world. For example, a mechanical engineering student is taught only about manual car operation without tackling the automated type which are currently dominating the market. Thus at the end of the university level someone cannot typically apply the concepts learnt in class to earn a living.
My idea works in away that all stakeholders in the education system need to contribute in harmonizing the curriculum and also participating in decision making within the Education ministry. Such stakeholders may include; the Ministry of Education, teachers, students, parents and also employees or organizations that utilize the trained personnel from the education system. This will help in creating a curriculum that is more practical and feasible with the demands of society and so be able to avail the youth with the relevant skills. Note that with this system, students are able to make informed decisions on the career paths to choose.
My idea solves the problem of high levels of unemployment of the youth.


my beneficiaries are the youth.
they benefit in a way that they are able to create innovations and inventions needed in society (they are on high demand in society). also the youth would be well equiped with the right skills needed on the job market and hence increasing their employability


I am Twesiime Maurice a male Uganda aged 21 currently doing Bsci. Mechanical Engineering year 3 at Makerere University of Kampala Uganda. My home district is Sheema District (part of the greater Bushenyi District) in the western region of Uganda.


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  • I’ve worked in a sector related to my idea for less than one year
this was the essay i had prepared earlier with the relevant ideas on how to increase economic opportunities in East Africa.
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user experience map.pdf

this provides the experience map for my idea


this contains the basic questions for the various key stages of my idea with their ways to test them

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