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Leadership and people management program

There are many available human resources, ready to be trained, employed and managed.

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This program is similar to the management trainee program that is usually conducted by big companies where they teach and train fresh graduates to become future leaders and managers. It can work as a simple leadership program, where it can be divided into 5 stages. First stage is all about understanding ourselves, our dream, our passion, and our values. Second stage would be learning how to treat other people personally and professionally. In the third stage, they would learn in a group of 4-5 people to work on simple stuff like 'how to build a tower using a rock', one person is assigned as a leader and then rotate the leader, followed by another task. The last stage is to divide them accordingly into several groups that will work together as a team for 1-month project. Group leader is voted, learn to trust each other in a team, and have discussion of task allocation. They need to present the result of the project when due. I think that there are already many human resources in this developing countries. There are already many skill development programmes,however, in order to have an effective working condition, a leader must exist to manage all these skilled youth in the future, so that the project can be planned, managed, and executed properly.


1. The youth themselves will be developed and trained to be future leaders 2. Society and future generations that will see and enjoy the results of this programme. 3. It will raise the overall education rate of these countries as well as increase the economic activity in the foreseeable future.


  • Kenya
  • Rwanda
  • Tanzania
  • Uganda


  • Not yet.


  • I do not have experience working in a sector related to my idea


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Hi David, 

Thank you for contributing to the idea, i guess we did have some similarities on the ideas. I see great potential on the program, however, majority of the youth perhaps need to be trained not only on leadership aspect, but more basic crucial aspects of holistic practical, technical and emotional skills.

Many youth in East Africa showed that they were not willing to become self-employed at the present time even if they had future intentions to. The underlying reasons to this unwillingness were the lack of creativity which presented itself in the lack of ideas, lack of knowledge and fear of unknowns.  

Perhaps, education from a young age can be implemented to change their perception as well as cooperation from government body and university to give job opportunities to these graduates. Alternatively, a work experience can be added as one of the criteria for them to graduate. In this case, referral system by university or networking can be optimized to alleviate unemployment in East Africa.

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