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OKOA Integrated Social Incubation Services

An idea to inform and inspire young women/men in Tanzania; incubate ideas, access info, networks, resources and chances at affordable cost.

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The idea seeks to establish 2 functional Social Incubators in Temeke and Morogoro to provide office space, equipment, mentoring assistance and capital to new ideas. We inform and inspire young women and men in Tanzania; to reduce unmet needs by incubating ideas, access info, networks, resources and chances at affordable costs. Social incubators aim to provide social entrepreneurs with the tools to expand business, deliver social goods. They are found globally creating social businesses. I use social engagement. The present Stamford Centre has attracted young men and women keen to engage, learn or work as volunteer(s) and part-time teachers/attaches’. A total of 25 women and men at the Centre: 8 were women. All < 30 years, one was a graduate; 3 Secondary and 4 primary leavers. Among the 16 men. 6 aged > 30; 10 below; 7 graduates, 5 University students; 2 Diploma; 3 Secondary school leavers; all < 30 years By engaging more youth in social incubator setups, we address frustrations due to un-met needs leading to unemployment, frustrations, so open individual/group access to opportunities, life of sharing and nurturing skills. We seek to expand on the experience to improve youth income. Youth placements at the Centre enables one to network, gain income, and use a computer, internet. Discuss formal CV, e-mail, letter writing. Two graduates, a lady and a man managed to join formal employment, 2012. Girls are enabled to reduce isolation by coming together at incubators.


Women caretakers and educationists are best placed for jobs in ECD. Fortunately, the education sector in Tanzania is the leading public sector for budgetary allocations and job creation in 5th Phase Government. The aim of OKOA, at Stamford, is to build capacity of care takers and teachers in community nurseries, pre-schools and youth from wards.We envision a model functional social incubator in Temeke and Morogoro. Qualified young men and women stand better chances of benefitting economically


OKOA Society is the registered Local NGO. Stamford Education Centre is a project of OKOA Society based at Uwazi in Temeke; Dar Es Salaam. Education work is a community development service. Okoa Social Incubation Services won't be for profit. Yes, I love to work with a collaborator & community.


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Written by: John V. K.Kimario

Goal: To Improve the  economic status of Youthful women and men in Makangarawe Ward of Temeke District, Dar Es Salaam, and Lukobe and Kihonda Wards in Morogoro Municipal, Tanzania.

The goal will be attained by implementing the following objectives:

I. Establish TWO functional Social Incubators in Dar Es Salaam and Morogoro egions

2.Enhance access to knowledge, ideas, networks, mentoring, couching;communication, necessary/basic skills in provision of services and resources;

3.Ensure gender equality at all levels of services                       

Who will benefit from this idea and where are they located?

Youth in Makangarawe ward, Temeke sub-urban district; Youth in Kihonda and Lukobe wards of Morogoro Tanzania.

1.Direct application after exploration for baseline, project documentation and agreements.  The Stamford Education Centre, Located in suburban areas of Temeke Dar es Salaam, Tanzania has six main classrooms with offices. Reserve master classroom may be set aside and partitioned for the work.

2.Eestablish Links with Morogoro for the second social incubator. .
3.Plan ahead. Build broad-based partnerships and networks for the Centre.

What kind of help would you need to make your idea real?

i.Feedback from platform OpenIDEO Community

ii. Expert advice and financial resources to make implementation of the two sites at Temeke and Morogoro possible.

iii.Volunteers involvements giving constructive criticisms at any stage of interest

Is this an idea that you or your organization would like to take forward?

Yes. I am ready and interested in testing this idea and making it real in my community

The proposed youth economic empowerment intervention through social Incubation Centre aim to establish, manage and implement series of youth ideas maturation. It is well understood that, That youth are disadvantaged economically due to un-met needs in their quest for stable incomes. Intervention will target, inform and inspire them right at domicile wards of Makangarawe in Temeke District and  Kihonda/Lukobe in Morogoro Tanzania. It will jointly work to create access to information. We consider available experiences with youthful professionals and non-professionals at Stamford Education Centre since 2011 as an asset for the proposed Social Incubation Services.  The proposed Social Incubator is our product of choice. Through it targeted youth will access, services, expertise, resources and  experiences that should inform and inspire and involve all young people and set them up to take advantage of new opportunities over time,

It is through the social incubator setups that effective programs and services may reach them, access to information and resources can reach them and get shared with expert guidance.  The setups should allow for team work, sharing, networking and capacity building in areas of choice.

.As such, equality of opportunities will be ensured that women and men will be engaged equally, incubate initial ideas to fruition at affordable costs..

John V. Kimario

Independent, Home based Development Projects Monitor


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Photo of Deborah Nyambu

A very good idea you have there, John, building capacity of teachers and caretakers in nurseries and pre-school communities.  This is even made better when the training is done to a youthful population, it will gurantee sound ECD programs in future.  

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Hi Deborah, Thanks for comment.  Yes, initial focus is NOT limited to teachers and caretakers.  We look forward to pool and work with youth in the neighborhoods.  With commitment and adequate resources incubation Centers should be able to reach them all. Again, Thank You, John.

Photo of Deborah Nyambu

You are welcome anytime...