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Paid Internship Initiative

Linking qualified, but unemployed youth with potential employers through a paid internship initiative in Uganda.

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The idea is to link qualified but unemployed youth with potential employers, along the line of their qualifications. The Ugandan conventional educational pathways preferred by many do not create opportunities for apprenticeships and skills building. Instead, they emphasize theoretical acquisition of knowledge. Once the youth qualify, they are faced with more challenges that limit their employ-ability as employers demand years of work experience. Therefore, through a paid internship programme, we aim to solve the problem of approachability and lack of work experience. We aim to find employers, avail them the list of qualified and unemployed youth. We seek to ask employers to offer vacancies within their organisations at no extra cost. We will fund the interns with as little stipend as USD 150 per month for 12 months, with an additional one off medical insurance of USD 160.With the overall objective of creating a mutually beneficial situation in which young and qualified professionals learn, grow and gain experience while at the same time offering and applying their knowledge and skills for the benefit of the host organisation, the Country, Mvule Trust and funders. The ultimate goal is to create an opportunity for young people to get exposure by the host organisation, and as such bridge that gap of youth unemployment and lack of working experience. We believe that young people are flexible and very dynamic and are willing to work at whatever cost.


The ultimate beneficiaries are the qualified but unemployed young people, ages 20-35 years old.The paid internship initiative will be advertised after soliciting funds and the finding potential host organisation and the number of available vacancies and in whatever fields. Mvule Trust will collect the applications, assess them and call successful applicants for orientation (workshop) and deployment with potential employers.


Mvule Trust is a non-profit organisation that has been in Uganda since 2006. Mvule envisions a cadre of young people who are educated, self-confident, self-sufficient and able to engage in sustainable livelihoods in their home areas. Mvule's strategic focus is helping graduates find employment.


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Mvule Trust’s Paid Internship Initiative idea is a way of proactively enabling qualified young people enters into an organisation /workplaces that they would otherwise not have had access to. In Uganda the challenge is that many young people are graduating without transferable or employable skills. This is because the education system does not prepare them for life after schooling. We believe employment opportunities are available, but the pre-conditions discourage young people away from taking initiatives to apply or approach the potential employers. Since 2014, Mvule Trust has collaborated with the National Forestry Authority, World Agroforestry Centre, World Lutheran Federation and Wild Forest and Fauna and has piloted a paid internship programme targeting qualified foresters coming off its scholarship programme. Therefore, Mvule Trust is seeking to reach/ scale up the paid internship initiative to reach other professionals, and also go beyond Mvule Trust alumni, to other unemployed Ugandan youth. The lessons learnt from the internship arrangements are that almost all the young people placed with the partners, over 70% of them got retained/employed by the host organisation. The remaining few returned to update their qualifications and some started their own businesses. Therefore, the initiative  has proven that young people are employable when given opportunities and adequate support/mentorship.

The main objective of the paid internship imitative is for the unemployed youth to get exposure, demonstrate their potentials and abilities and eventually find work within the host organisation, or using the one year’s experience to find employment elsewhere. Other activities will include a one week long orientation workshop with the potential interns before deployment. The core focus of the orientation will be on writing job winning resumes, cover letters and curriculum vitae (CVs), exploring what potential employers’ looks out for, from an interviewee, on interview days, among others.

Mvule Trust plans to advertise this initiative in the national newspapers, local/community radio stations, faith based organisations and its own website to reach every as many unemployed youth, from the four targeted regions of Uganda. Mvule Trust aims to enroll 50 young people per region (200 youth) in the first year and increase the number to 75 youth per region in consecutive years depending on the availability of funds. Mvule Trust estimates that for a one year long programme, the initiative will require USD 360,000 for 200 young people. The grant will cover their monthly stipend, each receiving USD 150 per month (for 12 months) and an additional USD 32,000 as one off payment for their medical insurance. The orientation workshop will cost about USD 15,000 and to be conducted in four regions. The placement will target up-country based young people from deprived rural communities to be placed with organisations that are also based up-country instead of Kampala based ones. The Trust will spend about USD 48,840 on its administrative overheads-contributions to staff costs, vehicle maintenance and fuel, advertisement and recruitment processes, publicity, documentation, communication, bank charges and office utilities and consumables.


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