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Movement of Foster parents for youth in East Africa

One foster parent monitors child growth for a year by giving supports (money&knowledge). Parent will get performance report from the child.

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“The youth employment rate is far from pre-recession levels in many places.” Even in developed countries, once you graduate, it was not easy to get a job. Good grades is not a guarantee u can secure a spot in the workforce. The project of foster parent , a crowd-funding program, is not one time donation, min. 1 year commitment, with optional to be extended, to support one child each time you commit in helping them financially and psychologically to support their entrepreneurship / job hunting journey. The fund collected, can be used to train a group of people that could help in educating unemployed children to create their own career opportunity. We believe that attitude is a key to get you a job, you can’t control when someone is going to call you back, or if the person liked you, or what the economy is going to do, but you can control your attitude and how you conduct yourself throughout the process. In return, the foster parents get to see the performance report card of each individual. This is like investing in new resources- people. What they need is not one-off investment, we should help them to learn the skills and offer them guidance to have the right attitude to alleviate the economic opportunity in 3rd world country. There are many talented, yet untouched intangible resources, need to be harnessed. Therefore, the program see the need for public-private partnerships to addressing the youth employment crisis.


Youth in any marginalized region. Youth who wants to start their own business but do not have resources and experience, materials or equipment to make the dream come true. Also, alternative solution for people with social purpose that would like to help marginalized communities in making a great contribution to the world without the need to travel to the destination or full-time physical presence commitment.


I am an individual, Master student in Business in Sydney. I would like to inspire young people about the possibilities for their future. "Yes, if your dream does not scare you, it is not big enough." - Ellen Johnson


  • Kenya
  • Rwanda
  • Tanzania
  • Uganda


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We definitely think alike! We need to teach and train these youth from within so that it could affect not only the current generation but also the future generation. Once they are educated both intellectually and emotionally, these youth will be able to think critically and develop their own ideas that will further build its country. Then we should provide minimum facilities and opportunities, and letting these youth to take control of them.

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